Invincible Boss System Chapter 841

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"You are from there, why are you here!"

Seeing Chen Xinglie and a few other women being sent into the void, Heavenly Dao's vast voice once again Sounded.

The breath of terror enveloped the entire holy world, and countless creatures were crushed to kneel to acknowledge allegiance.

Even the powerhouses of Great Firmament Peak cannot stand up straight under this powerful breath.

Mo Lao and the others were all crushed to their knees, and everyone’s eyes flashed with strong hatred.

With scarlet eyes, he looked at the golden giant eye in the sky, and Li Yandao was standing near the giant eye.

After Liyandao heard Heavenly Dao's words, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes looking towards the old Tao.

Obviously, he didn't expect Heavenly Dao to have such a sophisticated attitude.

The old way of hearing this is a chuckle.

"Heavenly Dao is just a looser. Where can I go to Heaven and Earth is big?"

Heavenly Dao was silent and did not speak for a long time.

For a long time, I continued to speak: "You want to shelter all beings in this world?"

"This is not an old thing. There is another person who shelters all beings in this world. You are Heavenly. Dao is selfish and selfish. If this matter is let him know."

"This world may be replaced by Heavenly Dao."

The old way is not afraid of Heavenly Dao's authority. Pressure, said with a smile.

Heavenly Dao heard a hint of fear in the eyes of the huge Thunder after hearing him mentioned in Lao Daokou.

What kind of terrifying existence can someone who can make Heavenly Dao of Heaven and Earth fear?

"Previously, I made a three-hundred-year agreement with this Fellow Daoist, and now only fifty years have passed since the three-hundred-year agreement."

"Three hundred years When the time is up, the old Dao will leave. The Heaven and Earth matters have nothing to do with me, and he won't care about you."

Seeing Heavenly Dao not speaking, the old Dao said.

Heavenly Dao was silent, and it took a long time to speak: "If this is the case, let them live another three hundred years."

"Three hundred years later, I hope you can abide by you. Said promise."

The voice drifted away, and the dark cloud of the sky was slowly dissipating.

Di Yandao took a deep look at Lao Dao, then glanced at the kneeling sentient beings on the ground, turned and disappeared into the sky.

The golden Battle Armor of Liu Qingzhi's five people is already a little broken. At this time, dragging their tired body, they disappeared between Heaven and Earth together behind Li Yandao.

The old Taoist looked back and glanced at the sentient beings on the ground, and whispered: "Two hundred and fifty years later, your life and death are all in your own hands."

Then the silhouette gradually gradually Becomes illusory, and finally disappears.

Mo Lao and the others took the lead to get up. The radiant Heavenly Might that was pressing on them has disappeared at this moment. With the departure of Heavenly Dao, the Heavenly Might that enveloped the entire holy world is slowly disappearing.

More and more creatures stood up from the ground, their eyes full of fatigue and shock.

Demon Race is here to start a battle with the holy world.

In the death battle for nearly a month, the creatures of the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm in the Holy Realm almost died in the battle.

After that, even the Heavenly Dao of Heaven and Earth came here.

And the mysterious old way, and the man who is obviously on the side of Heavenly Dao.

Heavenly Dao wants to destroy the world, and the old way has bought three hundred years for the creatures of this world.

Three hundred years, and now there are two hundred and fifty years left.

Once time has passed, what should the creatures of Heaven and Earth take to face the terrifying Heavenly Dao?

"Heavenly Dao's strength is so terrifying, it doesn't seem to have much breakthrough."

A powerhouse from the last era said softly.

Someone sneered: "Hundreds of thousands of years have passed, they still have not broken the idea of ​​destroying the common people."

"They are afraid that the common people of this world threaten their Supreme status. !"

Someone said, his words were full of anger.

Mo Lao sighed and said quietly: "Heavenly Dao's strength is too terrifying. I am afraid that he has already far surpassed his words. It is only us, and fundamentally impossible is his opponent."

Everyone is silent, two hundred and fifty years are enough for a mortal to pass through two lives.

But for a realm like them, two hundred and fifty years is just a time of retreat.

Sometimes even a retreat takes far more than two hundred and fifty years.

Two hundred and fifty years later, Heavenly Dao died.

Looking at the look of fear that appeared on the faces of all the beings under your feet, the powerhouse of the last era was completely silent.

Lao Shen then step by step walked to the sky, and the huge voice spread throughout the holy realm.

"Heavenly Dao is unkind to destroy the world. I was lucky enough to be saved by the powerhouse and bought us two hundred and fifty years."

"Time seems to be very It’s too long, but it’s too short. I’m afraid no one will be able to save us in 250 years."

"If you want to survive, then go for a desperate cultivation. Maybe we won’t be able to reach Heavenly. Dao is in the realm, but I believe that as long as we have hundreds of thousands of people reach that man’s realm."

"It is enough to threaten Heavenly Dao, and will no longer be threatened by Heavenly Dao!"


As Shen Lao said more and more, the eyes of those creatures with desperate faces suddenly burst out with amazing rays of light.

There seems to be something called hope that has taken root in their eyes.

"Work hard, two hundred and fifty years later, life or death is in your own hands."

Shen Lao turned around and left after speaking.

No one knows where he went. There are dozens of elders who left behind with him.

With the departure of these silhouettes, the creatures on the earth also dragged their tired bodies and moved towards the direction of their own race.

Heaven and Earth gradually returned to calm, except for the sea of ​​blood and corpses covered in half of Zhong Prefecture, nothing seemed to have changed.

The empress palace has no owner, but the holy world all know the horror of empress, and no one suspects that this horrible woman is dead.

No one went to seize the empress palace, because they knew that the terrifying powerhouse that teamed up with empress against Demon God that day was still alive.

Heavenly Venerable left Zhong Prefecture and left with Heavenly Venerable Mansion.

The earth shook in Zhong Prefecture, and Heavenly Venerable Mansion, along with a large area of ​​land underneath, was imprisoned by Heavenly Venerable and moved towards the south.

Finally, Heavenly Venerable Mansion fell into a mountain range in the Southern Region.

Everyone knows that Heavenly Venerable and empress are powerhouses of the same era, and such actions are also intended to shelter the South.

Chen Xinglie was born in the past, one man one sword, the name of one man one sword that entered the Demon Race battlefield with white clothed, is no longer mentioned.

After Ah Chou disappeared, the True Dragon world fell into chaos for a long time.

But under the intervention of Ancestral Dragon, peace was finally restored, but in the palace of Dragon Clan, a girl with a ponytail was missing.

There is an old back figure, sitting at the door of Dragon Clan's most glorious palace every day, looking towards the distance.

I don't know if I am waiting for the return of the ponytail girl, or thinking about the True Dragon world without heirs and where to go.

The holy realm is gradually becoming calm, and more and more creatures have begun to retreat after returning to the clan land.

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