Invincible Boss System Chapter 857

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In the holy world, the sky is obscured by black clouds.

Two huge golden eyes appeared in the sky, looking coldly at the people in the holy world.

The strong murderous intention and huanghuang Heavenly Might shrouded the hearts of all the creatures in the holy realm. They wanted to resist, but they were not strong enough.

I can’t even ignore the coercion that comes on me, and talk about how to become an enemy of the terrifying existence of the sky.

The creatures in the holy world below the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, at the moment these golden giant eyes appeared, all lost their ability to move, and lay weak and weak on the ground one by one.

It is also extremely difficult to reach out and support my body to stand up at this moment.

I can only lie on the ground, looking at the sky from the corner of my eyes, looking at those terrifying golden eyes.

The powerhouse of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, under the guidance of those Great Firmament Golden Immortal realms, all moved towards Northern Domain.

In the past two hundred years, the powerhouse of the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm has sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, growing wildly.

Even if the battle with Demon Race two hundred years ago killed half of the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm in the Holy Realm, the number of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm at this moment is not weaker than two hundred years ago!

Even more than two hundred years ago!

The Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm on the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, there are hundreds of them at this moment, one by one, moving towards the Northern Domain with a powerful aura that affects the void of the whole body.

Demon God did not hide the shock in his eyes when he saw countless Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm and Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm moved towards Northern Domain.

His Demon Realm, powerhouse is far inferior to this realm!

Fortunately, I left one hand a hundred years ago, and did not immediately lead the Demon Race army and descend into this world, otherwise, waiting for the Demon Race, I am afraid it will be annihilation!

The creatures of this realm are so powerful!

This completely exceeded Demon God's expectations. He didn't even imagine that this realm would have so many powerhouses in two hundred years.

Looking at the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm silhouette all over the floor, Heavenly Dao still had nothing but indifference in his eyes.

Chen Xinglie greeted those old acquaintances he knew, one after another, and looked towards the old way.

The Three Elders of the Endless Sea, Heavenly Venerable, these formerly people who stood in the Peak of the Holy Realm, when they saw the old way, they also said hello.

Including other powerhouses that dared to come to the holy world, when they saw the old way, they also said hello.

Two hundred years ago, it was this old man who single-handedly blocked Heavenly Dao's crazy act of destroying the world.

Two hundred years have been gained for the Holy Realm, but now there are still fifty years before the end of the world, Heavenly Dao has already arrived.

No one blames the old way. In the final analysis, the strength of Heavenly Dao has grown too fast in these two hundred years. Even if it is old-fashioned, it is now powerless to stop Heavenly Dao in this world.

After seeing Demon God, people in the holy realm changed their expressions, but they didn't say anything when they saw the old ways, so naturally they wouldn't say anything.

The invasion of Demon Race back then did leave countless dead and wounded creatures in the Holy Realm.

But now Heavenly Dao, the terrifying enemy, is facing this world glare like a tiger watching his prey in the sky. Obviously, this is not the time to entangle the things of the past.

Even if you want to settle the accounts two hundred years ago, you have to wait until Heavenly Dao is defeated?

Now the civil war is only consuming one's own strength, and when facing Heavenly Dao, he will fall into a greater crisis.

Seeing that no one talks with him, Demon God is also very happy. In addition to Heavenly Dao above his head, there is also this old Dao and Chen Xinglie in Heaven and Earth. He doesn't fear anyone at all.

Oh right, and the woman next to Chen Xinglie. This woman’s terrifying power was left to Demon God two hundred years ago, when it was only the Peak of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal. deep impression.

"Senior, can't I contact those people?"

Chen Xinglie looked at the old man and said.

Old Dao shook the head with a helpless sigh, and took out a scarlet gold compass from his arms.

"This compass is called the Star Realm compass, and every flashing point of light is a planet."

"Now the Star Realm compass is bleak, here Heaven and Earth, as Heavenly Dao said, has been completely closed."

The old man looked at the compass in his hand and said.

There is no hidden mind at all. It is still a question of whether I can live or not, and I still talk about what I am hiding.

When everyone saw this scarlet gold compass, their eyes flashed shock, and the holy world was only one of the densely packed planets on this compass!

When Chen Xinglie saw the cyan planet in the center of the compass, his expression was agitated!

"Xinglie, what's the matter with you?"

The most powerful empress among several women on the side, was the first to discover the strangeness of Chen Xinglie and asked aloud.

Chen Xinglie's heart beats. He is a transmigrator, occupying the soul of this body. He has not told empress about this until now.

If you tell her about this, will she alienate herself?

After a long silence, Chen Xinglie sighed in his heart. Some things must have a result in the end.

Looking at empress and said seriously: "I am actually a transmigrator. Back then, a strand of my soul traveled to this world, and by chance, it occupied this body."

" So, I’m not the person in your memory."

Chen Xinglie finished speaking and looked at empress nervously. He really liked this woman, so naturally he was a little afraid that she would because of this. no longer paid attention to oneself.

In Chen Xinglie's nervous gaze, empress has a smile on his face.

"Are you stupid? When you crossed here, there was a realm, how can I not see this."

"You and him are the same person, You are just his reincarnation. Because of some accidents, you first went to another world, and finally returned to Heaven and Earth by chance."

empress and chuckled, she was a long time. I haven't seen this expression on Chen Xinglie's face.

In Chen Xinglie's words, the panic hidden in his expression was also sensitively captured by empress. This is the man's love for himself in front of him.

The smile on his face became more charming, with an alluring look.

Chen Xinglie was taken aback for a moment, and then understood.

I am who I am?

until now The burden hidden in her heart suddenly disappeared. After that burden is no longer there, Chen Xinglie's mind has never been more relaxed.

Under everyone's eyes, I hugged empress and kissed him.

The breath of Chen Xinglie's body began to skyrocket, and the threat of terror became greater and greater. With the terrifying aura that wanted to suppress everything, Chen Xinglie's realm began to loosen.

The last step, Realm of Saint!

There are ants under Saint. This sentence is not groundless.

Saint is in control of Power of Heaven and Earth, and Saint is only in control of the power Heaven and Earth wants him to master.

It can be said that Saint is a leap from being a controller to a controller!

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