Invincible Boss System Chapter 853

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"Why? Two hundred years later, it seems shocked when the two see me again?"

"But I am more curious, how can you two get together Have you come together?"

Chen Xinglie looked at the shocked two people, said with a smile.

Demon God coldly snorted, withdrawing his hand, knowing that the guy in front of him is strong enough to match him, even if he continues to shoot, there will be no results.

But he didn't say anything, he just looked at Chen Xinglie with a gloomy look.

Mo Antian stared at Chen Xinglie.

The gnashing teeth said: "Chen Xinglie, I really regret it now."

"I regret that I did not kill you in the Heart Demon world more than two hundred years ago!"

hearing this, Chen Xinglie has a smile on his face.

There was sarcasm and disdain in his smile.

Said frivolously: "Hehe, what you said is the same as if you didn't you think you can kill me."

"I don’t know who it was at that time, hiding in the Eastern Region. Like a coward, he didn't dare to come out and fight me head-on."

Mo Antian's face was even more gloomy, and Chen Xinglie's eyes were full of killing intent, and he didn't even want to hide himself from killing. Meaning.

There is a terrifying Demon God beside him. No matter how strong Chen Xinglie is, he will be at best like him. What is he afraid of Chen Xinglie doing?

Seeing that they were silent, Chen Xinglie turned his head and glanced at Liu Ping and Ling'er.

Liu Ping still looked lifeless, Ling'er still closed his eyes tightly, and his body had no breath.

"Stand up, can you bring Ling'er to life like this?"

Chen Xinglie said.

Liu Ping startedled hearing this look, and then gently placed Ling'er on the ground.

Turned around and knelt on the ground and kept kowtow towards Chen Xinglie.

He kept saying: "Uncle, please save Ling'er!"

Chen Xinglie is Feng Yi’s master, but Chen Xinglie still let Liu Ping and Ling'er two People, call him uncle.


Chen Xinglie sighed softly, knowing that Liu Ping was impossible to put down Linger.

Then a ray of green rays of light containing the majestic Life Aura appeared in his palm.

The green rays of light moved towards Ling'er slowly drifted down, and after touching Ling'er's body, they instantly merged into Ling'er's body.

The majestic Life Aura broke out on Ling'er, even if it was the battlefield of the murderous aura and the deadly Demon Race, in this brief moment, it was also affected by this Life Aura.

all around the endless murderous aura and death are washed away, a ray of green light rushes into the sky.

Darkness never seen the daylight The two hundred-year-old Demon Race battlefield, a hole was punched out by this green light, and a ray of sunlight fell on the ground.

The long-lost rays of light sprinkled on the earth again, bringing some vitality to this deadly place.

"Cough cough..."

A slight cough sounded.

Liu Ping's expression changed drastically, and he turned and hugged Ling'er in his arms.

"Ling'er, you wake up, do you feel uncomfortable?"

Moved towards Ling'er said softly.

Ling'er opened her eyes, and the divine light flickered in her eyes, where there was a half-weak look just now.

said with a smile: "I'm fine."

"Very good, very good!"

The tears in Liu Ping's eyes burst into his eyes.

Then turned around and continued moving towards Chen Xinglie, kowtow, and kept saying: "many thanks, uncle!"

"foolish child, since I am your uncle, I can't let Linger go. No matter."

"I hope you understand a truth, only one person is strong enough to let those around you not suffer from suffering."

"You have to work hard to become strong. Protect Ling'er, instead of kneeling and suffering like a waste after Ling'er's accident."

Chen Xinglie spoke, his tone becoming more and more severe.

Liu Ping's expression changed slightly, and then he became solemn, with a firm expression in his eyes.

"Uncle, don’t worry, I will start to retreat after I go back. I will protect Linger!"

I don’t know if this is a promise to Chen Xinglie or behind him. The promise of the white clothed woman, or promise to herself.

Chen Xinglie chuckled lightly, then looked towards Demon God and said: "Demon God, can that soul be spit out?"

Demon God coldly snorted, but no Continue to insist, actually opened his mouth to spit out the soul of Spirit Race.

Calling Spirit Race appeared again, his eyes were full of dullness, and it took a long time to gradually restore the divine light.


A sigh, with regret and sadness that spanned two hundred years.

Ling'er looked at the soul floating in front of her with a complicated expression in her eyes.

"I am a dead person. This world has long since no longer belonged to me, and I do not belong to this world."

"This is the inheritance of Spirit Race, handed over to You, you are the Inheritor of Spirit Race."

"I hope you can become stronger as soon as possible. I do not ask you to avenge Spirit Race, but at least the inheritance and inheritance of Spirit Race will be called down!"

With a ray of divine light from the hands of the soul calling Spirit Race, it penetrates into Ling'er's eyebrows.

This soul begins to become illusory at the speed that naked eye can see, and it seems that it may dissipate in this world at any time.

Ling'er's face was solemn and nodded, and she agreed to her last wish in this past life.

Seeing my reincarnation body nodded, the soul of Spirit Race began to turn into rays of light, and then gradually dissipated between Heaven and Earth.

Since then, Ling'er is the only reincarnated person left in the Spirit Race.

Chen Xinglie looked at Liu Ping and Ling'er, and said: "You two should go back first."

Without waiting for them to say anything, Chen Xinglie waved his hand and gave a void. crack appeared in front of the two of them.

The two knew, and didn't stay for a moment, they walked into the void crack in front of them hand in hand.

The void crack is gradually closed after the two enter.

Chen Xinglie turned around and looked towards Demon God. As for Demon God, he had already ignored him.

A Great Firmament Golden Immortal in the middle stage, not worth mentioning.

"Demon God, I have a question, I hope you can help me out."

Chen Xinglie said with a smile.

Demon God coldly snorted said: "You said."

"Do you have any so-called Heavenly Dao in Demon Realm?"

This question has bothered Chen Xinglie For a long time, it seemed to him to be the same world, since there is Heavenly Dao in the Holy Realm.

Then Demon Realm should also have its own Heavenly Dao!

Demon God is silent, seeming to be confused by Chen Xinglie's question.

For a long time, he said with doubts: "It should be, but as a strongest person of Demon Realm, I have never communicated with Heavenly Dao of Demon Realm, and even imperceptible to its existence."


Chen Xinglie slightly nodded, this is beyond his guess.

Is this Demon God's strength still far from reaching the level recognized by Demon Realm Heavenly Dao, or Demon Realm does not have the so-called Heavenly Dao at all?

"Heavenly Dao of Heaven and Earth here will be destroyed in fifty years. If our realm is destroyed by it, I am afraid that your Demon Realm will not be far away from destruction."

"What do you think?"

Chen Xinglie then spoke, looking at Demon God all the time, wanting to see something in his expression.

Demon God nodded, he said: "Over the years, I have been thinking about this."

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