Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3523


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That drop of blood essence, the vitality of the wild beast disappeared quickly.

The King of Water Touch stared excitedly at the drop of blood essence that exudes majestic energy!

The energy contained in this blood essence desolate beast can restore some of it.

It had already swallowed all the Water Attribute resources of the entire Daming City, and swallowed the essence of blood essence and wild beasts one after another.

The blood essence beast that dominates the third-order battle strength of the universe is almost there!


Wang Xian placed the body of the blood essence wild beast in front of the water touch king.

She opened her mouth and swallowed it immediately, with an expression of excitement in her eyes.

“Dragon King, when I fully recover, I will cover you, when the time comes, we meet God kill God meet Buddha kill Buddha!”

The Water Touch King roared in excitement, and then the body moved and disappeared instantly.

She is going back to Divine Kingdom and completely digested the body of the blood essence wild beast!

Wang Xian has a smile on his face.

This time came, he originally wanted to upgrade the Five Elements Damo or Tai Chi Dragon Plate, didn’t expect first to upgrade the Water Touch King!

However, there are great benefits to improving the water touch king, and even this benefit is even greater than the improvement of Five Elements!

“The luck at this time is really good. It seems that the blood refinement is really able to attract wild beasts and demons!”

Wang Xian muttered, he body moved and sat down on the ground again.

At the side position, three blood refinement fruits appeared, and the third one has not yet fully matured.

A temptation energy belonging to the fruit of blood refinement, moved towards the surrounding area.

When Wang Xian was sitting there again, preparing to attract the beast and devil skeleton with the fruit of blood refinement, he was located in the sky above the plasma land, and dozens of silhouette moved towards this side flew over!

Of the dozen or so silhouettes, the central one was completely shrouded in darkness. He was wearing a hat on his head, and he couldn’t see the true face completely.

The other dozen are of human size, but several bodies have changed.

Three of them, with skeletons, looked very strange.

They are members of Witch Clan.

Witch Clan, the comprehensive strength of Danger Land is no weaker than the genie race, or even stronger.

The difference is that Witch Clan may not have a background in the genie clan.

Even so, Witch Clan is also a huge monster here.

Their Peak battle strength is stronger than that of the Hundred Cities Alliance.

“Is it just below this plasma land?”

The silhouette wearing the hat said.

“Yes, Lord Wugui, right below!”

A wizard who dominates the first-order battle strength of the universe immediately responded.

“Go down!”

The witch said lightly, and the silhouette moved, and flew towards the downward direction.

A group of demons Witch Clan’s men immediately followed behind.

Of the thirteen subordinates, only three are the first-order battle strength wizards of the dominator of the universe, and these three are the leaders who came last time.

The other ten, all are wizards who dominate Rank 2 in the universe.

As a wizard, their battle strength is very terrifying and weird.

“Master Wugui, just ahead!”

The three wizards of Witch Clan pointed forward: “The opponent may be the third-order battle strength powerhouse of the universe dominator, be careful, sir!”

“I can already feel a tempting energy fluctuation, this energy is of great benefit to Bloodline!”

At this moment, a scarlet burst of hot rays of light burst out of the black hat of the ghost.

He stared at the position below, and clenched his fists slightly.

Obviously, this alluring breath made him very excited!

“The opponent dares to use this treasure as bait, and its strength should dominate the third-order battle strength in the universe!”

The witch murmured, with a solemn expression in his tone.

“Master Wugui, do we need to let patriarch come over?”

A powerhouse of Witch Clan asked.

“I will call you Master Li over here, and you will place Formation here to completely block the opponent in this area!”

Nodded witch ghost: “Master Li, with our strength, we can easily destroy the third-order battle strength powerhouse of the universe, if we deploy Formation in advance!”

Magic Witch Clan has majors in Formation and also majors in Bloodline fleshy body!

Witches belong to the powerhouse.

Majoring in Formation has a great advantage, that is, once Formation is arranged in advance, it can easily deal with two or three existences of the same level.

And the Li in his mouth is the major of Bloodline fleshy body!

Master Li, is a wizard assisted by ten surrounding universe masters Rank 2 battle strength. The witch is confident and easily kills the opponent

“It’s an adult!”

Witch Clan’s powerhouse immediately responded, and the ten universe masters, Level 2 battle strength powerhouse, immediately began to deploy.

At this time, the witch ghost placed a Transmission Array in front of him, and took out the cosmic brain.

In less than a few minutes, a silhouette appeared in the Transmission Array.

This is a Witch Clan powerhouse with a golden skull and scarlet demon.

He is the magic of Witch Clan!

Only one word, Li!

Lord Li of Witch Clan!

Magic Witch Clan’s top powerhouse, except for patriarch has not arrived, all have arrived!

“I smell the breath of treasure. The Supreme Treasure that helps Bloodline improve is definitely Supreme Treasure!”

The moment he appeared, his body began to tremble.

His fiery gaze moved towards the position below, his body agitated.

Especially the limbs, as if blood is condensed, flowing constantly.

“Hehe, it is definitely a rare treasure, but the opponent may be the third-order battle strength powerhouse of the universe dominator, I need to make some preparations!”

The witch is smiling, his voice is a little gloomy!


Li nodded: “We will check the situation to prevent him from leaving!”

“en? Don’t beat the grass to scare the snake!”

The ghost reminded faintly.


The Ghost Fire in Li pupil throbs, with strong confidence.

With a move of his palm, a drop of blood on his palm turned into a barren beast, and he moved towards the lower side.

The witch glanced, and he was very confident of Li’s methods.

He moved his body and began to arrange Formation around. Once the Formation was over, he was 100% confident to get the treasure below.

As for that powerhouse, if he dared to resist, just kill it!

Wang Xian sat cross-legged in the lower position, quietly waiting for the desolate beasts and devil skeletons to be hooked. He didn’t know that there was already a powerhouse staring at him.

Neither did he expect that the dozen or so silhouettes he let go would call so many powerhouses.


“Dad, something is coming over and watching us!”

However, at this moment, Lingling’s voice suddenly remembered in his mind, which made Wang Xian stunned.

“en? Lingling, did you feel it?”

“Yes, Dad, it’s a drop of blood.”

Lingling confirmed again!

Since Lingling swallowed the liquid of life last time, she has gained some support abilities.

In some special perceptions, it is stronger than Wang Xian!

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