Invincible Boss System Chapter 850

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Chen Xinglie spent a few days looking for Dao Sect, and then after asking Shen Qiuyu what he meant, he left Xing Dao Sect alone.

Because Shen Qiuyu was afraid of facing the empress women, she chose to stay in Xun Dao Sect.

Even if Chen Xinglie persuaded him many times, Shen Qiuyu still had this mentality, and Chen Xinglie had no choice but to leave in the end.

Heavenly Dao is not far away, and Chen Xinglie does not have much time to waste.

The relationship between Shen Qiuyu and empress and the others can be slowly adjusted after the catastrophe.

But if you can't get through this world-destroying catastrophe, everything is empty talk.

However, Chen Xinglie did not immediately repent of being in nothingness. He wanted to meet the veteran Northern Domain.

The veteran who once shot him and a few women into the void.

Looking at Chen Xinglie's silhouette disappearing to the north, Shen Qiuyu's eyes were a little sweeter.

"Autumn Yu girl, can you watch after everyone has left?"

Xiang Wenqing's voice came from behind with a bit of teasing.

Shen Qiuyu's face was slightly red, and she said softly: "Let Sect Master laugh."

"hahaha! You, this girl, have waited for more than two hundred years, and now it's fulfilled. "

Xiang Wenqing shook his head and smiled and said.

Shen Qiuyu is slightly nodded, and his face is slightly red.


Zhong Prefecture Demon Race battlefield. Since Demon Race retreated, this place has left countless lives and has become a forbidden place in the world of become Saint.

The strength is not up to the Golden Immortal Realm. Entering the forbidden area of ​​the Demon Race battlefield, you will definitely die!

Even if the powerhouse of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm enters, it will face life and death crisis.

In this age when the Great Firmament Golden Immortal is not out of the world, the Demon Race battlefield has not been destroyed too much, and it still looks similar to two hundred years ago.

It's just that there are countless wandering souls among them, and it is these wandering souls that floated from the corpses of the powerhouse, which blocked the footsteps of countless people in the holy world.

The strength of these wraiths is extremely terrifying, even if they can't be compared with before alive, they still retain most of their strength.

Be aware that those who participated in the Demon Race war, whether it was Demon Race or holy creatures, the lowest was Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm!

Liu Ping and Linger arrived at the Demon Race battlefield.

Two people, one Heavenly Immortal Realm, and one Golden Immortal Realm, it is difficult to protect themselves in this Demon Race battlefield.

However, since the two of them have five Great Firmament Golden Immortal masters and uncles, they naturally have a lot of equipment and various life-saving things.

Whether it is Feng Yi, who is the Master, or Hu Yi, who is the uncle.

They were all not stingy. Dozens of magic weapon armors that reached the strength of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm were all stuffed into Liu Ping and Ling'er.

There are even a few armors of Great Firmament Golden Immortal environment strength.

Under such heavy protection, as long as Liu Ping and the two do not encounter the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, it is very difficult for them to think of something.

"Ling'er, you are behind me. Master said it is dangerous here."

Liu Ping took the lead and didn't forget to turn around to tell Ling'er.

If someone who doesn't know is present, I am afraid that Liu Ping is the one who reached the Golden Immortal Realm, not the Linger behind him.

Ling'er's face is slightly red, and some sorry said: "Liu Ping, my strength is stronger than you, I should be in front."

"What you said What, I am a man! As a man, there is no reason for a woman to go ahead!"

Liu Ping stopped and looked back at Ling'er and said seriously.

Ling'er didn't speak any more when he saw his appearance, just shy and nodded.

Under the protection of dozens of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm-strength magic weapons, the two of them were shocked all the way, and gradually moved towards the depths of the Demon Race battlefield.

According to Ling'er, the voice that exchanged her is in the depths.

Even if she doesn't want to find the previous life memory, she also wants to see what her previous life looks like.

"jié jié jié, a hundred years have passed, and I have encountered you two again!"

A cold and evil voice sounded.

Liu Ping's expression changed drastically, and Linger's expression also changed drastically.

They remember this voice, their partner died in the hands of the owner of this voice a hundred years ago!

They will never forget this voice!

"You... why are you here!"

Liu Ping roared boldly.

After Mo Antian escaped, Feng Yiwu would go out to look for his traces from time to time, but in a hundred years, they had never found a trace of Mo Antian.

But this guy didn't expect hiding in the battlefield of Demon Race!

"Why am I here?"

"If it weren't for the guys Fengyi, how could this seat stay in this place never seen the daylight!"

" p>

Mo Antian roared as if irritated.

When Feng Yi is mentioned, the bitterness and hatred in his words are not concealed.

The resentful tone, with a strong murderous aura, rushed towards Liu Ping and Ling'er.

"You two have the breath of Fengyi and the others. You have been with them for a hundred years?"

The silhouette of Mo Antian appeared, with blood-red eyes dead Staring at Liu Ping and Ling'er, he said gloomily.

Liu Ping remained silent, but only protected Ling'er behind him, and the tall silhouette completely blocked Ling'er.

Looking back at Ling'er, he whispered: "I'll stop him for a while, run quickly and find Master them."

"Run? Hahaha, a Heavenly Immortal Realm, actually said to block me!"

"There is also a Golden Immortal Realm, which actually said to escape from my Mo Antian!"

"It turns out that Fengyi and the others are Your Master? Hahaha! Since this seat can't kill a few of them, I will kill you first!"

Mo Antian seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world, laughing forward and backward.

Liu Ping's expression changed slightly, but the other party and the Master unified the realm's terrifying existence, how could he block him.

"If I don’t go, I will die together. It’s better not to live alone!"

Ling'er behind him is unwilling to leave, and stretches out his hand to hold Liu Ping’s hand. said with a smile.

Liu Ping was taken aback, his face was full of anxiety.

I wanted to persuade Ling'er to let her leave again, but after he saw the firm look in Ling'er's eyes, he was about to blurt out the persuasion, but he couldn't say anything.

"Okay! I believe Master and they will avenge us!"

Liu Ping was nodded, looking at Ling'er with solemn eyes.

Then there was a smile on his face, and he whispered: "Ling'er, there is actually one thing I wanted to tell you very early, but I don’t think I am worthy of you, so I always I didn’t tell you."

Ling'er was taken aback for a moment, then smiled like a flower, shook his head gently and said: "Fool, I know what you want to say."

" My thoughts are the same as yours."

Liu Ping was slightly sluggish, and then an astonishing rays of light burst out in his eyes.

"Before you die, you still want to talk about love? Hehe, I will send you two on the road together, so that you can be a pair of fateful mandarin ducks below!"

Mo Antian The untimely opening broke the warmth between the two.

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