Invincible Boss System Chapter 859

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A figure appeared in Chen Xinglie's Sea of ​​Consciousness.

The silhouette that can support both heaven and earth, with a big wave of hand, the Heavenly Art and the ancient Tyrant Body Art in Chen Xinglie Sea of ​​Consciousness are received.

Then an amazing rays of light burst out in his hands, two invincible cultivation techniques, unexpectedly began to merge in his hands.

"This is the Stars Great Array of the heavens. Pass it to everyone and let them unite against Heavenly Dao."

This is what the silhouette said, this is what Just now Chen Xinglie put the Stars Great Array of the heavens into the scene of all Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

"Who are you?"

Chen Xinglie looked at the tall silhouette in Sea of ​​Consciousness and asked aloud.

The silhouette lowered his head, and Chen Xinglie saw his face clearly, he looked exactly like himself!

"Am I? I am you, and you are also me!"

"We used to have a name, Haotian!"

The tall silhouette never moves in the hands Stopped and said aloud.


When Chen Xinglie heard these two words, his heart was filled with great shock.

What is Haotian?

Sovereign of Supreme in the words of Ancient God, the lord of the gods!

Although some people say that those Supreme Saints have a higher status than him, this is just a guess from later generations.

"This is every life we ​​have ever lived, and you will understand when you read it."

Between the tall silhouette and the words, a ray of divine light fell on Chen Xinglie.

Huge memory moved towards Chen Xinglie like a tide, and at this moment his divine sense is staying in his Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Naked eye can see my Sea of ​​Consciousness. After this huge memory appeared, Sea of ​​Consciousness began toss, like boiling water, constantly setting off a heaven overflowing giant wave.


As the memory unfolds, Chen Xinglie understands his origin.

As the tall silhouette said, the two are one body, and the tall silhouette is just a certain life among the countless reincarnations of Haotian.

My own cultivation cultivation technique, the tactic of reincarnation forever!

You need to reincarnate forever before you can take another step at the summit and reach the summit.

There is a realm above Saint!

The legendary Supreme realm, only by stepping into this realm can you surpass everything and isolate yourself from reincarnation.

Reincarnation is above the Heavenly Dao of all the worlds.

Heavenly Dao, to put it bluntly, is the strongest existence in the world, such as the Heavenly Dao of the cyan planet, which has been swallowed by daofather.

It can be said that daofather is Heavenly Dao!

Samsara is an order that surpasses Heavenly Dao, restraining all Heavenly Dao, and Heavenly Dao restrains all the creatures under it.

Closely linked with one another is reincarnation, and his Great Emperor, Haotian, must break through the shackles of this reincarnation, and detach from Myriad Realms and become the real supremacy!

The Secret of Reincarnation for Eternity was researched by myself under this kind of thinking.

After watching his life, Chen Xinglie was only shocked in his heart.

Is this too awesome, right?

Sovereign, which was once everything, spent countless years to surpass the shackles of the last reincarnation to develop such a cultivation technique, the Secret Art of Reincarnation.

In the reincarnation of each life, become stronger than Peak.

Integrate Samsara Power, take the last step, surpass everything!

For all ages, as long as the previous life 9999 is an exception, it has fallen before it has grown to a peak.

In this way, there is a little bit of regret in the Secret of Reincarnation for All Eternal Life, even if this life also reaches its peak, it still cannot step out of the last 1-Step Transcendent reincarnation.

So the system in my mind comes from this, and system is the complement of previous life.

It can be said that the system is a single individual, or it can be said that the system is its own previous life, but it exists in another form.

"Reincarnation of eternity, this is the last life, system is about to reach Realm of Saint, detachment is only the last step..."

After watching his reincarnation of eternity, Chen Xinglie thought The shock cannot be subdued for a long time.

However, after receiving all the information, his mentality began to change.

The Haotian Great Emperor, who has surpassed all beings before countless epochs, will return to the world!

The scenes that happened in Chen Xinglie's mind are extremely terrifying to the outsiders.

All Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realms in the Holy Realm quickly formed a Formation after comprehended the Stars Great Array.

The terrifying force that erupted was approaching Realm of Saint. With the addition of these Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, Quasi-Saint powerhouse, standing on the side of Heavenly Dao, began to fall.

Originally, it was just maintaining a balanced occupation. Because of the addition of a strength approaching Saint, the Quasi-Saint powerhouse of Heavenly Dao began to fall.

The aura on Chen Xinglie's body is getting more and more terrifying, and various natural phenomena appear beside him.

For countless reasons, Divine Beast transformed into a figure, roaring towards the sky beside Chen Xinglie.

Immemorial True Dragon, the first-class far Ancient God beast of the Ancient God Phoenix, at this time can only be ranked outside the countless Divine Beast, and cannot get close to Chen Xinglie at all.

The terrifying Divine Beast scene disappeared, followed by a chaos.

A streak of divine light suddenly appeared, one person split the chaos with one axe, and put Heaven and Earth on his body to separate the chaos and become Heaven and Earth.

Father God!

When Lao Dao saw this giant holding the giant axe to open the sky, tears overflowed in his vicissitudes of life.

In the natural phenomenon beside Chen Xinglie, you can see a silhouette as tall and low as a giant, standing in the endless chaos, observing everything.

This is the first life of Chen Xinglie, the Haotian Great Emperor above all living beings!

He was born in chaos at the same time as Pangu Father God, absorbing endless Power of Primal Chaos, and evolving countless stars in the body.

Chen Xinglie let out a sigh while evolving Pangu and opening the sky.

The sigh seems to have crossed the endless years, across the long river of years, from the chaos to the present.

He was born in the same chaos with Pangu, because Pangu was born several hours before him and became a big brother.

Because of taking care of him, Pangu chose to open the sky by himself!

Finally, Pangu Kaitian died of exhaustion!

And Haotian, with the horrible origin of being born in chaos, has become the Supreme Existence above everything else.

Only the reincarnation that already exists is still higher than Haotian!

"What is this!?"

Heavenly Dao exclaimed, he felt the terrifying aura of reincarnation.

Reincarnation is above him, and the breath of this silhouette is actually comparable to reincarnation!

"Hehe, it seems that you don't know his true identity?"

After hearing Heavenly Dao's exclamation, Lao Dao said with a cold laugh.

Heavenly Dao was furious and shouted hoarsely: "What kind of monster is this! He is who!"

"He? Once the highest, Myriad Realms can only reincarnate above him. Wait."

"But now, it seems that the reincarnation that was once above him is probably weaker than him!"

The veteran explained to Heavenly Dao patiently.

Although there is something in the mouth, the movement of the hand is not slow at all, and it cooperates with empress to attack the divorce in front of him.

Realm of Saint's divorce, was actually suppressed by two Quasi-Saints, there was no way to fight back!

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