Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3528


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The dark orb is located above the castle, blooming with a dark luster!

“ka ka ka!”

“roar roar roar! ”

At this moment, Heaven and Earth turning upside down changed in the sky above!

The skull, which only hovered in the sky, madly moved towards the dark sphere pouring in.

At the same time, each and everyone dark energy moved towards Wang Xian and attacked.

“boom~ boom~!”

The terrifying energy and the terrifying power made Wang Xian’s eyes constricted!

“oh la la!”

He was incited by the Unstarted Holy Wing and easily avoided the attack of each and everyone dark energy.

However, these energies seem to have tracking ability, forming an encirclement, moved towards Wang Xian strikes.


A dozen dark orbs surrounded Wang Xian and exploded directly, moving towards Wang Xian in the center.

“It’s really troublesome to attack the Formation wizard’s lair!”

Wang Xian’s body shook, one after another defense wrapped himself!

The Water Touch King also released defenses.

If only Wang Xian resisted this, he would be 100% injured!

This attack power is equivalent to three Wang Xian attack together.

Wang Xian’s current advantage lies in speed. In terms of defense, he is still similar to the same level.

In the face of a covering attack, there is still no way!

But there is a Water Touch King beside him!

The real master of the universe once existed!

The defense of the two is formed around, easily resisting this Formation attack!

“You dare to kill you, I will let you be buried here today, die!”

At this time, at the lower position, the wizard with golden rays of light on his head rushed forward, and he roared violently.

The golden brilliance bloomed in the pupils, directly moved towards Wang Xian to cover it.

“hmph, dare to kill me with a curse, today is the day when you demon Witch Clan will perish!”

Wang Xian is coldly snorted, the ghost Avatar appears, and directly moved towards the wizard Li attacked.

The Avatar, who dominates the third-order battle strength of the universe, fights against the wizards who are also the third-order battle strength of the universe.


Wang Xian let out a low roar, and the companion spirit Lingling appeared on his side, fluttering his little wings, holding the water lotus staff!


Lingling looked at the darkness around him and waved his staff to form a space!

In this space, Wang Xian found that he could be faster.

“Tsk tusk, companion elves!”

The King of Water Touch couldn’t help but looked at Lingling. She flew from Wang Xian to the side, and her body grew ten meters or so.

She moved towards waving her tentacles one by one, without the slightest breath of a starry sky giant beast on her body, and no one would think of her as a starry sky giant beast!


Wang Xian body moved, directly moved towards the castle attacked away.

“roar roar roar! ”

At this time, inside the dark orb above the castle, a huge skull flew out of it.

This skull is made up of countless small skulls. It is about ten thousand meters in size and contains darkness and flames!

“Dare to kill Witch Clan, die!”

It roared wildly, moved towards Wang Xian and they attacked.

“Dragon King, leave this guy to me!”

The Water Touch King roared, each and everyone tentacles directly moved towards the huge skull and attacked.

Star giant beast, they don’t have Divine Kingdom, the most powerful is their fleshy body.

They use the Fleshy body as the Divine Kingdom, have a strange innate talent attack, and possess powerful power.

“roar roar!”

The skull roared wildly, exhaling black flames from his mouth, and moved towards the Water Touch King and enveloped him.

“Little wizard, my old lady killed you today!”

The King of Water Touch roared wildly, and dots of water energy appeared on one of the tentacles. Her tentacles grew crazily and went straight to the pupil of the skull.

How big was the water touch king in the Peak period?

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the size of a dozen stars.

Even the tentacles can reach hundreds of millions of kilometers, which is simply invincible.

Although she has not recovered from the serious injury, she has the controller level realm and combat capability!

The tentacles pass through the flames easily, protected by dots of water energy.


Wang Xian Wushi Sacred Wing instigated when the Watertouch King was fighting with the skull, and he instantly came to the sky above the castle.

dragon tail appeared behind him and swept away directly.

“hong long long!”

In an instant, most of the castle began to collapse immediately!

“No, the three universes dominate the third-order battle strength powerhouse, the Demon Beast powerhouse is very scary!”

At the same time, the leader of the demon Witch Clan in the center of the castle saw Li being pinned down, his big formation pinned down by the Demonic beast, and Wang Xian attacked, his face changed wildly!

“In the name of the King of Skeletons, and in the name of the Father of Skeletons, summon you, Skeleton Legion, destroy the enemy!”

The patriarch of Witch Clan looked a little ugly. He raised his head and raised the skull staff in his hand, his body slowly rising, singing loudly.


Along with his chanting, and with him within the body energy moved towards below, the whole world seems to have revived, as if Heaven and Earth turning upside down had taken place.

In the position below, each and everyone sleeping skeletons came out from below, endless and boundless.

The skeleton family is best at Legion tactics.

Insect race tactics!

Different from Angel Legion, their number of Legion is even larger.

Within a radius of hundreds of millions of kilometers, all are skeletons.

They drilled out of the dry bones below, and their palms exuded a weird black light.


Wang Xian moved towards Looking down, seeing each and everyone skeletons, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Real skeletons!

If the ant wants to kill the elephant, it must first be able to break through the elephant’s defense.

The weak want to war powerhouse, and the same is true!

But the real skeleton clan, they have a kind of ability called armor piercing!

Their bodies can easily penetrate powerful defenses!

Because they are skeletons, with corrosion and sharpness!

The Skeleton Sea of ​​the Skeleton Clan is very difficult!

The number is huge to a certain number, and it can kill the stronger than oneself.

Wang Xian didn’t expect that this demon Witch Clan patriarch would even own a sea of ​​skulls.

No wonder there are no castles around his castle, no wonder it looks so empty here!

It turns out that there is a Skeleton Sea Legion below!

“Nine-Dragon Array, extinguish!”

However, just when the group of skeletons appeared, the sky array array was able to be arranged.

He scanned the surrounding skeletons, and Formation fell straight down.

“roar roar roar! ”

Located in the sky above Witch Clan, nine dragons descended, directly moved towards the Skeleton Sea and swept away.

Each dragon has a body that is one million kilometers in size and exudes a terrifying dragon might.

Dragon tail swept away, and countless skeletons died directly!

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