Invincible Boss System Chapter 848

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Feng Yi’s two disciplines, Liu Ping and Ling'er, left the Southern Region.

Apart from Feng Yiwu who knew about it, no one was disturbed.

Even if the Dao Sect people who are in close contact with each other normally, they don’t know that these two people have left the Southern Territory.

Today's Xun Dao Sect is no longer the Xun Dao Sect who has just entered the Holy Realm. With the support of the huge Spiritual Qi in the Holy Realm, the Elders who seek Dao Sect have been offering breakthroughs.

Now Zong has already had a digital Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, but Great Firmament Golden Immortal has never been able to break through.

This day peacefully looking for Dao Sect, a beam of light of heaven shaking, earth shattering emerged.

A ray of red light rose from the depths of Xun Dao Sect and pierced the sky.

"The breath of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal!"

Xiang Wenqing was discussing with the two Supreme Elders. At this moment, he felt this aura and his faces changed.

The three immediately got up, moved towards looking for Dao Sect and ran deep.

The three were already the realm of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm at this time, but whether it was because of age or innate talent, the three knew that they could only reach the level of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

In the Great Firmament Golden Immortal environment, I am afraid that this life has no relationship with the three of them.

Helpless, the three of them can only put the hope of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm on those descendants of the sect.

Of course, these juniors refer to the group of Shen Qiuyu, not those born in the next two hundred years.

Neither Shen Qiuyu nor Xue Gang lived up to the expectations of Sect Elder, and they broke through to the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm one hundred years ago.

Among them, Shen Qiuyu is an excellent innate talent. After breakthrough Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, he awakened his physique.

It is a rare flying immortal physique in the world, relying on this powerful physique that can quickly gather all around Spiritual Qi anytime and anywhere, Shen Qiuyu only took a hundred years.

It has gone through the transformation from Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm to Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm that ordinary people can't walk through in a lifetime.

At this time, when I felt the aura of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal in the depths of the sect, the first person who thought of everyone in Dao Sect was Shen Qiuyu.

"It really is Qiuyu, this girl!"

"Flying immortal physique is really strong. In just a hundred years, it has surpassed the old bones of us who have lived for thousands of years."

"Hehe, the sect is hopeful! In the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, we finally find Dao Sect!"

Xiang Wenqing and the two Supreme Elders are still in retreat. Shen Qiuyu said one after another.

The words are full of gratification, and there is an excited smile on his face.

“bang! ”

The huge and powerful aura enveloped the entire search for Dao Sect, and countless people searching for Dao Sect were awakened from the retreat.

Countless silhouettes appeared in the retreat deep in the sect.

Looking at the pillar of light in the retreat, everyone held their breath and waited for the woman to appear.

During retreat, Shen Qiuyu, dressed in clothes whiter than snow, opened his eyes.

Immediately not even happy that I was able to break through the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, but murmured.

"Big Brother Chen, I am already in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal state, now I should be able to keep up with your footsteps..."

Following a smile in Shen Qiu Yu's delicate face bloomed with an extremely moving smile.

Wear white clothed all the way up heavenly ascension to the sky above the head.

"Qiu Yu, this child still wears white clothed..."

"For more than two hundred years, she still hasn't forgotten that man..."

The two Supreme Elders looking for Dao Sect looked at the white clothed silhouette in the sky, whispered in their mouths.

Xiang Wenqing raised his brows and said bitterly: "Chen Xinglie, that smelly brat has no idea where he went all these years. If this Sect Master knows where this kid is, this Sect Master is not Blow his head!"

People around hearing this are all speechless.

Are you going to blow his head?

Chen Xinglie was already a terrifying existence of Great Firmament Golden Immortal two hundred years ago, one man one sword dressed in white clothed, and killed several back and forth in the densely packed Demon Race army.

Finally, by the strength of oneself, a Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Peak Demon Race was fought without any strength to fight back.

Now that two hundred years have passed, how terrifying this man is, I am afraid that no one knows except for the few women who disappeared with him at that time.

Of course, Xiang Wenqing himself also knows the gap between him and Chen Xinglie, but this does not prevent him from wanting to stand up for his descendants.

Shen Qiuyu is looking for the pearl in the palm of Dao Sect up and down all the older generations. Since Shen Qiuyu awakens to fly the immortal physique, looking for Dao Sect is even more precious to her.

Even if Chen Xinglie is strong enough to be invincible in the whole world, Xiang Wenqing will still go up and give him a punch.

There is no other reason, just to give that girl in the sky a fair, a fair that is two hundred years late!

"Sect Master, are you going to blow my head?"

A whisper sounded in Xiang Wenqing's ear.

Xiang Wenqing didn't have time to think about it, he thought someone was playing a prank.

Scolded without looking back: "Be careful, Chen Xinglie doesn't know how strong the kid is now. If he knows you dare to impersonate him, hehe."

? No, why is this voice familiar?

Xiang Wenqing turned his head slowly, and everyone looking for Dao Sect around him was already dumbfounded.

Who did they see?

Two hundred years ago, the man who defeated Demon Race and defeated the army!

It is still a familiar white clothed!

"My grass!?"

"You smelly brat still knows to come back?"

Xiang Wenqing looked at Chen Xinglie and yelled.

I just said that as long as I saw Chen Xinglie, I would go up and punch him, but now I still haven't taken that step.

The eye sockets were slightly red, and he unconsciously reached out and wiped his eyes.

Looking for Dao Sect, Chen Xinglie did not stay long.

Among them, besides Shen Qiuyu and Xue Gang in the sky, Xiang Wenqing is the only Sect Master.

That time and again all night long talks, drunk drunk is not for nothing.

And if anyone really came to Chen Xinglie's heart, I am afraid that apart from Shen Qiuyu, there is only this Sect Master who is looking for Dao Sect.

Chen Xinglie took a few steps forward, towards Xiang Wenqing.

"Sect Master, look for Dao Sect to enshrine Chen Xinglie, and ask to return to the sect door!"

Chen Xinglie cupped his hands and said.

He wanted to say this to Xiang Wenqing on one-knee kneels.

But now he has reached a terrifying cultivation base realm. If he is one-knee kneels, not to mention Xiang Wenqing, I am afraid it is this world, and he may not be able to kneel by him.

Others didn't think much about Chen Xinglie's strength?

Being able to appear in search of Dao Sect in such a posture now, it is considered to be looking for Dao Sect to burn incense!

You still want this terrifying man to pay a subordinate ceremony with Sect Master?

Xiang Wenqing laughed, lifted Chen Xinglie up and patted Chen Xinglie's shoulders hard.

Chen Xinglie quickly put away his breath when he saw it. If he didn't do this, he would take a photo of this slap with Wenqing, I'm afraid this arm would be scrapped.

Too strong, sometimes it’s troublesome, isn’t it?

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