Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3583


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“You can do it!”

Sacred Dragon lineage All the high-end battle strengths of their Six Great Races moved towards Dragon Palace!

In half a year, they walked half the distance!

The powerhouse disciples of all ethnic forces were shocked wherever they went!

Six Great Races set off, and the terrifying power alone is suffocating!

Half a year later, the Baqi Demon Sha is ready, and Wang Xian and the others are ready too!


“Meet the Dragon King!”

In front of Wang Xian and Linghong Bone, the silhouettes of the Dragon Palace many powerhouses slowly appeared!

Forty powerhouses with third-order battle strength dominating the universe stand neatly in front!

They looked at Wang Xian and worshipped respectfully!

“Anlie, how are the preparations on the Tianyuan side?”

Wang Xian took a look, and asked An Lie on the side moved towards!

“Dragon King, the Formation has been set up and we are waiting for the other party!”

An Lie smiled and reported!

“Very well, let’s do it!”

Wang Xian nodded, body moved, first moved towards the front and fly away!

The position ahead is the nest of Divine Race.

“roar roar!”

A crowd of Dragon Palace powerhouses roared and followed closely behind!

Ling Hong Bone scanned the surroundings.

The old lair of the pastoral Divine Race, there are not many discipline powerhouses!

Only some daring disciplines wander around!

After all, there are still a lot of disciplines in Divine Race, some of them don’t think Dragon Palace will attack!

Of course, there are also disciples who have a fluke mentality in their hearts!

For these disciplines, Divine Race doesn’t care about them. After all, they are active outside and can instantly monitor an outside situation!

“Kill, as long as it is the discipline of Divine Race, kill them all and destroy all the buildings!”

Wang Xian moved towards the command line flying in front, with a face full of killing intent!

Pastoral Divine Race. They sent the ancient divine corpse. If they want to destroy the Dragon Palace, they must face Dragon Palace’s revenge!

“It’s the Dragon King!”

A crowd of Dragon Palace disciple responded immediately!

Wang Xian They are fast, and there is no powerhouse around Divine Race!

The speed at which they flew is far beyond what those disciplines can respond to!

“bang bang bang!”

Stepping into the realm of Divine Race, Dragon Palace powerhouse saw the discipline of Divine Race and sensed the breath of any life, and immediately moved towards them one after another terrifying energy moved towards them!


Some of Divine Race’s disciplines sensed the horrible energy, turning their heads and looking around, their faces were full of desperate expressions!

“bang bang!”

The horrible explosion sounded, Wang Xian and they still moved towards the front and flew away quickly!

The sound of explosion here immediately attracted the attention of the disciples in the center of Divine Race.

They flew out of the building quickly, moved towards the outside look!

“no! ”

But at this moment, they sensed the coming of death!

An energy that can easily destroy them, covering their front!


The explosion sounded again!

“There is a powerhouse invading our Divine Race, and a powerhouse invading us!”

Some disciples roared in horror!

They almost moved towards the distance!

Some want to return to their Divine Kingdom immediately!


But at this moment, a coercion of their despair came over. Under this coercion, their bodies could not move at all!

This is dragon might, the terrifying dragon might!

“It is the Dragon Palace, it is the powerhouse of the Dragon Palace, they actually dare to sneak attack our Divine Race!”

The bodies of those disciples trembled violently, and the difficult lifts the head moved towards looking outside.

“roar roar roar! ”

At this moment, the roaring sound came, and they saw one after another flame, one after another terrifying torrent, moved towards the center of their Divine Race!

The violent attack, whether it was their disciplines or all the buildings, suffered a devastating blow!

“It is the powerhouse of Dragon Palace, they are here, run away, run away!”

At this time, the Divine Race disciples who did not hide in the Divine Kingdom and Heavenly Paradise regretted it!

They shouldn’t have done this!

They shouldn’t have a fluke mentality!

But at this time, it’s too late!

one after another terrifying attack, moved towards them covered, and the center of the entire Divine Race was immediately caught in the flames of war!


“Guard Lord Heavenly God!”

At the same time, it is located at the core of Divine Race!

Here is the most central place of Divine Race, and the strongest Heavenly Paradise of Divine Race!

Now, the defense of Heavenly Paradise has been activated, and a large number of Divine Race disciple are located in Heavenly Paradise!

When there was an attack outside, the powerhouses of Heavenly Paradise immediately checked the information!

They immediately moved towards the central palace and flew away, reporting the situation to their guardian Heavenly God!

Heavenly God, the guardian of Divine Race, must be the powerhouse that dominates the third-order battle strength of the universe!

next moment, a silhouette quickly moved towards the edge of Heavenly Paradise and flew away!

Behind him, following the many powerhouses disciple left behind by Divine Race!

“What happened?”

“It seems that there is an intruder in our Divine Race. It is Dragon Palace. Dragon Palace dares to attack us!”

“Damn Dragon Palace, they took advantage of our Lord Patriarch and they left, and they came to sneak attack us!”

In Heavenly Paradise, the disciplines of Divine Race also discovered the situation outside, and immediately moved towards the edge and flew away!

They looked towards the outside, their eyes are full of killing intent!


At this time, a silhouette full of armor, blooming with golden rays of light, came to the front of the edge, staring at the front, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised!

“It’s the Dragon Palace, the damn Dragon Palace. Sure enough, the patriarch guessed it right. They might sneak attack our Divine Race!”

He stared at the front, his mouth was full of murderous aura roar!

“Guard Lord Heavenly God, they are destroying our home!”

Following the many powerhouses disciple flying over to him, he roared angrily!

“hmph, thanks to the patriarch’s preparation, our Heavenly Paradise defense can’t even break the powerhouse in the universe Ruler Realm world, and the small Dragon Palace can’t be broken. When we patriarch they step into the Tianheng River There is the day when the Dragon Palace will die!”

Guardian Heavenly God said with a killing intent face!

At the same time, he took out the cosmic brain and immediately passed the attack on Divine Race to Divine Race patriarch!

“Thanks to patriarch, they had early warning!”

“Damn Dragon Palace, they are not far from extinction, they dare to sneak attack us!”

“This is the Final Struggle, a counterattack before death, but our patriarch is fully prepared.”

In the rear, all the powerhouse disciples in Divine Race Heavenly Paradise flew over, one by one full of murderous aura!

Go out ahead, guard the Heavenly God, listening to them growl low, flashing cold killing intents in their eyes!

I don’t know if Dragon Palace will perish!

But you all will die soon!

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