Invincible Boss System Chapter 846

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Mo Antian, who thought he was bound to die, opened his eyes in a groggy state.

I saw that I was all around pale, boundless pale.

"Where am I?"

There was a whisper in his mouth, Mo Antian looked puzzled.

It took a long time for a voice to sound, responding to Mo Antian.

"This is nothingness, this seat of Demon Race Demon God."

The familiar cold voice sounded, and a tall silhouette with double wings on the back appeared in front of Mo Antian.

When Demon Race invaded a hundred years ago, Mo Antian was still in retreat, and naturally did not recognize this tall silhouette.

"Demon God?"

"Demon God is Luo Huo, you have what skills and abilities call yourself Demon God?"

Moan Tian hearing this sneered .

He is the person of the blue planet demonic path, and the god of the demonic path is Luo Hu.

This guy with wings on his back, dare to call himself Demon God?

This is simply pulling down the demonic path and the position of the gods!

Demon God's eyes narrowed slightly, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

"Luohu? Who is that? This seat is the god who rules the entire Demon Race, why cannot claim to be Demon God?"

While speaking, the huge breath of the body began to spread.

Moan Tian is slightly startled, terrifying aura similar to Luohou Demon God, but there is the difference between Heaven and Earth in it. In terms of strength, this so-called Demon God should also be similar to Luohou Demon God is far apart.

As a member of the demonic path, Mo Antian also met Luohou Demon God by chance.

The terrifying evil aura, even after tens of thousands of years, still cannot be forgotten from his heart.

It was also at the moment when I saw Luohou Demon God, Mo Antian confirmed that in this world there is really a God!

That is not just a powerful cultivation, but a nobleness that is inherently superior to all beings!

"Although your breath is strong, you still have the difference between Heaven and Earth with Luohou Demon God."

"But it doesn't matter, since you saved me, then I too I will join your Demon Race as I said earlier."

Mo Antian sighed and stopped thinking about Luohou Demon God.

Rather, he looked at the Great Demon Race in front of him and said.

Demon God brows slightly raise, what kind of existence this Luohu is, even calling himself Demon God!

But he didn't think too much. He looked at Mo Antian and said: "Demon Race will come to that piece of Heaven and Earth again. This seat needs you to be the internal response of Demon Race."

"Collect the information about that piece of Heaven and Earth powerhouse, and then forward it to this seat."

Moantian is slightly nodded, and after doing it for a long time, he wants to commit himself to rape.

If Luohou Demon God is here, do you still need to engage in these imaginary things?

I rushed in directly tore the void. In Moantian’s thinking, Luohou Demon God is the terrifying existence of invincible in the whole world. It lives high above Nine Heavens and overlooks all beings in the world. Spiritual God!

But this guy in front of him also saved himself after all, Mo Antian still nodded agreed.

Anyway, the Holy Realm has nothing to do with him, even if it is destroyed, it has nothing to do with him.

Seeing Mo Antian agreed, Demon God waved his big hand, and the pale nothingness was torn apart. When Mo Antian came back to his senses again, he had already reappeared in the holy world.

There was a dangerous smile at the corner of his mouth, and he took a deep moved towards the south, then his body flashed and disappeared in place.


In the same pale void, several silhouettes sit cross-legged.

It is Chen Xinglie and empress.

At this time, Chen Xinglie's realm has reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak, and the inadvertent breath radiating from his body has also infinitely approached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak's limit.

The empress sitting beside him has surpassed the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak and reached a new height.

Quasi Saint Realm!

A hundred years ago, Liyandao and Demon God were terrifying existence of this realm.

And the old way that lives in the Northern Domain Connecting Heaven Peak in the Holy Realm is also the existence of this realm.

It's just that the old Tao is in this realm, and he walks farther than Yandao and Demon God, so the strength is naturally much stronger than the two.

Above the quasi-Saint Realm, there is Supreme’s Saint Realm.

It is rumored that as long as you step through the last hurdle and successfully enter Saint Realm, you can live the same life as Heaven and Earth and decline with the sun and the moon.

To put it simply, as long as you enter Saint Realm, you can live forever like Heaven and Earth, which is the so-called longevity!

Looking at Li Rufeng aside, he is also the realm of Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak at this moment, but the aura on his body is much weaker than Chen Xinglie.

However, the bloodline of the ancient God Phoenix in Li Rufeng's body is getting richer, even moving towards a higher level of transformation.

I don’t know what kind of terrifying existence will become after the birth.

A Chou, at this moment, it is also in the middle stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal, and the breath of Ancestral Dragon on his body is getting stronger and stronger.

This is not the Ancestral Dragon of True Dragon, but the Ancestral Dragon in the true sense of Dragon Clan.

Ancestral Dragon, founder of Dragon Clan, who has disappeared in the long river of history for thousands of years!

The first True Dragon between Heaven and Earth!

Shi Feiyu and Zhao Yumeng's breath at this time has reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal state, but compared to the others, they are a lot weaker, just entering the Great Firmament Golden Immortal state for the first time.

After all, the bloodline on the two of them can't be considered too good, and Chen Xinglie's terrifying innate talent and battle strength are also much weaker than the others.

But if you fight with people from the same realm, few people will be their opponents.

After all, there are three perverts: empress, Chen Xinglie, and Li Rufeng. They continue to teach on the side that this battle strength is weak and impossible.

Chen Xinglie opened his eyes, divine glow shot out in his eyes, and the paleness in front of his eyes began to twist.

As the oppression struck, the other women also opened their eyes one after another, looking at the moved towards Chen Xinglie with doubts in the beautiful eyes.

"Are you going to break through again?"

empress asked softly.

Chen Xinglie was slightly nodded, looking at the women and said: "Quasi Saint Realm."

The women were silent, when they heard Chen Xinglie was about to step into the Quasi Saint Realm, There was no unexpected expression on his face, and he didn't even see a trace of joy.

Since being thrown here by that old way a hundred years ago, Chen Xinglie has broken through a realm almost every twenty years in these hundred years.

For Chen Xinglie breakthrough realm, several women have already felt strange.

As for entering the quasi-Saint Realm, it will not be enough sooner or later. According to Chen Xinglie's breakthrough speed, it is almost the most recent.

This is what I know about the future, so I started to become boring.

"The big brother is amazing!"

Among the few girls present, only Ah Chou gave Chen Xinglie enough face, clapping his hands and cheering.

A hundred years have passed, and Ah Chou has also changed from the appearance of a young girl to the appearance of the slim and big girl now.

Chen Xinglie rubbed Ah Chou’s hair, lightly said with a smile: "A Chou will come to my this realm soon."

A Chou is nodded, she knows The power of your own bloodline.

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