Invincible Powers Chapter 182

   Chidori World, in the hidden Cave Mansion specially opened by the Chamber of Commerce.

  Chairman Li brows tightly frowns, staring at the two prismatic crystal pillars in front of him, the crystal pillar reflects the sea of ​​golden light, the erect land, and the gray withered trees, plus many mutant monsters.

   He focused on looking towards and entered the golden sea of ​​light, the Djinn Race mutant monster entangled with infinite lightning.

   “It’s a bit tricky.”

After a long while, Chairman Li turned his head and said to Zhou You: “Tell Divine Soul Sect early so that they can make other preparations after defending the sea of ​​light.”

   Zhou You clicked nodded.

  ”Where is Chao Chaos Kun?” Chairman Li strangely said, “With his level of power, he should be able to set foot in the Chidori world a long time ago. Why didn’t I feel his presence?”

  The first guest official of the Chamber of Commerce, he opened his mouth and responded: “He does not want to set foot in the Chidori world.”

   Chairman Li froze for a moment, “What is he on guard? That girl named Lin Zhuyun, who is in the Chidori world, and Yu Yuan, is not enough for him to come in?”

   “Yu Yuan, I happen to be away at this time.” Zhou You said.

   “en?” Chairman Li motioned for him to continue.

  ”After he bought the Demon Blade Blood Prison, he was taken away by the Azure Phoenix Empress in his building.” Zhou You explained, “The spatial shock that emerged from it, I felt it. The Azure Phoenix Empress took him and went I don’t know where to refining the blood hell. However, it should be some Small World on the way to destroy the lair.”

   Junchen interrupted, “The behavior of the Azure Phoenix Queen is somewhat strange. President, have you ever thought that she may pretend to be an alliance with us, but secretly, she is still with the top five?”

   “No, you think too much.”

   Chairman Li was very relieved, laughed, and said: “Jun Chen, I tell you one thing, from her comprehend out of the undying bird and then Life Power, in order to re-enter the Free Spirit state with the destruction of the nest, she Will be regarded as a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh by the monster phoenix in Monster Palace.”

   Junchen was surprised, “undying bird, and the demon phoenix, is it natural opposition?”

  ”Smart.” Chairman Li nodded lightly, “The undying bird born in the chaos, and the monster phoenix of our vast world, will be eternal enemies. As for why, you can always figure out why you think about it slowly. Because of this premise, Divine Soul Sect and I dare to invite her.”

   “Because of knowing that she will always be impossible to be accepted by Monster Palace. And Monster Palace, we all know the strength and heritage of the vast world.”

   told him that, Jun Chen and Zhou You gradually realized that they no longer doubted.

   “However, I can’t figure out what she makes secretly.” Chairman Li groaned, and said, “Watch Yu Yuan, and tell Hei Xun

  , let him persuade Chaos Kun to come to Chidori as much as possible. “

   “I got it.”

   VIP area.

   Fernand of Asura Race, after wandering around for a while, sat quietly in his room, thinking about it.

   Suddenly, a bright blood line in his heart seemed to be awakened by a distant force, from the thickness of the hair, gradually enlarged.

   Fernand was shocked and immediately held his breath and concentrated all his attention.

   Within the shining blood line, there are extremely weak and small. He needs to condense all the spirits to be able to blur the perception of information generation, “Fernand”

   An incomparably majestic deep sound, such as from the most mysterious dark space in the universe of Star River.


   Fernand was in the quiet cultivation room, his tall body trembling greatly.

   He knew that the sound came from the current patriarch of their Asura Race, the Asura King who made countless powerhouses become terror-stricken at the news!

  As an Asura Race clansman, a great warrior, even if he becomes a rogue, he still worships the Asura Race king with his heart.

   Even though he has been severely punished by the opponent, he has become a gangster now.

  ”Go to a Human Race girl named Lin Zhuyun, follow my instructions, and act by her side. After the event is over, Fernand can return to the race. All the wrongs in the past, I have Erase it. If you love your daughter, you will also be qualified to enter the dark realm.”

   “Elena, has the potential to surpass you. She can prosper your family and become our dazzling star.”

  Asura King conveyed his instructions.

   Fernand listened quietly, not daring to miss a word.

  After the deep and majestic voice of Asura King, Fernand finally stopped. Fernand did not hesitate to respond with excitement through the bright blood line: “Be your will.”

   An unknown place.

  The earth is covered with deep gullies, Yu Yuan grinned and slammed his fist against the counter.


The counter made of    glazed glass suddenly all split up and in pieces, and many auras and crystal lights sputtered open, and the array of strange patterns contained in it was also instantly destroyed.

   That long knife fell to the ground because of this.

   A strange suction force was released from the long knife, and the Mysterious Gate acupuncture point in Yu Yuan’s chest was stinging and burning, as if being affected by the long knife.

   A colorful light curtain of demon energy shrouds where Yu Yuan is, and the Peacock King floats above the light curtain to help suppress this small World.

   Inside the demon-powered light curtain, Chen Qinghuang, with a beautiful face, looks

   also gradually became more solemn.

   “I will try it first.”

   Yu Yuan squatted halfway, reaching out to hold the handle of the demon knife, his palm seemed to be pierced by hundreds of needles, and as the threads of blood were drawn away, his internal organs, bones and muscles Mai seems to be also affected by that demon sword, and wants to squeeze into the demon sword directly and become a part of it.

   gave a deep sigh, he ran “Fiend Demon Body Refinement Art” to control his own flesh and blood, and then used “Wisdom Forging Soul Art” wisely to stay awake and not be controlled by evil thoughts.

   Then, he escaped into the wisps of blood in the demon knife, and he felt induction.

In the    Monster Sword, there are seven groups of Blood Soul the size of a fist, like dark red eyes, as if staring at his blood, and immediately began to gather and snatch wildly.

   Seven Blood Soul groups, still fighting with each other, are full of fanatical and murderous aura.

   apart from this, there are countless more, rice-sized blood spots, and there are brutal, crazy, and murderous blood inside.

   When he wanted to sense it carefully, he found that the blood that had escaped into the demon knife had disappeared without a trace.

   He can no longer notice any movement in the demon knife, and his internal organs have shifted unfathomable mystery in a short time, causing blood to bleed from his mouth, but he didn’t know it.

   It seems that the pain is missing.

   “For the time being, don’t touch the handle of the knife with your hand.” Chen Qinghuang’s voice sounded faintly, “I have a suggestion, you immerse Yin God or Heaven Soul in that Altar of Life . Directly release Altar of Life from the Qi and Blood Small World, after shrinking it, enter the inside of the demon knife.”

   Because of her words, Yu Yuan let go first, thought about it, and got a little bit of his chest.

   The crimson “Altar of Life” immediately floated out of his blood and blood Small World.

   Peacock King was outside the demon-powered light curtain, her eyes suddenly hot, she looked at the legendary “Altar of Life”, as if looking at the most precious gem between Heaven and Earth.

   “If it wasn’t for the Queen Your Majesty, I would try to seize this altar.” She hummed.

  ”Yu Yuan, I think it’s better for you to move Heaven Soul to Altar of Life. Others are in Soul Wonder Realm, Heaven Soul cannot be separated from Sea of ​​Consciousness, you are different. You cultivated Divine Soul Sect’s Wisdom Forging Soul Art , Already in tempering Heaven Soul, you can do it.”

  Chen Qinghuang continued, “Also, your Yang God body, don’t think about other ways. Just use this Altar of Life as a prototype, Heaven Soul falls into it, and then uses spirit strength and soul to slow down Just refine it.”

As soon as    said this, Yu Yuan’s heart was shaken, secretly thought, how could this be?

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