Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3584


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“whiz whiz whiz!”

In the Kaitian Desolate Flood Continent, King Sacred Dragon and the rest of the team are flying fast. Not far from them, there is a city where they can teleport!

“weng weng weng!”

At this moment, the Divine Race patriarch was standing on top of the ancient divine corpse in the position headed in front, and there was a rapid voice from the universe brain!

He immediately opened it and looked at it. When he saw the content above, there was a cold killing intent on his body!


“Divine Race patriarch, what’s wrong?”

In the surrounding locations, the Sacred Dragon king and the others sensed the murderous aura suddenly emitted by the Divine Race patriarch, they were slightly taken aback, and asked with surprise!

“Dragon Palace sneak attacked us to herd Divine Race!”

The Divine Race patriarch said with a murderous aura face!

“Divine Race patriarch, with your Heavenly Paradise defense, it should be able to withstand the powerhouse attack of the real universe Ruler Realm world!”

Giant Clan patriarch of light not far away said!

“Yes, I have arranged for the clan, there will be no accidents, but some buildings will be destroyed by the animals of Dragon Palace!”

Divine Race patriarch icy nodded!

“That’s good. Building can be restored quickly. This time we arrived at the Dragon Palace. All the Dragon Palace disciple except for the purebred Divine Dragon were killed!”

The Sacred Dragon King said!

“I want to integrate them into the divine corpse, and make them suffer great fear and pain!”

The Divine Race patriarch said with a violent face.


“Heavenly Paradise is here!”

At the same time, in the nest of Divine Race, Wang Xian and the others came to the center of Divine Race, in front of Heavenly Paradise!

The Divine Race is located in a plain, in the center, supported by a huge defensive cover.

The entire area is about hundreds of millions of kilometers!

Heavenly Paradise’s protective cover exudes luster, just like the Light God grass gathered together one after another!

They can see through the defensive cover!

“Dragon Palace, you dare to sneak attack our Divine Race, haha, didn’t expect, we are already prepared, or if there are more levels, our patriarch will destroy your Dragon Palace! “

In the inside of Dongtian defense, guarding Heavenly God, seeing Wang Xian and them coming, roared with cold face!

“Today you sneak attack our Divine Race, we will let you pay the price of your life, haha!”

“Haha, want to sneak attack us? Wishful thinking, waiting for our pastoral Divine Race trial!”

In Heavenly Paradise, the powerhouse disciple of Divine Race roared!

“Hehe, do you think we Dragon Palace don’t know you are ready? Do you think we can’t do anything about you?”

Wang Xian hovered over the Divine Race Heavenly Paradise, and said with a sneer on his face!

In the surrounding locations, Linghong Bone and Dragon Palace many powerhouses, exuding a frightening atmosphere, stare at them sternly!

“haha, our Heavenly Paradise can withstand the attack of the powerhouse, the real cosmic ruler. With your Dragon Palace, you still want to break our defenses?”

In Heavenly Paradise, the guardian Heavenly God said with a frantic smile: “Just let you attack for ten years, you don’t want to break it, and soon your Dragon Palace will be attacked and destroyed by our patriarch.”

“hmph, can you withstand the powerhouse attack in the universe Ruler Realm world? Then I want to see if you can withstand my Dragon Palace Supreme Treasure attack!”

Wang Xian sneered, with a wave of his arm, the position above condense a terrifying matchless dragon head!


At the location around him, a group of Dragon Palace powerhouse waved their arms, and energy was injected into the dragon heads above!

“roar roar roar! ”

A loud roar came from the dragon’s head. That terrifying dragon’s head looks very terrifying!

In Heavenly Paradise, all powerhouse disciples of Divine Race can clearly see the terrifying dragon head!

“Guard Lord Heavenly God, the attack released by the Dragon Palace Dragon King is terrifying, is the dragon head a powerful treasure?”

Located on the side guarding the Heavenly God, a powerhouse from Divine Race asked loudly!

His words made all the disciplines of Divine Race in the rear can hear clearly!

“It is a powerful Supreme Treasure, it should be Innate Supreme Treasure, but we don’t have to worry about it. We pasture Divine Race’s Heavenly Paradise and the powerhouse of the fourth-order battle strength of the universe can’t be broken, nor can their Dragon Palace be broken!”

Guardian Heavenly God said confidently!

“I heard from my Great Grandfather that our Heavenly Paradise’s defense is extremely strong, and it cannot be broken by Peak Race!”

“Yes, yes, I also heard my father say that we are the safest in Heavenly Paradise. They want to sneak attack our wish, and they are destined to fail, waiting for our Lord Patriarch to reach Dragon Palace. There is the time for them to destroy and escape!”

Behind, there is a disciple talking loudly!


At this moment, they heard a cold roar from outside!

“roar roar!”

They saw a terrifying attack moved towards their Heavenly Paradise defensive attack!

Looking at the terrifying matchless dragon head, their hearts are also slightly shocked!

If there is no defense from Heavenly Paradise, they will definitely die!

“bang bang!”

At this time, a terrifying rumbling sound sounded, and the terrifying dragon head landed on Dongtianfu’s defense, and the dragon head landed on it. They could clearly see it. Looking at it from close range, it was very shocking!

The dragon head landed on Heavenly Paradise’s defense, and the defense did not fluctuate at all!

“The defense of Heavenly Paradise is still very strong!”

As seen by the discipline of Divine Race, they are sighed slightly in relief!

This huge dragon head still looks very scary!

“Hehe, this is just the beginning. Do you think your Heavenly Paradise’s defense is invincible? Wait for it to be broken. If you want to destroy our Dragon Palace, I will destroy you first!”

At this time, Wang Xian’s cold voice came from outside!


When all the disciplines of Divine Race heard the confident voice coming from outside, they were slightly frowned!


At this time, they saw the huge dragon head and released a dark dragon breath!

Dark Dragon’s Breath, moved towards their Heavenly Paradise, defensively rush away!

For an instant, that area was enveloped by dark energy!

In the front position, guarding Heavenly God, seeing this scene, his eyes flickered slightly!

He moved his right leg slightly, and a wave of energy moved towards the attacked place!

This is a venom. It came down to the place covered by the dark dragon’s breath without all the disciplines of Divine Race paying attention!

The venom slowly moved towards the lower part!


At this time, guarding Heavenly God cried out in surprise, staring at the place where the venom dripped: “What’s the matter? How can energy drip into our Heavenly Paradise?”


“What’s the matter?”

The Divine Race in Heavenly Paradise and the disciples were slightly surprised when they saw this scene!

Dragon Palace, Dragon King, they invaded energy?

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