Invincible Powers Chapter 179

   A long knife, wrapped in a scabbard made of shark skin, is quietly placed on the counter behind Tian Cang.

   Behind the counter, standing by a charming Heart Demon woman, refining Demoness with a demon body, deliberately keeps a distance from the counter, seemingly reluctant to get too close.

   She obviously recognizes Tian Cang, so whenever she looks towards Tian Cang, her eyes show the light of worship.

   Tian Cang greeted Yu Yuan to come over, pointed to the one-meter-long knife, “Just it.”

   When Yu Yuan got closer, his heart was beating wildly, and the seat of “Altar of Life” within the body was actually in high-speed rotation.

   After he stopped, he thought about releasing a ray of blood energy secretly, to explore it.

   “Don’t, don’t do that.”

   Heart Demon’s Demoness saw his intentions and hurriedly stopped.

   is also on the 6th floor, the first guest official of the Chamber of Commerce, pacing from elsewhere.

After a flash of   , he arrived in front of Yu Yuan. He was slightly frowned and looked at Tian Cang and said, “What do you recommend for the blood hell?”

  ”Blood, blood hell?!”

   An Ziqing who followed Yu Yuan, hearing this, suddenly changed color.

   Void and enchanted Fisher, Beru and Leo of the Star Clan also slammed up after hearing the word “Blood Hell”.


   the big demon Lu Liu suddenly appeared. He opened his hand, pressed to the counter, and shook his head to Yu Yuan and said, “This demon knife is not suitable for you.”

   Yu Yuan is dumb.

   He has never heard of the name “Blood Prison”, but looking at the expressions and behaviors of An Ziqing, Jun Chen and Lu Liu, he knows that “Blood Prison” is probably not simple.

  His heart, the seat “Altar of Life” within the body, is also silently recounting the weirdness of the knife

  ”The Blood Prison was cast by a Divine Grade Refiner Master of Refiner Sect one hundred and fifty years ago. The Refiner Master was swallowed by this demon knife on the day the Blood Prison was formed. Nothing left, he died on the spot, and Yin God also burst.”

  An Ziqing looked very solemn when he talked about it.

  ” After that, the demon sword was sealed and sent to the Outland Star River, a Level 9 shaking coulus. After refining the blood hell, the strength skyrocketed. It is said that only the blood hell is used to fight. Three times, I also stepped into the footsteps of the Divine Grade Refiner Master and died after being swallowed by blood and soul by the demon knife.”

  ”Further on, this demon knife changed ownership five times. There are Asura Race powerhouse, Ancient Desolate Sect great cultivator, Silverscale warriors, and Free Spirit great cultivator in Demon Palace. None. Exceptionally, these guys who felt tenacious and full of blood were in battle and were killed by the backlash of the demon sword.”

   “Counting its creators, there are a total of seven powerhouses, who died in the hands of the demon sword in more than 100 years.”


  An Ziqing explained in detail.

   Yu Yuan’s mood gradually became heavier because of her remark.

   One, backlash the seven master swords?

  ”What is the name of the Divine Grade Refiner Master who created him?” Yu Yuan frowned and asked. He was familiar with many Refiner Masters of Refiner Sect three hundred years ago. The Refiner Master of Divine Grade was the same as the Medicine Refining Master. Rarely, he wanted to know who the creator was.

   “mysterious wind.” An Ziqing replied.

  ”Mysterious wind! Mysterious wind, died because of this demon knife?” Yu Yuan changed his color slightly.

   The mysterious wind he knows was still Heaven Grade Refiner Master. He is withdrawn and paranoid. There are not many friends in Refiner Sect, so he can practice out of the ordinary.

  Yu Yuan’s friend at Refiner Sect said that mysterious wind would go astray sooner or later and embark on an extreme road like him.

   didn’t expect

   “That head is shaking the sky. I used to dominate. He is very strong.” Lu Liu said with a calm face, “When he died with this demon sword, I was detained in Sword Prison, not at the scene. But I know, It’s absolutely extraordinary to be able to backlash his demon sword. Don’t die.”

   Jun Chen also said: “Neither Chairman Li nor Divine Soul Sect, I don’t want you to have anything.”

   When he said this, there was a faint anger and dissatisfaction in his eyes, aimed at Ghost King Tian Cang.

   “You guys, I don’t know Yu Yuan actually, and the time spent with him is too short.” Tian Cang laughed nonchalantly and pushed Lu Liu away with a magic hand, revealing the demon knife under the counter again, “Yu Yuan within the body, there is such an Altar of Life, he should be able to suppress this demon sword.”

   “Yu Yuan, it’s better not to try.” Beilu shouted.

  Mingguang Clan’s Canli pursed her lips and smiled, and said, “I have the same attitude as Master You Qian. I also think that if there is a who in the world who can control this demon sword, he is definitely one.”


   A graceful silhouette with a phoenix crown, coming down from the 7th floor, she noticed the argument here, so she stopped.

   “Azure Phoenix Queen.”

   Many foreign powerhouses on the 6th floor, the evil repairs of Human Race, the big demon, looked at her involuntarily.

   But she only stayed for a while, looked at Yu Yuan, and then went to the next floor.

  Many foreign powerhouses, the look in her eyes is rather unkind

   has not been invited by Divine Soul Sect and Chamber of Commerce for several decades before the Thousand Birds world. The elites of the alien race who died in the hands of the Azure Phoenix empress, I am afraid there are more than one hundred, they are all dazzling new stars of all races , And upstarts with great potential.

   Therefore, many foreign powerhouses hate her very much. She seemed to know too, so she didn’t linger and went away.

  ”If you want to deal with Chaos Kun, this demon knife called Blood Hell may be useful. This knife is fierce, it will be very troublesome for you to refining, I

   can give some help. “A ray of her heart sounded quietly in Yu Yuan’s heart lake.

   Yu Yuan, who was still a little hesitant, made a decision in an instant because of her words, “What is the price of this demon knife?”

   “Thirty thousand spirit jade.”

   Heart Demon’s Demoness, said timidly.

  ”So expensive?”

   Yu Yuan was taken aback, his soul flew into the Universe Ring, checked his belongings, and found that the spirit jade and Spirit Crystal in his hands were far from enough to buy this demon knife.

   Unless, he goes to sell something else, such as pill

   “You can pay on credit.”

   Chairman Li’s voice came from the 7th floor, with a little teasing.

   The artifacts and armors on display on the 6th floor are mostly Heaven Grade. The Holy Artifact “Star Sea” in Beiru’s mouth is roughly equivalent to Heaven Grade.

  Divine Item is also called the artifact of the cream of the crop.

  Yu Yuan I don’t know anything else, but I know that on the highest 7th floor of this palace, there are two Divine Items displayed this time.

   is also from a different race, the other thing is that the cultivator of Human Race can be used.

   But, specifically about those two Divine Items, Chamber of Commerce is secretive.

  Yu Yuan did not go to follow up because there is no shortage of utensils, but watching the Azure Phoenix queen descend from the 7th floor, Chairman Li sits in the town, he knows the Divine Item on the 7th floor, which is probably not simple.

   “I will sell the pill later, and there are some things to make up for the spirit jade that I owe.” Yu Yuan nodded said to the Heart Demon Demoness, “this Long Blade, it belongs to me. “When he said that, he had already planned to reach out and take the Demon Sword out.

   “Yu Yuan, you take it away with the counter. The counter has an array of seals.” Chairman Li said again.


  Yu Yuan stepped forward and signaled Jun Chen, Lu Liu and Tian Cang to step aside, and he threw the Universe Ring towards the demon sword, intending to throw the counter into the ring space.

After   , his face became weird, “It’s not working?”

  ”Mustard bracelets, Universe Rings, and storage bags can only store dead objects. The soul is already quite troublesome and not easy.” Tian Cang shook the head, “As for living things that contain blood, Universe Ring is afraid It cannot be accommodated. So, you lift this counter and take it away.”


   Yu Yuan suddenly moved to the top of the stairs, moved towards the bottom, and shouted loudly, “Tong Laoqian, you come up for me.”


   Not long after, Tong Laoqian rushed all the way and waited for Yu Yuan to explain the situation. He graciously came up, raised the counter, and threw it towards his own “Jade Tower”. The Demon Blade was taken away from the 6th floor.