Invincible Boss System Chapter 843

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Mo Antian reappeared, but it appeared on the land of the Eastern Region, chasing down several young official.

Of course, his goal is not this young man, but the young girl led by one of the young people.

The bloodthirsty and greedy gaze in his eyes became more obvious, and Mo Antian's speed began to increase.

He wants to end this cat and mouse game.

One hundred and fifty years of silence, in exchange for the great realm that he has broken through the Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

Since the Heart Demon world returned to the holy world, he followed a demonic path powerhouse in the holy world and left Zhong Prefecture and Chen Xinglie.

The battle with Demon Race a hundred years ago, he missed the battle with Demon Race perfectly because he was in retreat.

Wait until he breakthrough Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm, when he reappears in the Holy Realm.

He found that this world has long since changed from what it was when he first came here.

The powerhouse of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal is nowhere to be found. If it weren't for this world, the breath of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal would still be flowing.

I'm afraid he will think that the Great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouse in this world is dead when he is in retreat.

He saw the Demon Race battlefield in Zhong Prefecture, and the countless bones lying in it turned out to be the powerhouse of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm!

Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm is like harvested wheat, falling in pieces on this land.

There are also many powerhouses in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm in the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

The powerful existence of the same realm as he is now!

But it is such a powerhouse, just like a nobody exposed to the wilderness.

There are even a few of the bones that still have divinity emanating from them, and the powerful aura indicates how dazzling powerful existence these bones should be during their lifetime.

Mo Antian didn't know what was going on here. In the end, during his questioning, someone told him that the Demon Race a hundred years ago had come.

There are also those Great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouses that all cannot escape the world, but he didn't get the reason for this.

Because anyone who knows the reason, no one will tell about the destruction of Heavenly Dao.

Mo Antian's heart is filled with surprises, and the Great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouse cannot escape the world, which means that no one is his opponent in this world.

As long as you don’t make too much movement and don’t attract those powerhouses in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal that you can’t escape from the world. Attention, who else can do anything to yourself in this world?

With this thought, Mo Antian started his old profession and devoured other creatures.

He has been doing such things for more than ten years, and he has never encountered other powerhouse snipers.

Because he was sufficiently concealed, he would never move those Great Influencers, because it is impossible to guarantee that there is an old monster hidden in this force.

And a mountain boy like Liu Ping is his favorite target.

Moreover, Mo Antian also realized a way to judge whether a person is the reincarnation of a certain powerhouse.

For such a reincarnated person, even if the realm is still very weak, the powerful aura in the soul cannot be hidden.

For example, the running girl in front of you is the reincarnation of Spirit Race.

If I swallow her, I can take another big step from the middle stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

A bloodthirsty smile evoked at the corner of Mo Antian's mouth, and moved towards several young official rushes.


After a few screams, the young official fell into a pool of blood and there was no movement.

Only Liu Ping and Ling'er are still running madly, Liu Ping never let go of the hand holding Ling'er.

Even the wicked person is getting closer and closer to them.

"Liu Ping, run by yourself, his target is me."

Ling'er's voice came, the voice was very soft, but the lowness between the words was obvious.

Liu Ping raised his brows, and didn't mean to let go of his hands at all, and his running pace did not stop for a moment.

Instead, he held Ling'er's hand tighter.

"Liu Ping! Let me go, we will all die like this. Rather than we all die, it is better to let me die alone."

Ling'er spoke again, There were several crying voices in his voice.

Liu Ping turned his head back with a smile on his face.

Under the afterglow of the setting sun, a few people are shining brightly.

"I won't let go of your hand. If I die, I will die together. If you die with Ling'er, I have no regrets."

Nothing but fifteen or six years old The young girl saw an inexplicable look in the opponent's eyes at this time.

Some moving, but also sad.

Some stories are about to end before they begin.

Ling'er kept tears in her eyes, her eyes were full of sorrow, it was not that she was about to die soon.

It was this young man who held his hand and died because of himself.

"You know a lot at a young age, but unfortunately you don't have the opportunity to experience the taste of love."

"Don't blame this seat, blame you for calling Spirit Race The body of the reincarnation."

"Become a stepping stone on the road to become the Supreme powerhouse. When this seat reaches the top, I will remember you!"

Moan Tian body flashed, has appeared in front of Liu Ping and Ling'er.

Looking at the teenagers and girls in front of him, the bloodthirsty smile on the corners of Mo Antian's mouth became stronger.

The big knife in his hand also shone with a chilling edge. As long as the knife is gently dropped, both of them will die.

Liu Ping looked at the man in front of him and thought to himself.

Is there no way...

I can die, but the Linger behind me cannot die!

Liu Ping's heart is full of thoughts, constantly thinking about whether there is any way to break through the current dilemma.

Mo Antian step by step approached the two of them, with joking smiles in their eyes.

"I started quickly, you will not feel the pain, even if you feel it, it is only a moment."

"Because when you feel the pain, you are already dead Now."

Mo Antian's voice is gloomy and full of evil.

He has to become stronger, he has to be strong enough to step Chen Xinglie under his feet!

He wants to tear this space and return to where he came from!

For the ambition in his heart, Mo Antian by fair means or foul, even if he kills all the creatures in the world, he will not frown.

The big knife in his hand has been raised, and it will fall at any time, falling on Liu Ping and Ling'er, taking away two fresh and young lives.

Just as the sword fell, a burst of rays of light broke out between Liu Ping's chest.

"Phoenix Ling, is that you?"

Liu Ping looked towards his chest in surprise, and said in surprise.

Mo Antian browses tightly knit, and he senses a familiar breath.

It's Phoenix!

Obviously just a puppet body, at this time it exudes the same aura as myself!


He has cultivated for tens of thousands of years, and has suffered countless hardships before he came to this step today. This Phoenix is ​​just a puppet. As long as the material is strong enough, he can transform into the Great Firmament Golden Immortal. territory.


Unwillingness and jealousy filled Mo Antian's heart.

The big sword burst into a stronger imposing manner, moved towards Liu Ping fiercely and cut it down.

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