Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3519

In the sky above, in the center of the Controller level powerhouse of the universe, an old man swept his eyes around and let out a low growl.

“Hundred Cities Alliance Leader, we will help you!”

They let out a low growl, and more than 30 universe masters, Rank 2 battle strength powerhouse, directly moved towards the front and flew away.

“No need!”

However, at this moment, the Alliance Leader of Hundred Cities gave a low growl, his Dark Demon Dragon eyes staring forward, his face was full of cold and harsh expression.

“weng weng weng!”

At this time, Hundred City Peak was still trembling. It was located on the top of 108 Peak, and each and everyone Innate Spirit Treasure suddenly moved towards Hundred City Alliance Leader’s staff and flew up.

On his staff, the scarlet’s eyes widened.

“weng weng weng!”

Innate Spirit Treasure piece by piece enters the scarlet’s eyes and into its interior.


Wang Xian watched this scene, his eyes condensed.

“roar roar!”

“Skull and crossbones!”

He let out a low growl, a mask appeared, and moved towards the Alliance Leader of the Hundred Cities ahead and attacked.

“Innate Array, resist!”

The Alliance Leader of Hundred Cities roared, 108 Innate Spirit Treasure fell into the bloody eyes of the staff, he raised the staff, and a Defensive Array instantly formed around him.

Various energies rotate to form a defensive cover.


“ka ka ka!”

The skull cross nail fell on it, and the defense began to collapse a little bit.


Seeing the collapse of his Defensive Array, the Alliance Leader of Hundred Cities was surprised and his face instantly became embarrassed.

The opponent also has a powerful treasure.

“Innate Array, Magic Banner!”

He condensed his gaze, and the wand in his hand condense a huge magic flag. The magic flag waved directly covering the front.

“oh la la!”

Wang Xian saw him one Formation after another, with a surprised expression on his face.

Incited by the Holy Wing of Wushi, he quickly moved towards and hid away.

Easily avoided his array attack.

“Damn it!”

The face of the Alliance Leader of Hundred Cities is a bit ugly, one after another energy is injected into the staff in his hand.

“The powerhouse of the Dragon Palace is so powerful, it can push our Alliance Leader to this point!”

“After all, they are the powerhouse of the third-order battle strength of the universe dominates, this level of powerhouse, how can there be too much difference!”

“It should be very difficult for the other party to defeat our Alliance Leader. After all, our Alliance Leader did not let us support!”

In the rear position, a group of cosmic rulers Rank 2 battle strength powerhouse looked at the battle ahead, their eyes flickering.

“Is this all your strength? I will kill you soon!”

The Alliance Leader of Hundred Cities scanned the surroundings and roared coldly.

“Hehe, rely on you? You are the one who died!”

Wang Xian had a mocking expression in his eyes, and the Unstarted Holy Wing instigated him, and instantly appeared behind him.

Feeling the threat coming from behind, the Hundred Cities Alliance Leader expression changed drastically, and the golden tail swept away again.

“Bumpy bumps!”

Wang Xian stretched out the dragon claw and moved towards golden. The tail grabbed it, and a lot of blood flowed out from the golden tail.

“get lost! ”

The Alliance Leader of Hundred Cities roared and raised the staff in his hands with both hands: “Baiyue Peak, suppress!”


In the bloody eyes of his staff, each and everyone the mountain suddenly flew out, and the mountain contained terrifying power.

The peaks grew bigger and revolved around him, quickly forming 108 peaks.

“Too heavy!”

Wang Xian swept across these mountains, his eyes also showed a solemn expression.

Incited by Wu Shi Sheng Wing, he appeared in front of a mountain, and the dragon’s tail swept away directly.


The horrible collision sounded, and the mountain trembled slightly, and a crack appeared one after another, but it did not immediately collapse.


Wang Xian raised his brows, and the attack came again.


At this time, each and everyone meteorite erupted on the surrounding mountains, and moved towards Wang Xian covered it.

Wang Xian body moved, and quickly avoided.

“Bumpy bumps!”

He relied on his speed to come to several other mountains, and one after another attack landed on it.


A mountain couldn’t bear the violent energy and immediately collapsed.

“Next time, I will kill you!”

The Alliance Leader of Hundred Cities saw that he had no choice but to get Wang Xian, so he let out a low growl, his body moved towards the back and flew away.

Under the protection of the peaks, Wang Xian has nothing to do.

“Alliance Leader of Hundred Cities, also only this!”

He didn’t continue pursuing, because Houyi was the nest of Hundred Cities.

If there is no such old nest, Wang Xian has the confidence to grind it to death.

But not to mention the array layout in this old nest, he doesn’t need to take risks.

Furthermore, there are more than 30 universe masters Rank 2 powerhouse in the rear who have not done anything.

If they do, they can also cause Wang Xian a lot of trouble.

“Our Alliance Leader is not his opponent!”

In the rear position, Baicheng many powerhouses disciple looked a little ugly when seeing this scene!

Dragon Palace’s most powerful powerhouse actually suppressed their Alliance Leader in Hundred Cities.

“Next time, you will be killed!”

He stared at the Alliance Leader of Hundred Cities and said the same thing.

As long as the Five Elements Great Mill gets a breakthrough again, or the water touches the King’s breakthrough, then Wang Xian has the confidence to destroy it.

“Who kill who, it won’t be a long time before we know!”

Hundred City Alliance Leader’s face is a bit ugly, each and everyone roars with blood red eyes.


Wang Xian chuckled, then turned and left, moving towards the distance and flew away.

He has almost tried the strength of the Alliance Leader in Hundred Cities. Next time, it will be his death date.

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