Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3585


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“What’s the situation?”

“How can energy drop down? With the defense of our Heavenly Paradise, the powerhouse that dominates the fourth-order battle in the universe cannot be attacked. How is this possible!”

The sound of exclamation came from the many powerhouses around guarding Heavenly God again!

Heavenly God body moved, guardian of Divine Race, and approached that place solemnly!

Behind him, thousands of powerhouse disciple from Divine Race followed behind him, staring at that spot!

“How is this possible, our Heavenly Paradise has such a strong defense, how could it be invaded? Then what treasure does the Dragon Palace Dragon King possess?”

Guardian Heavenly God shouted with shocked face!

“Guard Lord Heavenly God, and the corrosive poison poured into our Heavenly Paradise, they are corroding our Heavenly Paradise defense!”

“According to this corrosion rate, it may not be long before it will be completely corroded. What should I do?”

“Damn, how is this possible, how could they break the defense of our Heavenly Paradise!”

“Dragon Palace, Dragon King, they must have special and powerful treasures!”

The shocked voice came from the Divine Race powerhouse guarding the surrounding Heavenly God!

They shouted in shock!

One by one is full of shock and incredible!

The countenances on their faces, um, are very lifelike, they are of the Emperor level!

Yes, they are all movie kings!

This drop of venom was released by the guardian of the Heavenly God, that is, Yaqi parasitic on his body!

And the surrounding Divine Race powerhouse was parasitized by the venomous horned dragons!

It can be said that in this Heavenly Paradise, the 1,000 powerful powerhouses are all parasitized!

They gathered around and exclaimed. At the rear, all the disciples’ eyes widened and their faces showed shocking expressions!

“How is this possible, they have treasures that can penetrate our defense!”

“Well, if our defense is broken, wouldn’t we be finished?”

“It’s over, we must let our patriarch come to rescue us, otherwise, once the defense is broken, we have no resistance at all!”

The disciples are a little confused!

The expression of panic on their faces!

“Not good, the invading venom is getting more and more, we have to report it to patriarch immediately!”

At this time, powerhouse roared loudly again!

“I’ll report!”

The corner of Baqi’s mouth that was parasitizing and guarding Heavenly God within the body was slightly cocked. He immediately took out the Universe Brain and sent a message for help!

This time, the parasites of Baqi and Demon Sha are very smooth!

Because Heavenly God, the only guardian of the third-order battle strength of the universe, is in the central palace of Heavenly Paradise!

After they entered inside, the other party had no doubt at all, and easily parasitized it!

lured the tiger away from the mountain. The most important step is to complete. Now, it’s time to transfer Divine Race and their many powerhouses!

The message is sent!

Located in the rear, there are also quite a few disciplines, sending information to their elders, their fathers, powerhouses who followed patriarch on the expedition!

Sacred Dragon Wang Mu Divine Race and their Six Great Races are in the team.

Because of Divine Race, they received information about the Dragon Palace sneak attack in the clan, which made their expression very bad!

The body is also full of strong baleful qi!

However, they don’t at all care too much!

Their Heavenly Paradise has a terrifying defense!

But at this time, at the same time, Divine Race patriarch and many powerhouses received one message after another!

When they saw this information, the complexion greatly changed!

“Damn it, how is this possible, Dragon Palace actually has a treasure that can break through our Divine Race Heavenly Paradise defense, damn it!”

The Divine Race patriarch looked very embarrassed when he saw the message sent by the guardian Heavenly God!

“patriarch, we have all received messages from the disciplines that the other party has a terrifying Divine Dragon treasure, which is now eroding our Heavenly Paradise defense, and toxins have invaded in. I don’t know how long the defense will last!”

The powerhouse of Divine Race came over and said in embarrassment!

“I also received it here, and there is a video from the disciplines, Dragon Palace has a special treasure!”

One by one powerhouse came around, the expression was very embarrassing!

The surrounding location, Sacred Dragon King, they heard this message, and their expression changed slightly!

For Dragon Palace to have the treasure that can break through the powerful Heavenly Paradise defense, not at all too much doubt!

Because the Sacred Dragon King Sacred Dragon lineage has one!

But this kind of treasure is unusually rare. Their Six Great Races, and even the destroyed Tianzhi Monster Beast Race, of their seven high-level races, only Sacred Dragon lineage has that’s all!

They didn’t expect, Dragon Palace actually has it!

“Go, let’s go back immediately!”

Divine Race patriarch said with a gloomy face!

Heavenly Paradise’s defenses cannot be broken, and the disciplines there cannot die!

There are all the disciplines of their pastoral Divine Race, which is the foundation of their pastoral Divine Race!

“According to the plan!”

The Divine Race patriarch looked towards the black mist Spirit Race and the many powerhouses of the ghouls on the side.

“Well, according to the plan, we will go to support immediately!”

Black mist Spirit Race patriarch, ghoul tribe patriarch nodded.

“Go back!”

The Divine Race patriarch gave a gloomy growl and disappeared!

Many powerhouses immediately followed!

“Sacred Dragon King, Long Giant Race of Light, Light Ming insect race patriarch, you are here to wait for our news!”

Hei Mist Spirit Race patriarch they said!

“Well, if you run into trouble there, let me know immediately, and we can get there in no time!”

The patriarch nodded of Giant Clan of Light!

Hei Mist Spirit Race and the patriarch nodded of the ghoul tribe, leave immediately with many powerhouses!

“This damn Dragon Palace is able to break the Heavenly Paradise of Divine Race!”

Kuangming insect race patriarch said angrily when they saw them leave!

“hmph, they just postpone the time of death that’s all!”

Sacred Dragon King said with a gloomy face!

“Go, let’s go and wait in the city ahead!”

He looked towards the front and said!

The powerhouses of Three Great Races were nodded immediately!

However, located in the city, a few pairs of eyes watching Divine Race and their many powerhouses disappeared and left!

Seeing King Sacred Dragon and their three races moved towards here flying over, smiles appeared on their faces!

A message quickly spread to the past!


The next moment, at the position in front of the defense of Divine Race Heavenly Paradise, Wang Xian received the message from An Lie and the others, smiling on his face!

lured the tiger away from the mountain, success!

Six races are divided into two forces, three races come to support, and three races are waiting there!

Located in Heavenly Paradise, Baqi, who is parasitic on the guardian of Heavenly God, also received this message!

In the central palace of Heavenly Paradise, the evil spirit that has been hidden inside, also received!

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