Invincible Powers Chapter 180

   A piece of Star River not far from the Thousand Birds World.

   Two pieces of erected land, standing like a mountain, form a peculiar “canyon” in the center.

   “The Canyon” is like a door, with a sea of ​​golden light surging inside.

  one after another golden electric light, flying in the “gorge”, evolving the path of Jin Rui’s power, and the law profound mystery.

   On the high land on the left and right sides, there are two golden-bright and dazzling towers, like golden vertical eyes looking at the “gorge” indifferently.

   In front of the “Canyon”, there are gray withered trees thousands of meters high, floating like huge feathers.

   On the branches of dead trees, crouching, monsters formed by powerhouses and ominous beasts of various races.

   A smell of decay, loneliness, and ancient times rippled from this sea of ​​trees and mutant monsters.


  The gray dead tree is like a huge fan, afraid of hitting the golden sea of ​​light in the “gorge”, causing the lightning glow in the light to splash.

  Many mutant monsters entrenched in the dead tree, after being hit by the golden electric light, the pus-filled rotting body instantly pierced through it, but it could heal quickly in a short time.

   The Star River in front of the “Canyon” has an unprecedented amount of filthy energy, which seems to be continuously supporting these mutant monsters.

   such and such, it has actually been nine days

  nine days ago, it was Chairman Li who came here. With his profound mystery, he involved two pieces of land and built a “canyon.”

   formed a barrier of golden light to prevent these gray dead trees and many mutant monsters from crossing the boundary.

   In the void on both sides of the “gorge”, all the filthy abilities were pulled away, and the two pieces of land were melted.

   As a result, a mutant monster is unable to adapt, will instinctively resist, and even become a terrifying “land of nothingness.”

   This also caused the mutant monsters gathered here, the gray dead trees, or the breakthrough contained the “canyon” of golden light.

   Or, just go back and exit Star Domain directly.

   apart from this, there is no other way to choose.

   So, numerous gray dead trees, thousands of mutant monsters, are continuously and repeatedly hitting the canyon, hitting the golden sea of ​​light, trying to pass through.

   There is no mutant monster, no gray dead tree, choose the same way to return.

   on the tenth day.

   A Djinn Race warrior wearing an ancient Battle Armor and full of rotten gray and dark aura suddenly emerged from the road where those dead trees and mutant monsters came.

  This Djinn Race warrior is also a monster that has been eroded by the filthy energy of the Outland.

   Most of his face was festered, and his dark brown eyes released distorted and chaotic rays of light.

   He is ten zhang tall, which is much bigger than the overwhelming majority Djinn Race clansman.

   After he appeared, the gray dead trees separated naturally to make way for him.

  The many mutant monsters entrenched on the dead tree, one by one looked extremely quiet, as if waiting for something.


   The Djinn Race warrior, who had been eroded and mutated, suddenly began to accelerate, going from the passage between the gray dead trees to the “canyon”.

  hu! hu hu hu!

   One after another, thousands of gray and turbid air currents escaped from the branches of those gray dead trees and poured into this strong and tall Djinn Race clansman within the body.

  Mutated Djinn Race warrior, if he is blessed by infinite battle strength, the old and tattered Battle Armor on his body will also brighten the internal lines, as if activated.


  , wrapped in terrorist forces, he brought the Battle Armor together, like a gray torrent, rushing into the golden light in the “gorge”.

   The next moment, he was in the sea of ​​golden light, flooded by golden lightning, and was shocked by crazy electric shocks.

   The golden ocean suddenly began to spread outward, while he was in the sea of ​​light, as if he was entangled by thousands of golden lightning snakes, struggling silently, breaking the lightning, trying to break free.

   At the same time, the Chidori world.

  The 7th floor of the pyramid-shaped hall, sitting in it personally, Chairman Li who guards the Divine Item, suddenly awakened.

The building specially built by the Chamber of Commerce for Yu Yuan, 3rd floor.

  Tong Laoqian took the “Jade Tower” and put it down on the counter with the “Blood Prison” full of demon swords.

  Yu Yuan handed over a batch of pill he had previously refined to Tong Laoqian. He probably talked about the special effects of the pill at a price that can be sold in Haoshan.

  Tong Laoqian is not the first time to help him sell pill.

   took the pill, and he asked some more questions. After Yu Yuan waved his hand, he left.

  An Ziqing, as well as the three daughters Luo Yue and Wen Lu, not at all return with Yu Yuan.

   Luo Yue took Wen Lu to another hall to identify the pill and buy some materials that can be used for pill concocting.

  An Ziqing went to sell the ominous beast, the palace of the big demon’s flesh and bones, and buy things that can help her energetic.

On the cultivation room on the 3rd floor of   , only Yu Yuan is left, looking at the counter in front of him, and the “Blood Hell” with the demon knife inside.

   while hesitating

   The Azure Phoenix empress wearing a dragon robe and a phoenix crown on her head suddenly appeared like a ghost-like, and said in a gentle but majestic voice: “Yu Yuan, I will take you elsewhere to try refining the blood hell. ”

   For her, Yu Yuan instinctively felt relieved, for some reason.

   Moreover, the reason why he disregarded the persuasion of the crowd and took down the demon sword at a high price of 30,000 spirit jade was because of a secret voice before she went downstairs.


  Yu Yuan nodded, then use bunches of spirit strength spirits to hold the counter.

   “You have a mental preparation, we will leave far.”

  Chen Qinghuang did not take off the phoenix crown. After she approached, she extended the hand to Yu Yuan and said, “Take my hand.”

  Yu Yuan didn’t even think about it, so he held her slender jade hand that was as white as gel fat, and only felt that her jade hand was slightly cool, as if holding a piece of white jade, the touch was extremely warm.

   The moment he clenched his hands, he keenly felt that the strongest female emperor ever had a slightly faster heartbeat.

  next moment, a destruction and regeneration ability that stopped his heartbeat, almost suffocating, broke out at the same time.

   hasn’t reacted yet, he feels like being swallowed by two endless vortex, flesh, soul, all consciousness and thoughts, all sinking into it.

   “It’s okay, let’s destroy where the nest is.”

   Chen Qinghuang’s soft voice sounded from the depths of Yu Yuan’s heart. It has the magical power to soothe people’s heart, so Yu Yuan did not make any overreactions and obediently let her arrange.

   It didn’t take long for Yu Yuan to faint and lose his head.

   billion millions and millions li, there is no longer a Star River that annihilates the Star Domain. The stars in the sky are like diamonds.

Under the shining Star River, there is a torn wall, an earth full of filthy energy.

   On the earth, there are dark red rivers, there are scorched mountains and rivers, and there are countless deep gullies.

   everywhere, there are traces of the horrible powerhouse battle. This world seems to be an ancient battlefield.

   Because of the existence of Star River Peak, he fought a hearty battle and died.


   Yu Yuan and Azure Phoenix Empress, two people, right here, Heaven and Earth, appeared in a huge bird’s nest suspended in the air.

   exudes destruction aura’s lair. After he and the Azure Phoenix queen arrived, they transformed into Azure Phoenix again.

  Azure Phoenix screamed happily at him and Chen Qinghuang, then soared into the sky again, returning to the endless Star River.

  ”It is returning to Haoshan. I can send it here at any time on its way back.”

   shook off Yu Yuan’s hand slightly, she took off the phoenix crown she was wearing, and a waterfall-like green silk draped naturally on the graceful back, and then revealed the upside-down sentient beings that can’t find any flaws. Perfect look.

   Her beauty is hard to describe in words, too illusory and ethereal, and not real enough.

   “Yu Yuan, you can try it here.”

  , she pointed to the cracked ground, and pointed to a relatively flat place. “It is said that Nie Qingtian was here many years ago, waving the sword of the sky, and killing the allied forces stationed here The whole army was destroyed. Heaven and Earth in this domain were also destroyed. The boundary wall was split by sword light, and so was the earth.”

  Yu Yuan was stunned, and when he looked closely, he realized that the gullies that were ten thousand meters long were really made of sword light streak across.

   At this moment, a familiar colorful peacock appeared in the starry sky after Azure Phoenix left.

In the    dazzling starlight, this huge colorful peacock is so graceful and cautious.

   “Peacock King!”

  Yu Yuan was shocked, backed a few steps abruptly, and kept his distance from Chen Qinghuang.

  Peacock King appeared, doesn’t it mean that the monster of Monster Race is also laying out an array outside?

   What did Chen Qinghuang want to get him here?