Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3580


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If Dragon Palace can still resist this battle, then Dragon Palace would be too bad!

Then, Dragon Palace might have a great possibility to take Divine Dragon Race and board the Peak Race again.

Sacred Dragon lineage and Five Great Races, the fight against Dragon Palace is raging, and the whole Kaitian Desolate Flood Continent is being discussed inside!


At this moment, in the land of demon bones, in a secret palace in the center of the genie family.

Ling Hong Bone looked at the information on the Universe Brain, frowned slightly!

“My granddaughter, what disturbs you, it is only a thousand years away from your breakthrough. After a thousand years of secluded cultivation, you will be able to break through!”

In the front position, a burly-looking skeleton with a height of about three meters and emitting black rays of light is sitting at a table.

Located in the front, with scarlet wine, he looked at the red bones in front and said with a smile!

On one side, the spirit Demon King poured a glass of wine for this skeleton!

“Grandpa, I want to go out!”

Linghong Bone looked towards Skeleton and said!


The voice of the skeleton lifted, and Ghost Fire flickered in a pair of pupils: “Is it because of the Dragon Palace?”

“Yes, Grandpa, now Dragon Palace is under the siege of Sacred Dragon lineage and their Six Great Races, I have to go and help them!”

Ling Hong Bone said firmly!

“There are more than a thousand years, and you will have a breakthrough!”

The skeleton spoke slowly!

“Grandpa, for you, ten thousand years is just a snap, and it won’t be long before I leave!”

Ling Hong Bone said!

“Well, the cause and effect we owe must be returned to each other. After helping Dragon Palace, we will return!”

The skeleton groaned for a while, no blocking, nodded!

“Thank you, grandpa!”

Ling Hong Bone flew over and smiled!

“hehe, I happen to have two Innate Supreme Treasures here, a Fire Attribute and a dark attribute. You just refining them!”

The skeleton looked at her laughed: “After refining it, with the inheritance you have obtained, with your current strength, it is difficult for the real master of the universe to kill it!”

“Thank you grandpa!”

Ling Hong Bone thanks!

“Don’t thank me, among my descendants, you, this girl, give me a lot of face, and you, this girl, can break through to the dominance of the universe!”

Skull said with a smile!

“Grandpa father, then I’ll leave, maybe when I come back, it will be a breakthrough!”

Linghong bone said with a smile!

“Be careful!”

Demon King moved towards her instructed!

Ling Hong Bone is nodded, and there is a trace of confidence on his face!

She waved her hand and left!

“Hey, Five Great Races, plus Sacred Dragon lineage, is still a bit dangerous for the child of Red Bone. It would be nice if she broke through to the dominance of the universe!”

Ling Demon King saw his daughter disappear, with a hint of worry in his eyes!

Although the strength of the spirit red bones is invincible in his opinion, Sacred Dragon lineage is a group of them, but they have more than a hundred universe masters of the third-order battle strength powerhouse.

There is still a strong hole card!

“Without a breakthrough, I don’t worry about it. If she really breaks through and participates in this kind of war, the angel family’s powerhouse will also take action. The red bone has the fruit of the resurrection. Even if she is really dead, I have confidence. Ten thousand years later, he will step into the dominance of the universe again!”

The skeleton on the side said with a smile!

He is not so worried about the spirit red bone going out this time!

He is the king of the Skeleton Clan, and his granddaughter has gained a powerful inheritance, which means that she can step into the dominance of the universe 100%!

With his training, he has the confidence to make his breakthrough after ten thousand years of fall!

“Yes, with your father-in-law, I don’t have to worry about anything!”

The spirit Demon King tapped flattery’s mouth and said!


“Are you here?”

At the same time, at the Dragon Palace location, Wang Xian saw all the information on the Universe Brain, his eyes shone with lustre!

He looked at the position ahead, where is the area of ​​Divine Race!

Not long after King Sacred Dragon and the others left, Wang Xian asked Anlie to bring them over!

Now the Baqi Demon Sha and the others have been mixed into the old lair of Divine Race!

The opponent has already started, then he must destroy the opponent’s lair first!

As for the next step, Wang Xian is ready to fight a guerrilla war with them!

Unless Sacred Dragon lineage and their Peak powerhouse of Six Great Races stay together, Wang Xian will be able to defeat it one after another!

“weng weng!”

At this time, Wang Xian’s universe brain trembled!

He looked at the information on the Universe Brain, and was slightly taken aback!

The message was sent by Linghong Bone, and she is rushing towards the Dragon Palace.

“Ling Hong Bone Princess, we Dragon Palace don’t need help for the time being, many thanks, don’t worry!”

Wang Xian replied immediately!

“It’s okay, I have flown out of the race. My current strength is very strong. It is no problem to kill ten powerhouses with the third-order battle strength of the universe ruler. The real universe dominance can also contend! “

Soon, the message of Linghong Bone came over again!

Wang Xian raised his brow slightly when he saw it!

Have the confidence to fight against the domination of the universe?

Can kill ten third-order battle strength powerhouses of the universe?

Even Wang Xian himself is not so confident now!

“Is it the strong strength of Inheritance?”

Wang Xian murmured.

Inheritance and inheritance are still different!

For example, the ordinary Peak Race, you will get the inheritance of Peak Race when you are born!

The inheritance of Linghong Bone is the inheritance of a ninth-level cosmic master, the Crimson Queen.

This inheritance also includes the body bones of the Scarlet Queen, which is different from the inheritance born of Peak Race!

This can be understood as the Crimson Queen reincarnate and recultivate!

This inheritance is undoubtedly the most terrifying!

Can easily kill the existence of the same level!

The Crimson Queen belongs to the last Peak powerhouse, and her strength is even more terrifying!

“Okay, then many thanks to Princess Linghongbone.”

Wang Xian thanks!

The strength of Linghong Bone is such a great improvement to the battle strength of Dragon Palace!

Currently there are more than fifty cosmic masters in Dragon Palace, the third-order battle strength powerhouse!

He is comparable to ten for one person, and ten for spirit red bones, plus Ancestral Dragon lineage, this is equivalent to more than eighty universe masters of Tier 3 battle strength powerhouse!

Even if Sacred Dragon King and Five Great Races have a hundred cosmic masters of the third-order battle strength powerhouse, head-on confrontation can be resisted!

“Not just to resist, but to be able to completely destroy them!”

Wang Xian murmured, first bring the other’s powerhouse over, and then kill it!

“I don’t know whether the opponent will come to rescue the nest of Sneak Attack, Animal Husbandry and Divine Race, but I am afraid that the opponent will be prepared. Try it first!”

Wang Xian muttered, looking towards the position ahead!

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