Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3579


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Parallel Archangel Sacred Dragon lineage They are gone, so are Life Otoya!

Wang Xian returns to Dragon Palace and sits on Dragon Throne!

Turtle Prime Minster and their many powerhouses are here!

“Baqi Demon, you let Anlie take you to the Ghoul Race, Divine Race, Giant Clan of Light, Insect Race of Light, and Spirit Race of Dark Mist, lock a race and mix in it to find out Their situation.”

Wang Xian moved towards Baqi Mosha directly instructed!

“It’s the Dragon King!”

Baqi Mosha, they are nodded, and immediately respond!

“The rest of the Dragon Palace disciple are ready, there will be a big battle next!”

Wang Xian said, with a cold luster in his eyes!

This time Sacred Dragon lineage their six races will go back. After all, they will send all their power to attack Dragon Palace!

Although he destroyed Tianzhi Monster Beast Race, they still have Sacred Dragon lineage, Ghoul Race, Divine Race, Giant Clan of Light, Light Ming insect race, Black Mist Spirit Race.

Sacred Dragon lineage now has the fewest powerhouses that dominate the third-order battle strength in the universe, but the other five races, they add up to a total of 100 universe-dominant third-order battle strength powerhouses, there should be no big problem!

One hundred, this force is not easy for Dragon Palace to deal with!

In addition to the background and trump cards of several of their races, it is difficult for them to deal with Dragon Palace!

However, Wang Xian is not ready to wait for the opponent to kill first!

With a dark presence, he can sneak attack the opponent’s lair, as long as all their powerhouses dare to come out!

Then Wang Xian would dare to destroy all the disciplines and clansman in their lair!

“It’s the Dragon King!”

A group of Dragon Palace powerhouses responded, with killing intent flashing in their eyes!

“Anlie, take us over!”

Wang Xian looked towards An Lie below, and said directly!

Let Amlie take them over first, he must first look for some opportunities.


“weng weng weng!”

Meanwhile, in the palace of Sacred Dragon lineage!

The powerhouse of Ghouls, Divine Race, Giant Clan of Light, Insect Race of Light, Spirit Race of Dark Mist, and Powerhouse of Five Great Races are in the palace of Sacred Dragon lineage again immediately after leaving the Dragon Palace Converge!

“We have sent a notification from Divine Race, and all the Controller level battle strength powerhouses in the universe are ready.”

The Divine Race patriarch said with a cold face!

“Using all our power, we can still completely destroy the Dragon Palace!”

The old man of Giant Clan of Light is also coldly said!

The remaining three patriarch nodded slightly, looked towards the Sacred Dragon King!

“Third Prince sent me a message, killing all the Dragon Palace except for the purebred dragon!”

The Sacred Dragon King looked towards them, and said: “Gather all our strength immediately, and do it now!”



The patriarchs of Five Great Races immediately nodded and responded!

Parallel Archangel has issued a killing order, and they naturally want to complete this task!

Although Tianzhi Demonic beast was destroyed, they still have the confidence to destroy the Dragon Palace with all their power!

“This time, in order to prevent accidents, you guys will show some hole cards!”

The King Sacred Dragon added!

The patriarch nodded of Five Great Races, with a cold expression in his eyes, immediately returned to his race and gave orders one by one!

Time flies quickly. On the Cosmic Brain, powerhouse disciples of other races did not know that Dragon Palace had a second round confrontation with an Archangel and Sacred Dragon lineage!

But powerhouse disciples of all races know that it may be the tranquility before the rainstorm!

However, as they expected, in 1 month later, some races near Ghouls, Divine Race, Giant Clan of Light, Insect Race of Light, and Spirit Race of Dark Mist noticed that Five Great Races moved stand up!

One war machine rises from within their race, and many powerhouses gather!

At the Divine Race, a huge ancient corpse flew out from the Divine Race!

This huge corpse contains terrifying baleful aura and terrifying power!

The corpse is a million kilometers in size and has an old face, which is far palpitating!

This is the most powerful trump card of Divine Race, even stronger than the Innate Supreme Treasure in their clan!

The so-called animal husbandry is an ancient divine corpse!

The strength of this divine corpse is not something a universe dominator third-order battle strength powerhouse can contend!

At the Giant Clan of Light, powerhouses of other races saw dozens of huge giants flying in the sky carrying a bright mountain!

The terrifying bright mountain peaks make the surrounding world white!

At the Guangming insect race, there are other races powerhouse densely packed. Countless insects have gathered into a terrifyingly devouring giant insect, which rushes straight into the sky. It easily bites the void into the black hole!

At the ghoul tribe, other races found that it looked like a swamp, full of corrosion and flew away from the ghoul tribe’s domain, carrying blood and evil, flying to the sky!

At the Black Mist Spirit Race, a black mist flew out from within their race, covering the sky after another. As for what is inside? No one knows!

Five Great Races has undergone tremendous changes at the same time, and everyone knows that Five Great Races is about to start!

They are going to assist Sacred Dragon lineage and are ready to start with Dragon Palace!

Moreover, the power of their hands is more terrifying than imagined!

“The terrifying and ancient divine corpse of the Divine Race is the most terrifying existence? It is said that the divine corpse can easily kill any enemy below the Ruler Realm in the universe, terrifying matchless, in order to resist Dragon Palace, did they even take out such a hole card?”

“There seems to be the light insects bred by their race in Guangming insect race? It is said that the light insects can fuse together perfectly, which is the hole card of Guangming insect race!”

“The Five Great Influences have begun to move. I heard that they have used their strongest power and are bound to destroy the Dragon Palace. It seems that Tianzhi Monster Beast Race has been destroyed, and they have completely angered them!”

“Five Great Influence, plus Sacred Dragon lineage, they have assembled all their strengths and took out a strong hole card. Will Dragon Palace be their opponent? Can they still be resisted?”

“It’s difficult, if this can be resisted, then Dragon Palace is really against the sky!”

The news of the five Great Influence actions spread quickly on the Cosmic Brain!

At this moment, the inside of Kaitian Desolate Flood Continent is boiling again!

The battle of this level is no longer an ordinary war!

This is the most top-notch war between advanced races!

The universe dominates powerhouses above the third-order battle strength, reaching more than one hundred!

This power makes other races fearful!

For this battle, everyone discuss spiritedly!

At this time, there was no one-sided prediction of the outcome of the war!

Because Dragon Palace has been in the Desolate Flood Continent since it entered the Kaitian Desolate Flood Continent, it has always burst out and annihilated the other party when others think they are not good enough!

For this time war, no one dare to say that Dragon Palace will be defeated!

All wars, break out!

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