Invincible Boss System Chapter 855

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Chen Xinglie's three feet landed on Connecting Heaven Peak, and a quaint courtyard appeared in front of them.

The gate of the courtyard opened automatically, with a creaking sound, with a strong historical atmosphere, it seems that the gate was opened, and it was not just the courtyard that was pushed open.

There are also various histories drifting on the long river of history.

"Come in."

The previous voice sounded again, and the three of Chen Xinglie stepped into the courtyard.

The devil's Heavenly God's color changed, and the body was slightly trembled uncontrollable.

Here is the aura of a sect, and I don’t know if I go in for life or death.

But if I don't step into this courtyard, I'm afraid this life won't know if I can return to the cyan planet.

There is a towering tree in the center of the courtyard, swaying its branches in the World of Ice and Snow, adding a green and vitality to this pale world.

An old man with white beard and hair dressed as a Taoist priest is now closing his eyes, sitting cross-legged under this towering tree.

There is a whisk on both knees of Lao Dao, as pale as the World of Ice and Snow all around.

The veteran silhouette seems to have the feeling of fuse together with this world.

The strength of this old way is deep and unmeasurable!

This is the feeling that Demon God felt after seeing the old way.

The old way in front of me is even more terrifying than it was two hundred years ago!

Even though he has made great progress in these two hundred years, he still feels a dangerous breath of dying in this old way.

"You are back."

Old Dao opened his eyes, and two divine lights shot out from his eyes, piercing Chen Xinglie.

Chen Xinglie does not dodge, nor does he have any intention to dodge in his eyes.

He knows that this old way will not hurt him. If the old way really wants him to die, there is no need to save him two hundred years ago. At that time, Heavenly Dao would definitely take Chen Xinglie suppress and kill on the spot.

When the two divine lights were about to come into contact with Chen Xinglie, they turned into dots of starlight and crashed and dissipated between Heaven and Earth.

"Many thanks to Senior's life-saving grace!"

Chen Xinglie bent over and arched his hands, moving towards the old man and said respectfully.

Old Dao has a smile in his eyes, and has several points of satisfaction.

Looking at Chen Xinglie, he said leisurely: "You don't have to thank me, I've come to this world, but it's just an order from that person."

Demon God was taken aback. , Such a terrifying veteran, turned out to be only under the order of that person.

The person in the old crossing, a silhouette of Demon God buried deep in his memory, suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was a terrifying man, who looked like a middle-aged man, but his breath seemed to have spanned thousands of years and came from the long river of history.

Bite the tip of his tongue lightly, a sharp pain came, and Demon God regained consciousness.

The man was too horrible, he just thought of that silhouette in the depths of his memory, and he almost fell into an illusion.

"Dare to ask senior, who is that person?"

Chen Xinglie looked at the old way and asked.

Old Dao did not immediately respond to Chen Xinglie, but stretched out a hand, bending his five fingers slightly, making a calculation.

The five fingers keep beating, seeming to be spying on a secret.

The three of them looked at the mysterious old way, and all of them did not interrupt his movements with interest.

Just standing in place, looking at the old way quietly, waiting for him to stop his movements.

For a long time, the old way stopped to calculate.

His eyes showed more vicissitudes of life, as if after just a while of calculation, the years have exerted a heavy stroke on him.

"You have a lot of questions, I will explain them to you one by one."

"The time has come. You have the right to know many things."

Old Dao opened his mouth, picked up the whisk in his hand and waved it gently.

A faint light curtain flew out from the dust and gradually turned into a semicircle, covering the entire Connecting Heaven Peak.

Obviously, this is to isolate some existing probes, as to who is to isolate the probes.

Everyone here knows well that apart from Heavenly Dao in this world, who else is worthy of such an old-fashioned approach?

"First, you are wondering if you can return to that piece of world."

The old way looked towards Demon God, Chen Xinglie and Demon God were both taken aback, obviously didn't 't expect this old way, unexpectedly the first choice to solve the puzzles of Mo Antian.

Even if Chen Xinglie had mentioned his troubles before, the old way still chose to help Mo Antian first.

Mo Antian is nodded, waiting for the next words of the old Tao.

"Difficult, if you return to that piece of Heaven and Earth, the end result will be death."

The old Dao sighed slightly, and said with some sigh.

Moan Heavenly God's expression changed, and his eyes were full of disbelief.

My eyes were fixed on the old way, and he said gloomily: "You are lying to me, I am the child of the demonic path, Luohou Demon God is my ancestor, if I return to that piece of Heaven and Earth, who will What can I do!"

"You are from Dao Sect, are you worried that after I go back, it will affect Dao Sect, that's why you say so!"

Moan Heavenly God is full of madness in her looks, she doesn't believe what the old way said, and her words are full of accusations.

Chen Xinglie was taken aback. Is this guy Luo Hui's descendant?

My grass! Luohu, who is that?

It is rumored that Great Desolate's first Demon Race is the demon ancestor!

Even the so-called Demon Realm Demon God next to him, in terms of seniority, I am afraid that in front of the demon ancestor Rahu, it is only a descendant of the demonic path.

The hunch in my heart is right, this Demon Antian is indeed not small, it turned out to be a descendant of Luohu Demon Ancestor!

The Demon God on the side also flickered. This is the second time he has heard the word Luohu!

This guy called Demon God, who is it?

"Don't be anxious, listen to the old way and finish."

"You are not a descendant of Luohu, but a ray of his mind."

"Luo Hu cultivated a cultivation technique called Heavenly Demon Disintegration tens of thousands of years ago, which is to divide his soul into tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of independent consciousness bodies."

The old Dao slowly explained. These things that only existed in Myths and Legends in the past, Chen Xinglie sounded with keen interest pleasure.

Demon God is also confused. In the old way of telling, he knows who this so-called Luohou Demon God is.

That is definitely a terrifying existence, even if it is oneself, compared with him, I am afraid it can only be regarded as a disciple and grandchild of the demons.

Mo Antian's face was dim, and there was no divine glow in his eyes, only a deep loss and death.

In the old way of telling, he Mo Antian is just one of Luo Hu's countless Soul Clone.

The Heavenly Demon Disintegration Dafa of Luohu cultivation means that after the soul splits into countless individuals, it is swallowed and merged again until more than half of the soul individuals fuse together.

Luohu's consciousness will be awakened again, as long as all the soul individuals are swallowed, Luohu's strength will go even further.

That is truly on top of Peak, one step further!

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