Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter3586


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“jié jié jié, it succeeded, the Dragon King and the others succeeded, Divine Race disciple, your end has come, want to destroy our Dragon Palace?”

The evil spirit in the central palace of Heavenly Paradise roared with a stern face. With a move of his palm, a burst of energy was input to the position below!

At the same time, located around Heavenly Paradise, that powerful defense slowly began to dissipate!

The defense is gone!

In Heavenly Paradise, Baqi who is parasitic on Heavenly God has a smile on his face!

At the outside location, Wang Xian also smiled when he saw this scene!

“What’s the matter? Our Heavenly Paradise defense seems to have disappeared? What’s the matter?”

“Hiss, what happened? Why did the defense suddenly disappear? How could it be dissolved so quickly?”

“no no no, defense is gone, defense is gone!”

Heavenly Paradise’s defenses suddenly disappeared, and all the disciplines of Divine Race were stunned. Their bodies trembled, and their faces were horrified!

How did the good defense suddenly disappear?

Is it melted by the terrifying treasure of Dragon Palace?

How can it be so weird!

“hahaha, Divine Race disciple, die!”

“roar roar roar! ”

Heavenly Paradise’s defenses disappeared, and the Dragon Palace many powerhouses let out a cold roar.

Ao Qitian and the others did not hesitate at all, they moved towards and flew inside!

The terrifying energy, moved towards raging away inside!

“no no no!”

The voices of fear and despair came from the mouths of many disciplines!

Wang Xian body moved and rushed up instantly, with a sneer on his face!

The discipline of Divine Race, the strongest one is only the Venerable Level of the universe. Don’t, facing Wang Xian and the group of more than 40 universe masters, the third-order battle strength powerhouse, how to resist?

Under the sweep of energy, countless disciplines were easily beheaded.

They can’t even escape!


Wang Xian waved his arm and a demon altar appeared in front of you!

“Don’t keep one, do it quickly!”

Ao Qitian and the others roared that the entire Divine Race discipline was quickly annihilated!

Forty cosmic dominators of the third-order battle strength powerhouse shot at the same time. In this small space, it is absolutely devastating!

In less than a second, all the disciplines of Divine Race were killed!

Only those disciplines with treasures of resurrection, escaped a disaster!

“Dragon King!”

When these disciplines were killed, the silhouette of Anlie appeared!


Wang Xian swept the surrounding Dragon Palace powerhouse and ordered!

“It’s the Dragon King!”

One by one, the Dragon Palace powerhouse flew over and came to the surrounding of Anlie!


next moment, their silhouette is gone!

There is not even a corpse in Heavenly Paradise of Divine Race!

“Dragon Palace, you courting death!”

At this time, they are located deeper in the Divine Race, one by one silhouette moved towards here, they flew over here, and they exude a frightening atmosphere!

The Divine Race patriarch is at the foremost position. He stared in the direction of Heavenly Paradise and roared violently!

“bang bang bang!”

At this time, located on the left and right sides, there were also hundreds of silhouettes flying over, and they also exuded vast and terrifying energy!

This is the many powerhouses of the Dark Mist Spirit Race and the ghouls!

Before they set off, Six Great Races had already arranged the interoperability array, that is, they could get together quickly!


The Divine Race, the Black Mist Spirit Race, and the many powerhouses of the ghouls fly over, and as they get closer to the center, their faces show surprise expressions!

They not at all sense that there is a strong energy ahead, or even sense the existence of creatures ahead!

“What’s the matter?”

A Peak powerhouse of Divine Race has an expression of error on his face, his eyes condensed, and his speed slightly increased!

The Divine Race patriarch also speeds up, moved towards Heavenly Paradise!


However, when they could see the situation on Heavenly Paradise, their faces were full of surprise and shock!

“How did the defenses of Heavenly Paradise disappear? How about the disciplines of Divine Race? How about the people of Dragon Palace? What happened?”

A shepherd, Divine Race Peak powerhouse, whispered!

The animal husbandry Divine Race patriarch stared at the front and suddenly had a bad feeling!

He immediately came to the sky above Divine Race Heavenly Paradise!

“What’s going on? Divine Race patriarch?”

Hei Mist Spirit Race and the patriarch of the ghouls fly over, curiously asked!

The patriarch of the Black Mist Spirit Race swept around. He has an extremely sharp nose, as if he could smell anything!

“I smelled death, the position below this, just ten seconds ago, there were countless casualties!”

The patriarch of the Black Mist Spirit Race said solemnly!

These words made Mu Divine Race patriarch’s body tremble, and his face became extremely embarrassing!

“We pasture the discipline of Divine Race…”

When the Divine Race powerhouse around was heard, their eyes turned red!

“My Divine Kingdom!”

The Divine Race patriarch body shakes, and his Divine Kingdom appears in the rear!

With a wave of his arm, a book flew out of Divine Kingdom!

In the book, there are five characters of Divine Race genealogy!

He opened the genealogy and saw the text above, and the eye socket was cracked instantly!

The name on the genealogy is 70% less!

This also means that they pastored the Divine Race’s discipline and died 70%!

“Dragon Palace, Dragon King!”

The Divine Race patriarch, who is holding the genealogy in his hands, roared a bit sternly!

70% of the disciplines have all died. This is the foundation of their pastoral Divine Race!

How long will it take them to recover?

“We pastor Divine Race’s discipline in Heavenly Paradise, all of them were killed, they were all killed!”

All around, the powerhouses of Divine Race saw the angry patriarch, their bodies trembled, and their eyes were a little blood red!

70% of the disciplines have been killed, this hatred, absolutely irreconcilable!

“Hiss, this…this…we rushed over so quickly, all the disciplines were killed?”

The black mist Spirit Race and the many powerhouses of the ghoul tribe have seen this scene, their faces changed slightly!

The attack on Dragon Palace is so fast!

Pastoral Divine Race patriarch They rushed over after receiving the information, just like that, it’s still too late!

They broke through the Heavenly Paradise defense of Divine Race so quickly, which shocked them a little!

“hu hu!”

The powerhouses of the pastoral Divine Race are breathing a bit shortly, their faces are extremely embarrassed!

The faces of the Black Mist Spirit Race and the powerhouses of the ghoul tribe are not good!

The strength of this Dragon Palace is stronger than they thought, and it is more cunning than they thought!

“Dragon Palace, I want all of your disciplines to enjoy the torture of millions years countless years. I want each of you to survive in endless torture and pain. I want you not to have the will to live and be unable to ask for death !”

Mu Divine Race patriarch looked up to the sky and roared with a hideous face!

He wants to avenge his discipline and make Dragon Palace pay ten times a hundred times the price!

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