Invincible Boss System Chapter 852

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Liu Ping was silent, but at this moment the hands holding the Great Firmament mirror were silently released.

The Great Firmament treasure mirror hovered behind him, still flashing dazzling rays of light.

The white clothed silhouette in front of him also moved from behind him to the front, but this white clothed silhouette is no longer the white clothed silhouette before, nor is it the silhouette in his heart.

"One waste."

Linger was coldly snorted, and said disdainfully.

Then he looked towards the Demon Antian in front of him.

The voice said coldly: "How about this disclosure? The consciousness of this seat has just returned to the body of this life, and the past grievances are forgotten."

The devil's Heavenly God changes slightly, he I can feel that this woman is now terrifying.

Even if this woman has just returned to the body that controls this life, her strength is already comparable to her own.

If you give her some more time, she will undoubtedly die.

As for what she said about letting go, this is a big joke in Mo Antian's eyes.

He is not a child, so how can he believe such a thing?

He thought about swallowing her body in this life. How could such hatred be put down?

"Hehe, all of you, you all seem to look down on this seat?"

Mo Antian sneered, the smile on the corner of his mouth became stronger.

Ling'er's expression changed at this time, and she felt a great crisis.

The void behind Mo Antian split open, and a silhouette came out of it!

Ling'er has been occupied by the soul of the previous life, so she naturally knows this silhouette.

"Demon God!"

"You! Betrayed the Holy Realm!"

Ling'er said in shock, looking at Demon God incredibly, and The tall silhouette behind him.

Mo Antian sneered and did not speak any more.

Demon God said coldly at this moment: "It's you guy, summon has created a Spirit Physique at the expense of life, and killed my Demon Race countless soldiers."

" It’s just that you didn’t expect you to live another life, this time you have no chance to reincarnate."


Demon God right hand lift up, the darkness in your hand Like the deepest abyss in the world, black energy moved towards Ling'er shrouded.


Ling'er is coldly snorted, with a terrifying aura bursting out of her body, she wants to resist the palm of Demon God.

It's just her resistance. Under the palm of Demon God, like a worm shaking a tree, there is no room for resistance at all.

My life is over!

I've just taken control of this life's body, and I'm going to die!

Ling'er closed her eyes, her eyes full of helplessness.


What made all three of us didn't expect that the man who was sitting on the ground without any reaction unexpectedly broke out in this brief moment. the power of.

Appeared in front of Ling'er in an instant, a much shorter body than Mo Antian, but in this brief moment it was like the heaviest mountain in the world, and it was in Ling'er and Mo Between Antian and Demon God.

"The ants, dare to stand in front of the god?"

Demon God disdainfully, with a finger moved towards Liu Ping stabbed.

Ling'er, standing behind Liu Ping, has complicated rays of light flashing in her eyes.

Muttered in the mouth: "Maybe you really didn't read the wrong person."

After that, a sigh of Soul Power erupted from Ling'er and turned into a sharp sword. moved towards Demon God's finger pierced away.

The Linger behind him seemed to have been drawn from the soul, and both eyes are spiritless moved towards the ground and fell to the ground.


A light sound, Liu Ping turned around and saw Linger lying on the ground.

Ignoring the death crisis in front of him, Liu Ping turned around and picked up Ling'er, completely blocking Ling'er with his body.

He knows that if he knows that this terrifying guy's finger falls, he will undoubtedly die, and the Linger in his arms will undoubtedly die.

But at this moment, he can't think much about it. He just wants to use his body to help the woman in his arms and block the coming attack.

"A soul that has been dead for two hundred years also wants to fight against this god."

Demon God's disdainful voice sounded again, in the horrified eyes of Moantian.

Demon God opened his mouth, and even sucked that way towards his own soul.

A soul in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm has disappeared like this!

"Next, it's up to you."

Demon God finished all this without saying much, and continued looking towards the two Human Races on the ground.

"In my site, if you want to move my discipline, your Excellency is a bit too bully."

A whisper sounded in the ears of several people. The smile made no secret of it.

It seems that what is in front of you is not Demon God, but just an ordinary Demon Race of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

Wearing clothes whiter than snow, he appeared in front of Liu Ping, and also stretched out a finger to withstand Demon God's finger.

"It's you!"

"It's you! Chen Xinglie!"

Two exclamations sounded.

Demon God has an unbelievable face. The white clothed silhouette who entered the Great Firmament Golden Immortal for the first time two hundred years ago is now on par with himself!

Mo Antian's face has changed several times. No one knows this white clothed silhouette better than him.

When we first met, this white clothed silhouette was just an ant he could pinch to death.

If it hadn't been for Feng Yi and the others to stop him, I would have crushed him a long time ago.

After more than two hundred years, the ants of that year turned into towering trees.

And he has become the ant he once thought!

Now Chen Xinglie, I am afraid he can pinch himself to death at will!

Mo Antian's eyes flashed a heavy lonely look, what on earth did this guy make!

Feng Yi is like this, Tiger Yi is also like this, those puppets are like this, as long as the materials are enough, they can reach the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm.

But after tens of thousands of years of painstaking practice in Demon Antian, he can only be cultivation to the Great Firmament Golden Immortal state after suffering countless hardships.

Now Chen Xinglie is in front of me, again!

Why are their breakthroughs so simple!

But it takes tens of thousands of years to reach the realm of today.

And after I reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, my opponents who were once weaker than me, turned out to be stronger than me!

A thick unwillingness rushes to Mo Antian's heart, he is angry, he hates, he is unwilling!

But even so, what can we do?

Chen Xinglie and the others have suffered, how could he feel the same?

Chen Xinglie ignored Mo Antian's old adversary, and the current Mo Antian is no different from the ants on the roadside in his eyes.

The Demon God in front of me is a bit interesting.

In the past two hundred years, not only myself has become stronger, but Demon God has also become stronger.

Much stronger than two hundred years ago!

I have even passed the last hurdle, and Chen Xinglie is still a little behind that hurdle.

However, Chen Xinglie's fleshy body has already passed that hurdle, and the incomparable strength of the body has already passed that hurdle.

It can be said that the current Chen Xinglie is no different from Demon God, who has passed the last hurdle, except that there is no breakthrough in realm.

Demon God's eyes are full of shock. After 200 hours, this guy has been cultivation to such an extent!

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