Invincible Boss System Chapter 842

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Power of Time is powerful, and a hundred years have passed in a hurry.

The entire Holy Realm's fight against Demon Race back then has become history and past.

It has become the story of many New Generation mouths.

Chen Xinglie, empress, each of these names disappeared in time, gradually being forgotten.

The creatures who have participated in the Demon Race war know that the period of two hundred and fifty years, only one hundred and fifty years are left, no one will waste time anymore, all of them are in retreat. pass.

The creatures born in the hundred years since the Demon Race war did not know that in addition to the arrival of Demon Race a hundred years ago, there was also Heavenly Dao.

No one in the older generation mentioned this matter to them, causing all New Generation to only know that the Demon Race is coming, but not the disaster of the world after one hundred and fifty years.

In the Eastern Region, in a beautiful valley, a few teenagers and a girl are sitting together.

"I'm going to see the world outside the Eastern Territory!"

A young man said, eyes flashing with eye-popping rays of light.

This strand of rays of light is similar to the rays of light that rose in countless spiritual eyes a hundred years ago and is called hope.

Someone lightly said with a smile: "Liu Ping, you are in the Earth Immortal realm. How can you go out of the Eastern Region and go outside the Eastern Region!"

"Yes, light It is the soul of the Demon Race battlefield, it is enough to kill you!"

Another young man chuckled.

Demon Race battlefield has gradually turned into a purgatory in several decades after the end of the war.

Countless creatures who died in that battle, because of obsessions in their hearts, turned into a strand of grievances, wandering on the battlefield of Demon Race.

Among them are the creatures of the holy world, as well as the warrior of Demon Race.

Liu Ping's eyes flowed over several people.

Said disdainfully: "You are just timid!"

"I grandfather said, the world outside is very big, if you don’t take a walk while you’re young, wait for us I'm thinking about going out when I'm old, it's too late!"

The other teenagers were silent, only a smile flashed in the girl's eyes.

"Ling'er, don't you tell me what you said is right?"

Liu Ping looked towards the only girl present, with a little expectation in his eyes.

Other teenagers will also look towards this young girl named Linger, waiting for her answer.

Ling'er shook her head slightly and said: "I don't know, but I always feel that there is something calling me in the direction of the Demon Race battlefield."

"Maybe like you said Yes, I really should go for a walk."

These teenagers are all children from nearby villages, all children born a century after the Battle of Demon Race.

They don't know how much the saintly creatures paid for the battle against Demon Race. They still have expectations and yearning for Heaven and Earth outside.

And this young girl named Ling'er was a young girl that these teenagers met when they strayed into this valley once.

She only knows that she is called Ling'er, but she doesn't know where she came from and where she should go.

Because of the beauty of young girls, these young people are naturally willing to be friends with her. After all, young people do not have a dream in their hearts.

After coming and going, Ling'er and these teenagers became friends. At this time, it has been five years since they met for the first time.

The hairless brats at the beginning have now become the young official of youth.

After hearing Ling'er's words, Liu Ping looked straight.

Patting my chest and said: "Ling'er, let me tell you, don't think my Liu Ping is in Earth Immortal, but I use the martial skills taught by my grandfather, which is enough to burst out the strength of the Foundation Establishment Stage! "

"If you are going to the Demon Race battlefield, I can accompany you!"

Linger just chuckled as he looked at Liu Ping who was solemnly vowed.

She had a hunch that if she went to the Demon Race battlefield, the voice calling her might solve the biggest doubt in her heart.

Who is she, where she came from, and where she should go.

But this road is bound to be extremely dangerous. The Demon Race battlefield has long been listed as dangerous by all races. It is rumored that there is no strength of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm. As long as you set foot on the Demon Race battlefield, you will not escape a dead word.

Seeing Linger's unbelief, Liu Ping wanted to say something more.

But from the corner of my eyes, I suddenly saw a person-high crack in the sky in the distance.

Then a man walked out of it, trying to speak but was shocked speechless.

"Liu Ping, why don't you speak anymore? Linger tactfully rejected you, are you unhappy?"

There is a young official making fun of Liu Ping.

Liu Ping still didn't speak, but stared blankly at the crack.

He saw that the man turned his head and smiled at him. A white clothed man is better than winter snow.

It makes people feel a deep chill, but it is extraordinarily beautiful.

Several other young official finally found something wrong and looked towards the direction Liu Ping was looking at.

Ling'er also turned his head and looked around, and saw the white clothed silhouette step by step moved towards them.

Wear clothes whiter than snow, light footsteps in the void, spotlessly clean.

Like Immortal God Lin Chen, this Human World descends from Nine Heavens.

Several young official and Ling'er have gradually become obsessed with God and forgot what actions they should have.

"Run, this man is very strong!"

In the end, Liu Ping took the lead in reacting and quickly cry out in surprise.

The sound of exclamation sounded, awakening several other people from the state of enthusiasm.

A few people came back to his senses, and moved towards the valley outside without looking back.

Only Ling'er still stood on the spot blankly without any movement. It seemed that he didn't hear Liu Ping's shouting, nor did he notice that everyone else had run away.

"Ling'er! Run!"

Liu Ping is back, and he is the only young official who turned back.

Pulling Ling'er's sleeves, dragging Ling'er began to run wildly.

"Call the reincarnation of Spirit Race, call Spirit Race to be destroyed in the battle with Demon Race a hundred years ago, clansman burst out all vitality before he died, and call a Spirit of Heaven and Earth."

"Spirit of Heaven and Earth continues to evolve breakthrough on the Demon Race battlefield, and finally stands on the level of Great Firmament Peak, and has made great achievements for the holy world's creatures to resist the invasion of Demon Race."

white clothed silhouette Looking at a few young official and Ling'er running in the mountains and forests, mutter incantations in their mouths.

A look of greed flashed in his eyes, and the speed suddenly increased.

But just a few young officials in the Earth Immortal environment, how can they escape from this white clothed silhouette?


Some young official was pierced with a sword by a man, fell into a pool of blood, no more movement.

The man seems to be playing a game of cat and mouse. He has no intention of ending the game immediately, so he hangs behind a few young official.

Every few minutes, he raises his sword and harvests the life of a young official.

"Escape! Remember the name of this seat before dying, Demon Sky!"

Rampant and evil voices sounded in the mountains and forests, and the faster the young officials ran Come sooner.

Only Liu Ping always held Ling'er's hand, even if he tripped over a tree branch under his feet several times, he never let go of the weak and boneless hand.

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