Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3575


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The face of Bailie Archangel is full of killing intents, he quickly moved towards Tianzhi Monster Beast Race and flies away!

Sacred Dragon lineage and the powerhouses of Five Great Races are also full of anger and killing intent!

Dare to threaten them Five Great Races?

“This…is this the strength of Dragon Palace? They actually destroyed Tianzhi Monster Beast Race?”

“How is this possible! Tianzhi Monster Beast Race, Dragon Palace Dragon King and their strength are so terrifying?”

At the same time, at Ancestral Dragon lineage, thirteen Peak powerhouses from Ancestral Dragon lineage saw the information on the cosmic brain, and their faces were full of shocking expression!

What did they see?

Sacred Dragon lineage wants to unify Divine Dragon Race. They are ready to advance and retreat with Dragon Palace this time, and they are ready for the battle!

As a result, before the war broke out, Dragon Palace destroyed Tianzhi Monster Beast Race!

This is Tianzhi Monster Beast Race, a powerful advanced race!

This requires at least two or three times the strength of Tianzhi Monster Beast Race to enter the nest of Tianzhi Monster Beast Race and destroy it!

So, this requires Dragon Palace to have a powerhouse with 40-50 universe dominators with third-order battle strength!

Dragon Palace has so many powerhouses?

Dragon Palace, with so many powerhouses, plus thirteen of them, can’t you compete with Sacred Dragon lineage?

“Is the Dragon Palace the hope of Divine Dragon Race?”

The Golden Dragon murmured.

The other twelve Peak powerhouses of Ancestral Dragon lineage are slightly silent!

Maybe so!

The strength displayed by Dragon Palace, even if it is compared with Ancestral Dragon lineage, has a huge gap!

Too strong!

And when the outside world was shocked, in the Dragon King Palace in Dragon Palace, Wang Xian was looking at a large number of treasures ahead!

This time, the entire Tianzhi Monster Beast Race was wiped out, and Dragon Palace’s harvest is enormous!

Sixteen universes dominate the Divine Kingdom of Tier 3 battle strength powerhouse, all their resources!

Plus the resources of the entire Tianzhi Monster Beast Race!

These resources are terrifying!

“I don’t know if the resources I have improved are enough!”

Wang Xian murmured.

Now his strength has reached the point where the universe dominates the third-order battle strength, and once again, he can have the point where the universe dominates the fourth-order battle strength!

At this point, you can contend against the true master of the universe!

This time the entire Tianzhi Demonic beast’s resources, Wang Xian feels that breakthrough is still possible!

Of course it is only possible!

Because Wang Xian discovered that the treasures in the treasure house of Tianzhi Monster Beast Race, there is no medicine pill divine grass divine wood divine fruit and the like!

As a race of Wood Attribute, without these treasures, he feels very strange!

However, he got a message from the memory of Tianzhi Demonic beast patriarch!

Advanced seed!

When he moved his palm, a seed appeared in his hand!

There is a majestic breath in the race, Wang Xian looks at this advanced seed, his eyes are shining!

This is Tianzhi Demonic beast patriarch’s most precious treasure!

This is also the reason why Tianzhi Monster Beast Race has no other Wood Attribute treasures.

Because most of the treasures have been absorbed by this advanced seed!

The kind of advanced, like a name, can make a powerhouse breakthrough and advance!

This race is extremely precious. In Tian Zhi’s Demonic beast patriarch’s heart, it is even more precious than Innate Supreme Treasure!

The race has not yet reached its maturity stage. Once it has reached its maturity, after taking it, it can make itself breakthrough to the dominance of the universe!

The real domination of the universe!

This is definitely one of the most precious treasures in the universe!

Be aware that the Third Prince of the Angel family has no way to make King Sacred Dragon breakthrough to the dominance of the universe!

But in the same way, this advanced seed has a very powerful effect, but it can be matured and requires too much resources!

Own birth, plus countless resources!

Tianzhi Demonic beast patriarch, has squandered the Wood Attribute resources accumulated by the entire race, has been absorbed and is not yet mature!

Although the treasure is against the sky, it is more difficult to obtain one than Innate Supreme Treasure!

Several times harder!

“Try it on the ancestor tree.”

Wang Xian looked at this advanced seed, moved his palm, and a branch slowly came to him behind him!

He put the advanced seed on the branch, waiting for the response of the ancestor tree!


Unexpectedly, the advanced seed slowly blended into the branches of the ancestor tree, forming a special seed!

At the same time, a message came to Wang Xian’s mind!


When he absorbed this information, his eyes flickered slightly!

The ancestor tree has absorbed the advanced seeds, which can bear this kind of fruit in the future!

However, it will take 10,000,000 years for this seed to mature at the current ancestral level to produce advanced seeds!

It takes 100 million years to produce an advanced seed!

In other words, one hundred million years can make a universe master third-order battle strength powerhouse breakthrough to the real universe master!

This is too long and too long for Wang Xian and Dragon Palace!

Of course, there is also a way to make the advanced species mature faster, which is to feed the treasures, the Wood Attribute treasures!

But there are probably many treasures needed!

“This advanced seed is useful, but the maturity period is too long and there are too many resources to cultivate. You can only watch it after the ancestor tree is upgraded!”

Muttered in his mouth!

In addition to the most precious advanced species, the next one is Tianzhi Monster Beast Race’s only Innate Supreme Treasure!

A leaf of bright attribute.

This leaf is called Time Fragment!

Shards of time, an offensive Innate Supreme Treasure.

As long as there is light, it can be condensed into terrifying leaves, which can be used as weapons to attack!

The attack of Time Shards is also very terrifying, and it is still very useful for Wang Xian!

He is going to refining it!

Innate Supreme Treasure, currently Five Elements Damo and Tai Chi Dragon Plate can’t be absorbed, only after they break through can they be absorbed!

But it is very difficult for Five Elements Damo and Taiji Dragon Pan to break through. There are too many Innate Spirit Treasures needed!

In addition to this time fragment, there are many other treasures.

There are hundreds of Innate Spirit Treasures, most of them are Wood Attribute. I wonder if Five Elements can make breakthroughs!

After checking all the treasure resources, Wang Xian began to devour some of the remaining treasure resources!

In Dragon Palace, all the other disciplines have also begun to improve!

How much can Dragon Palace improve with the resources of the entire Tianzhi Monster Beast Race?

The other Wang Xian doesn’t know, but there are only 16 bodies of the third-order battle strength of the universe ruler.

There are sixteen Divine Kingdoms that dominate the third-order battle strength of the universe!

Here, Dragon Palace will be able to add 24 universe masters and Tier 3 battle strength powerhouses!

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