Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System Chapter 3587


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Just when they came to Divine Race and saw that all the disciplines were killed, they were extremely angry!

Located inside the Kaitian Desolate Flood Continent, in front of Tian City!

Li Tian City, a neutral city that is not very strong, the most powerhouse in the city is only the first-order battle strength of the universe dominates!

On the right of this city, Wang Xian and their silhouettes slowly appear!

“Dragon King, now Sacred Dragon lineage, Giant Clan of Light, Light Ming insect race, they are all in the east of Tian City in front of them, and they are watching them from a distant location!”

Aside from the position, An Lie moved towards Wang Xian and said!


Wang Xian nodded, look at the moving towards that direction with blinking eyes!

Even if they are far away, they can feel the terrifying power coming from there!

“In order to prevent accidents, do it immediately. They can’t let them escape, and can’t let them return to their Divine Kingdom!”

Wang Xian swept his gaze to the surrounding Dragon Palace powerhouses, and ordered!

“It’s the Dragon King!”

many powerhouses nodded.

“Red Bone, I will trouble you to take action next, we two quickly slay each other’s powerhouse, and snipe those who want to escape immediately!”

Wang Xian looked towards Linghong Bone, and said!

Linghong Bone nodded: “Okay, I will go all out!”


Wang Xian, they concealed their bodies and immediately moved towards Sacred Dragon lineage and flew away from their Three Great Races team!

Around this, the formation has already been laid out by the sky array.

But the opponent is not at all enter the formation method!

This Formation is just laying a barrier around it. In case of good luck, it can play a very big role!

Sacred Dragon lineage their Three Great Races, floating in the sky, quietly waiting for news from Divine Race and their side!

If Ruomu Divine Race asks for help, they can go back immediately. If the problem is solved, they will summon it with the secret technique and continue to set off!

They are in the sky, waiting for news!

In Li Tian City, all the powerhouse disciples felt the terrifying energy not far away, and their faces were full of shocking expressions!

“Sacred Dragon lineage, why did they suddenly stop by our side? What are they waiting for?”

“It seems that their team is missing some races. The Divine Race, Black Mist Spirit Race and Ghoul Race don’t seem to be there. What’s the situation?”

“Something happened on their side, but even the power of Three Great Races makes people feel desperate. They are simply too strong!”

In Li Tian City, a powerhouse disciple is talking quietly!

Wang Xian They flew over the city, staring at them with twinkling eyes!

“Dragon King!”

At the position beside, Tian Zhen heard that Wang Xian and the others were coming, and immediately greeted them!

“Where is the Formation located?”

Wang Xian moved towards Tianzhen asked immediately!

“Dragon King, Formation is placed here, Sacred Dragon lineage and their Three Great Races are not in the coverage area. If they fight next, they will drive the opponent here at most!”

The sky array pointed a direction!

The array ambush was prepared very early!

But although they can figure out where the other party can reach, they can’t figure out where the other party is!

This also deviates from the layout of the array!

But the distance they deviated is not a lot. If they want to escape here, they can just enter the formation method!


Wang Xian nodded, staring at the area shrouded in light, slowly revealing the killing intent!

“Practice, directly and forcefully.”

He ordered, and immediately moved towards the front and flew away: “Ling Hong Bone, we are left and right, and the rest of the Dragon Palace disciple will lead them to the Formation side, but they can’t make the opponent escape back to Divine Kingdom pinch!. “


The powerhouses of Dragon Palace are nodded, and their eyes are full of violent killing intents!

Three Great Races, Sacred Dragon lineage, Giant Clan of Light, and Guangming insect race, they are going to destroy the Dragon Palace.

Then now, we shall be attacked by Dragon Palace!

The body moved, immediately moved towards the position on the side, flew away, and started to arrange the Formation!


When Wang Xian sensed the fluctuations in the formation of the sky formation, he moved towards Three Great Races and flew in the sky with the spirit red bone first!

They are fast, and the many powerhouses of Dragon Palace immediately followed!

Because the opponent is in the sky and wants a surprise sneak attack, he can’t do it at all!

Now, you can only attack directly!

With a powerful force, destroy the opponent!


At the same time, in the sky above, the Sacred Dragon king and their many powerhouses are sitting cross-legged in the sky!

When the energy fluctuates from the right, they immediately sensed it, and were slightly taken aback!

This is the fluctuation of Formation!

Formation is arranged by the sky array, and when the distance is so close, they can quickly find out!

“Someone attacked!”

At this moment, at the side position, the patriarch’s gaze of Giant Clan of Light immediately moved towards the right, and he roared!

“courting death, someone dared to attack us!”

The patriarch of Guangming insect race looked immediately, their cold eyes staring.

In their sight, they saw two silhouettes moving towards them attacking at a terrifying speed!

Behind these two silhouettes, they are all exuding a majestic imposing manner!

The number is no less than fifty!


The King Sacred Dragon swept away, the cold pupils shone with luster!

“It’s Dragon Palace, damn it, Dragon Palace them!”

He roared wildly!

The eyes are full of unbelievable expressions!

Why did Dragon Palace suddenly attack them here?

Are they prepared long ago?

Aren’t they attacking Divine Race?

lured the tiger away from the mountain?

“Attack, attack me directly!”

The Sacred Dragon king yelled tightly and violently!

In an instant, one after another terrifying energy, moved towards Dragon Palace covered it!

Wang Xian and Ling Honggu glanced at each other, the two body moved, divided into left and right, and immediately accelerated!


Wang Xian’s speed was instigated by Wu Shi Sheng Wing to the extreme!

The scarlet rays of light burst out from Linghong Bone, and the breath on the body is beautiful and alluring, bloody and terrifying!

“What happened?”

“His, what a terrifying power, what happened over there? A scary silhouette appeared?”

“What’s the situation? Powerhouse is attacking Sacred Dragon lineage and several races, this…this…what a shocking power!”

When Wang Xian and their power instantly moved, they were located in Li Tian City.

All the powerhouse disciples suddenly felt the shock of this terrifying energy, and all of them showed shocked expressions on their faces!

They hurriedly moved towards the sky, staring one by one!

“roar roar roar! ”

At this time, a roar resounded throughout the film between Heaven and Earth!

Someone is going to attack Sacred Dragon lineage and several races!

It makes them feel a little unimaginable!

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