Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3582


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After Wang Xian ordered something, he waited quietly!

The plan has been drawn up, the next step is to implement it!

As for the success rate, it is uncertain!

“Before the action, take the spirit bones over, the success rate will increase by at least 30%!”

Mumbling in his mouth!

With the current powerful strength of Linghong Bone, with his shots, he can fight against more than twenty universe masters, Tier 3 battle strength powerhouse!

This time, as long as Sacred Dragon lineage is separated from the powerhouses of Six Great Races.

Even if a hundred cosmic masters of Tier 3 battle strength powerhouse are divided into two teams, Wang Xian is sure to destroy them!

Dragon Palace has fifty third-order battle strength powerhouses of universe dominators, one against the other, just can contain some!

And he and Linghong Bone can carry out crazy killings!

Thinking in his heart, Wang Xian has a smile on his face!

This time, he wants to make Sacred Dragon lineage their Six Great Races and pay a heavy price!

Time passes by day by day, and at the same time, in the sky inside the Desolate Flood Continent of Kaitian, a terrifying team is flying in the sky!

The huge ancient divine corpse, the majestic mountain carried by more than a dozen giants, the huge monster condensed by countless insects, the terrifying and evil deep black swamp, a black mist!

They were shuttled in the sky, and every time they walked, the terrifying aura made all the creatures around shiver coldly!

Soon, they appeared in the sky above a city. The terrifying matchless power made everyone in the city terrified!

“This…this is Sacred Dragon lineage, Divine Race and Six Great Races, their power is so terrifying!”

“This time they should all have powerhouses with battle strength above the Controller level in the universe, and this breath is too terrifying!”

“Look at the ancient divine corpse, the horrible mountain, and the horrible insect, hiss!”

All the powerhouse disciples in the city saw this scene, and their faces were full of shocked expressions!

“Black Mist Spirit Race, use your talents to absorb our sacred mountain for a short time.”

They came to the sky above the city, and the patriarch of Giant Clan of Light spoke!

“Okay, let the people below prepare the Transmission Array immediately. We can only collect your sacred mountain and the ancient divine corpse for tens of seconds. We can’t support it for too long!”

In the black mist, the black mist Spirit Race patriarch walked out slowly and spoke!

“No problem!”

Giant Clan patriarch of light, they are nodded.

The black mist slowly collects the sacred mountain and divine corpse, and the black mist shrinks at a terrifying speed!

“sou sou!”

The King Sacred Dragon and the others flew directly towards the Transmission Array!

No need for them to say anything, everyone has to open a way for the location of Transmission Array to allow them to transmit!

All around, all the powerhouse disciples looked at them in awe.

“Buzz~ Buzz~!”

Soon their silhouette disappeared and came to the next city!

When their power spreads out, once again make another city, all powerhouse disciples shiver coldly!

“The power of the Sacred Dragon King and the other races is too terrifying. It has reached the level of the battle strength of the universe dominates. I am afraid that it is 1,500. If this can be resisted by the Dragon Palace, then the Dragon Palace is simply too terrifying. It’s against the sky!”

Some people murmured as they watched them leave!

Sacred Dragon King and their Six Great Races route have not been concealed, nor can they conceal it!

Such a mighty power, all the forces inside Kaitian Desolate Flood Continent know it!

Wang Xian can also clearly know where they are now!

Ten days later, An Lie found the opportunity, entered the interior of Divine Race Heavenly Paradise, and sent the Eight Qi Demon Sha in!

One month later, the two of the Eight Qi Mosha looked for an opportunity to parasitize the body of the most powerhouse in Divine Race Heavenly Paradise!

A powerhouse dominating the third-order battle strength of the universe!

The Peak powerhouse last stayed in Divine Race!

Once he parasites him, things are much easier!

Baqi immediately sent Wang Xian some very useful information!

One is, they are really well prepared for the expedition this time in Divine Race!

On the other side of all races, in order to prevent the Dragon Palace from attacking their lair, they are like herding Divine Race.

Secondly, if something happens, they will go back immediately. The powerhouses of the three races will go back to support, and the other three races will wait!

When they go back, they don’t bring war items like the ancient divine corpse. The races that stay here will summon them with a special treasure arrangement!

Of course, setting up this big formation for summon is very expensive!

And also need the same number of powerhouses to maintain!

In other words, a cosmic master of the third-order battle strength can only summon a powerhouse of the same level!

In general, they can bear the price!

“They have a total of 108 powerhouses that dominate the third-order battle strength of the universe at this time. If they return halfway, they will be fifty-four. They can easily deal with it!”

After receiving this news, Wang Xian smiled!

As long as the opponent separates, he has the confidence to destroy it!

“The goal at this time is still the many powerhouses waiting there!”

He secretly said in one’s heart!

With the current strength of Dragon Palace, the powerhouse that came to support them can also deal with it!

But those who came to support, after seeing the terrifying power of Dragon Palace, can continue to request support from the waiting group of powerhouses!

In this way, the other party can quickly come to support!

If this is the case, if you want to destroy it, you will be in trouble!

First attack the waiting group of powerhouses. As long as they don’t instantly escape back to their universe, Divine Kingdom, they just want to ask for help, and they will be isolated!

After killing them, go back!

Perfect plan!

He took out the Cosmic Brain and sent a message to Ling Hong Bone, making him wait for Anlie to pick her up in a city!

After more than ten days, most of the powerhouse in Divine Race Heavenly Paradise was parasitized by the venom horned dragon!

An Lie rushed to Linghong Bone immediately.

“Dragon King!”

Two days later, Anlie brought Linghong Bone over.

“Wang Xian!”

Ling Hong Bone looked towards Wang Xian, his eyes flickered slightly, and he shouted!

“Many thanks this time, Linghong Bone Princess!”

Wang Xian looked at the red bones of the peerless Fanghua, thank you!

Wearing a red dress and flaming red lips, the figure is perfect!

It means that she is a genie race and belongs to the skeleton lineage, I am afraid no one believes it!

“You have helped me so much, this is just a small matter that’s all!”

Linghong bone said with a smile.

“There will be a big battle next, when the time comes, princess of the red bone, be careful.”

Wang Xian talked with Linghong Bone.

Ling Hong Bone didn’t care much. In her opinion, Wang Xian helped her too much!

It is impossible for him to step into the dominance of the universe without him!

Compared to Wang Xian’s kindness, she is here to help, it’s nothing!

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