Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3526


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“Patriarch, which Supreme Treasure do you want to use?”

In the castle in the center of Witch Clan, the wizard Li heard patriarch’s words, and his eyes sparkled.

“Yes, the vengeance of the witch and ghost must be reported!”

The witch patriarch coldly said.

With a move of his palm, he is located below him, and the ground is beginning to become a little empty!

Slowly, a great horror seems to arise!

This is a corpse, a human corpse without a face!

The body was completely dark, exuding a weird aura.

The wizard stared at the corpse sharply, with an expression of fear in his eyes.

This is a Supreme Treasure, Innate Supreme Treasure, and the biggest trump card of Witch Clan!

Witch Clan is very famous in the land of the devil bones, no one dares provoke, even if it is a genie race, also fear the devil Witch Clan!

According to the rumors, Witch Clan possesses terrifying and strange means. Even the powerhouse that dominates the third-order battle strength of the universe, they can easily be killed!

Witch Clan’s biggest backing, the most powerful hole card, is this Innate Supreme Treasure.

An Innate Supreme Treasure belonging to a cursed wizard!

The patriarch of Witch Clan was originally a skeleton of the fleshy body combat type!

Because of this Innate Supreme Treasure, he focuses on curses and Formation.

To change the direction of your cultivation for a Supreme Treasure, one can imagine the power of this Innate Supreme Treasure!

Witch Clan’s patriarch palm moved, and the thunderbolt slowly moved towards the dark corpse below him and fell.

When the corpse fell on the corpse, a strange scene appeared!

On the corpse, Wang Xian’s face slowly appeared.

The corpse became the appearance of Wang Xian.


Ten minutes later, the body was exactly like Wang Xian, and even the darkness on his body had completely disappeared.

“It’s him, patriarch, it’s him!”

The wizard stared at Wang Xian’s face and shouted loudly.

“That’s good, then, kill him!”

Magic Witch Clan’s patriarch showed a sneer on his face, waving his right hand, and the skeleton staff in his hand slowly turned into a sickle.

The sickle of Death God!

The sickle directly moved towards Wang Xian’s head and beheaded from the center!

“ka ka!”

The sickle plunged into the head of the corpse under him, slowly entering it.

At the same time, Wang Xian’s body trembled in the land of blood plasma, sitting cross-underground.

An incomparable horror descended on him.

His head split slowly from the center, and death enveloped it.

Wang Xian felt this scene, and his hair stood up!

“What’s the situation?”

His face changed drastically, and a wave of energy moved towards his head surged, healing the sudden head injury.

“This is… a curse!”

“It’s definitely a curse!”

He roared in a low voice, his mind moved, and Lingling appeared beside him!

“Dad, you have been attacked by weird energy!”

Lingling appeared, making a sharp sound. She waved the water lotus staff in her hand, and a touch of Wood Attribute’s healing energy moved towards Wang Xian’s head, quickly recovering his head injury!

“Block me!”

Wang Xian’s complexion also changed wildly, surrounding the power of light and darkness to promote, Tai Chi dragon plate covering his head!

“ka ka!”

Obviously, it seemed that there was an invisible energy cutting his head. However, this time was resisted by the Tai Chi dragon disc, and Lingling’s healing also played a role, making his wounds healed a little bit!


Located in the Witch Clan, the patriarch of the Witch Clan saw that the sickle was subjected to huge resistance, and even slowly squeezed out, his face changed slightly.

On the corpse that was exactly the same as Wang Xian, black energy gradually surged!

“die for me!”

Magic Witch Clan’s patriarch has an angry look on his face. Once the black energy emerges, it means that the cursed thunderbolt is consumed.

When the thunderbolt is consumed and the opponent has not been cursed to kill, then the corpse will return to its previous appearance.

This also means that the curse has failed!

one after another energy poured into the sickle, and the sickle sank into it again.


In the land of blood plasma, Wang Xian couldn’t help making a scream.

Under this terrifying attack, the head slowly split open.

This pain is terrifying!

Lingling’s face flushed red, one after another energy poured into Wang Xian’s head, resisting the spread of the wound!


The ghost Avatar appeared on one side, and energy poured into Wang Xian’s within the body directly one after another, helping to resist!

“Oops, a little of the power of the thunderbolt is almost exhausted. If you have more items, you can kill him!”

At this time, with Wang Xian’s resistance, the corpse in Witch Clan slowly returned to its original appearance.

Magic Witch Clan’s patriarch’s face is a bit embarrassing!

There are too few items belonging to the opponent’s breath. If there is blood on his body, he is sure to completely obliterate the opponent!

Ten seconds later, the corpse returned to its original appearance again, dark, weird, and silent!

Magic Witch Clan patriarch’s face is not good!

The wizard Li’s face on the side is not good!

“The opponent’s strength is really strong, it actually resisted patriarch’s curse and kill!”

The wizard said solemnly.

“The opponent does have some strength, but now it should have been hit hard, and he should use a lot of life-saving treasures!”

Magic Witch Clan patriarch coldly said.

Under the sickle attack, the opponent’s injury has recovered a bit. This is definitely a powerful life-saving treasure, a powerful divine grass medicine pill!

“patriarch, are we now?”

The wizard asked Li.

“Have a chance to avenge the witches and ghosts.”

The demon Witch Clan patriarch pondered for a moment. He is a cursed wizard, and the Innate Supreme Treasure in his hand is not a treasure of confrontation.

The other party can one against two and kill the witches, and he can’t do it now.

Unless he can get some flesh and blood of the opponent, he is 100% sure to curse and kill it!

Now, forget it!

As for whether there will be opportunities in the future, he is not sure!

In short, this matter is over for the time being!

The wizard Li was silent for a while, nodded.


Under the ground of the Plasma Land, Wang Xian took a deep breath after sensing the terrorist attack and disappearing.

“It’s a weird and terrifying attack. If there is no spirit, I might be killed!”

He murmured, eyes sparkling.

“Magic Witch Clan!”

Wang Xian can be sure that it is Witch Clan who kills himself by cursing!

Just now he killed Witch Clan’s Peak powerhouse, and the curse was already given, and they definitely did it.

“But the other party succeeded this time not at all. Originally, I was still considering whether to attack you Witch Clan. Now, before destroying the Hundred Cities Alliance, I will completely destroy your Witch Clan!”

Wang Xian roared in a low voice with killing intent on his face!

This kind of enemy’s attack is too weird to stay!

Everything waits for the strength of the water touch king and the sky array to reach the third-order battle strength of the universe sage!

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