Invincible Boss System Chapter 840

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"Stupid and ignorant creatures try to rebel against the sky."

The vast voice resounded from the robbery cloud, shocking countless creatures' hearts trembled.

This sound is not loud, but it hits the soul directly. It is not so much a sound as a word that rang from the bottom of my heart.

Chen Xinglie raised his brows, is he something?

God! ?

This is not the voice that rang when he was in the endless sea breakthrough that day.

This time, the voice is more called Haomiao than the voice that day, and it also carries Heavenly Might.

The sky cracked a crack, and a tall silhouette came out from it. The three old men of the endless sea and those powerhouses of the last era that turned out to be born frowned.

"Beyond words!"

Someone gnashing teeth said the name.

The person who appeared in the sky was the Liyan Dao who was restricted to the void by the Connecting Heaven Peak old Dao.

At this moment, Connecting Heaven Peak Lao Dao has also left the courtyard, and his figure appears above the sky.

Looking at the situation in front of me has exceeded my expectations, complex emotions flashed in the eyes of Demon God, whose breath was soaring.

But he has already taken this step, and he has no way of turning back.

Ignore the silhouette of the two and my own same realm while gritting my teeth, and continue to let the power in my body explode.

"Fellow Daoist, you can't take the last step, give up, why waste your lifespan on this impossible thing."

The old man looked at Demon God and said something. talk.

Demon God's heart trembled, he felt a familiar breath in this old way!

That is a horrible memory deep in his in the bones!

The cyan planet, like a nightmare, appeared in his mind countless times.

Those dozens of silhouettes of the same realm with him, hundreds of thousands of years have passed, and he still cannot erase their faces and silhouettes from his mind.

There are also a few scary silhouettes sitting cross-legged in that cyan planet!

This old way is surprisingly one of the dozen people outside the cyan planet back then!

It's not just him, he participated in that year, and went to the Demon Race of the cyan planet. When he saw this old way, all showed a look of horror.

"Why are you... here!"

Demon God asked with a trembling voice.

The rest of the Demon Race who knows the veteran identity, the body has begun to tremble uncontrollably.

not understanding the complete truth The creatures looked at these trembling Demon Races, and doubts flashed in their eyes. What's the situation?

Who is the old way of breath illusory?

Chen Xinglie was shocked when he saw this old way. He saw the fourth fellow in this world!

Furthermore, the strength is far more terrifying than the three in front, even Fan Qing is far from reaching the level of this veteran!

Seeing that Demon God is still burning lifespan to improve his strength, the old Dao sighed and said nothing.

Retracted his gaze and looked towards the sky.

"You violated our agreement, the three-hundred-year covenant, but now only fifty years have passed."

This is something to say with divorce, but it is present. The other creatures don’t know.

A disdainful smile was drawn from the corner of his mouth.

Looking at the old Dao, he said: "Do you want to use the three-hundred-year covenant to restrain me?"

"I am not your opponent, I will abide by the three-hundred-year covenant. , If you want to blame, blame the kid who doesn’t know the current affairs, and actually caused the heavens to come!"

Liyan Dao is the existence of this world that fits the way, and behind him stands the world’s Heavenly Dao!

At this time, Chen Xinglie pierced into the eye of thunder with a sword, and even boldly absorbed the energy in the eye of thunder, leading to the arrival of Heavenly Dao. Who can blame this?

We have a lot of confidence to divorce, because Heavenly Dao behind him has all appeared. Someone in this world impossible will be Heavenly Dao's opponent.


a groan fell from the sky.

Demon God, whose breath is constantly getting stronger, was interrupted by life.

Countless army of Demon Races, under this coldly snorted, they were actually weakly moved towards the ground and fell down, like slices of wheat being harvested.

More and more Demon Race moved towards the ground fell down, Demon God was about to split, but there was no way.

Endless as if the terrifying force with no upper limit suppressed him, making him impossible to move.

"The ants of that world dare to set foot here!"

"Get me back to where you came from!"

The voice of the sky is getting louder and louder. Magnificent, the huge cracks in the sky above the Western Regions are getting bigger and bigger, almost covering the entire holy realm.

When the voice fell, all Demon Race moved towards the void crack in the sky flew away.

Even the dead Demon Races are drawn into the void crack.

The figure of Demon God is constantly retreating and flying towards the void crack, even if it is as strong as him, it cannot resist the will of this world Heavenly Dao.

Chen Xinglie was confused.

Heavenly Dao actually has his own consciousness?

It is said that Heavenly Dao is the executor of the rules and will only do things according to the rules?

How could Heavenly Dao here have his own consciousness?

Think carefully!

Without waiting for Chen Xinglie to think about it, the cracks in the sky have gradually closed.

The countless Demon Races that were originally covered with the earth disappeared in an instant and entered the void crack that was gradually closing.

"Heaven? And you creatures, wait for me!"

"The next time the god descends here on Heaven and Earth, I want you all to go to hell!"


The violent voice of Demon God came out one second before the void crack was about to close.

Demon Race will come again!

The faces of the creatures in the holy world are filled with hatred and worry.

They hate this Demon Race and let countless of their kinsmen fall on this battlefield!

They are worried that this Demon Race will come again. If the Demon God comes again, the strength will probably increase a lot. When the time comes, will anyone in the holy world be his opponent?

If Demon Race really comes, what will the Holy Realm do to resist the terrifying Demon Race and the stronger Demon God?

"Stupid and ignorant creatures, judgment from heaven!"

Heaven’s voice sounded again, this time his goal is no longer Demon Race.

After dealing with Demon Race, he will start to clean up the creatures living under his own sky!

Chen Xinglie hearing this a great crisis arose in his heart.


A loud roar spread throughout the holy realm, and countless creatures began to rush around.

But the entire holy world is under the envelope of the sky, where can they escape?


Old Dao let out a soft sigh, and the dust in his hand instantly became bigger, almost covering the sky.

The white whiskers on the whisk wrap Chen Xinglie, and the women who are related to Chen Xinglie.

empress, Li Rufeng, Shi Feiyu, Zhao Yumeng, and A Chou, who is far away in the True Dragon realm, have all fallen.

Chen Xinglie gradually lost consciousness.

"You are the chosen one, you can't die here yet."

"Hurry up and become stronger, there are more important things waiting for you to complete."

A whisper came. This was the last voice Chen Xinglie heard before he lost consciousness.

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