Invincible Boss System Chapter 854

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The Liyan Dao of the Holy Realm is a man of harmony, and to put it bluntly, he is the servant of Heavenly Dao.

Since Heavenly Dao exists in the Holy Realm, then the Demon Realm, which is also a world, should also have Heavenly Dao.

But in the mouth of Demon God, Chen Xinglie didn't get the answer he wanted. On the contrary, Demon God had not even noticed the Heavenly Dao of Demon Realm!

So whether Demon Realm has Heavenly Dao or not has become a doubt and a mystery.

"Why don't you, Demon Realm, join hands with us to fight Heavenly Dao?"

Chen Xinglie looked at Demon God and said.

In front of the big right and wrong, some hatred is destined to be abandoned.

Two hundred years ago, Demon Realm suddenly came to the Holy Realm and began the conquest.

More than half of the creatures above the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm were killed or injured. Correspondingly, Demon Race also died in that war. More than half of the Demon Race remained here forever. A piece of foreign land.

Demon God did not immediately respond, but Chen Xinglie already saw a trace of approval in his eyes.

Obviously he was a little moved by his own thoughts.

"Fifty years later, Heavenly Dao is destroyed. I am afraid that Heavenly Dao is much stronger than you."

"In this short period of fifty years, no matter how you and me are Breakthrough, I’m afraid it’s hard to reach the realm where Heavenly Dao is."

"Once the Holy Realm is destroyed, its next goal is probably your Demon Race. After all, with its mind, it will definitely not let go. Past you."

Chen Xinglie said.

As for whether Heavenly Dao will go to Demon Realm after destroying the Immortal World's creatures, he doesn't know, and these are just his guesses.

He didn't even know why Heavenly Dao in the Holy Realm would make such a crazy act of destroying the world.

Maybe the answer to these things, after seeing the old man, will give himself an answer.

Demon God is silent, Chen Xinglie is not in a hurry to urge him to give him an answer.

Silently waiting for Demon God's response, Chen Xinglie looked towards Demon God.

"Don't you want to go back to the world that used to be?"

Simple words, like a sharp sword, deeply pierced the heart of Mo Antian .

Don’t want to? He thought so much, he was thinking about it all in his dreams!

Fighting with the Profound Void sub-fighting strayed into the void crack. During the ten thousand years of coming to this world, he never wanted to go back.

Return to the world that truly belongs to him!

"Do you have a way to prevent me from going back?"

Mo Antian looked towards Chen Xinglie's eyes no longer had hatred, but more of anticipation and eagerness.

Chen Xinglie shook his head, Mo Antian's heart was furious.

angrily roared: "Are you teasing me?"

"No, this world also has someone from there. Maybe he can give you and give me the answer?"


Chen Xinglie ignored Mo Antian's anger and said slowly.

"Who! Where is that person!"

Mo Antian asked impatiently.

Chen Xinglie pointed his finger to the north and said: "There, I can sense his breath, and I am going to go there."

"If you two people If there is nothing to do, you can go with me, maybe the answers we want can be obtained there?"

Chen Xinglie said with a smile, and invited Mo Antian and Demon God, do you want Go to Northern Domain with him to find the old way.

Mo Antian was silent for a moment, and then said: "Okay, I will go with you! If I can return to that piece of Heaven and Earth, we will wipe out the past, and we will be strangers!"

Mo Antian said, it was a little funny to say this from his mouth.

He was just a great Firmament Golden Immortal in the middle stage, and he even said to Chen Xinglie, a man who had already surpassed the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, to write off his old hatred.

"It doesn't matter to me, it's just that at the gate, you may have to relax a little."

Chen Xinglie lightly said with a smile.

Why hasn't he killed Mo Antian, because this guy feels very simple to him.

There is a faint hunch, as long as you kill Mo Antian, some terrible things may happen, even if you are now, you may not be able to stop such things.

Furthermore, this premonition became more and more obvious after his strength became stronger. This is also the reason why he hasn't killed Mo Antian for a long time.

The demonic energy of Mo Antian is stronger than that of Demon God.

Although the demonic energy of Mo Antian is not strong, it does not affect the purity of his demonic energy.

Instead of saying that Demon God is a demon, it is better to say that the person of the demonic path, Demon God, is more like a complete demon.

"Daomen? As long as I go back there, these will not be a problem."

Mo Antian is very confident. It seems that many people, terrifying Taoists, are not regarded as such in his eyes. A threat.

When Demon God on the side heard the words of the two, browse tightly frowns, a hesitant look flashed in his eyes.

He knows where that old way comes from.

It is the cyan planet, the planet with several scary silhouettes!

Even with his current strength, he doesn't have any confidence that he can retreat from the cyan planet, maybe even escape for life is impossible.

Do you want to meet that old man...

"Demon God, what about you?"

When Demon God was struggling, Chen Xinglie Asked him again.

Demon God took a deep breath and said: "Okay, I will go with you. I want to know why there is no Heavenly Dao in Demon Realm."

" , Let's go."

Chen Xinglie turned around and took the lead in moving towards the north.

Demon God followed closely, Mo Antian, who was too weak in strength, hung far behind them.

The distance between Mo Antian and Demon God and Chen Xinglie is still widening.

Even if Mo Antian has tried his best to drive on, he still cannot narrow the distance between himself and the two figures in front.

Finally, Demon God uttered a coldly snorted cry of disdain, releasing a terrifying breath, dragging the Demon Sky moved towards the north and flew away.

The strength of Chen Xinglie and Demon God is too terrifying, they fly so powerfully above the holy world, no one can find them at all.

Even the powerhouses of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak can't even notice that there are three silhouettes passing by at a terrifying speed.

Northern Domain, a vast ice field, pale in the eyes, it is ice and snow that has never melted.

A high peak rising above the Northern Domain ice sheet, with the top straight into the sky, appeared in the eyes of the three.

"It's there!"

Chen Xinglie sensed the aura of the old way. Apart from him and Demon God in the Holy Realm, those who can possess such a breath only took action two hundred years ago. The old way that sent him into the void.

"Some friends come from afar."

Rather than waiting for the three of them to approach Connecting Heaven Peak, they heard a soft sigh, but the sound was not loud, but it echoed between Heaven and Earth. The layer dissipates.

The white mist around Connecting Heaven Peak began to fade, revealing its face.

Above half the height of the mountain, there are countless green vegetation.

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