Invincible Powers Chapter 843


  Feng Zhong with a goatee, gray robe and wretched smile on his face rubbed his hands and Yang Sheng said hello.

  Yu Yuan startled: “Why are you here?”

  Feng Zhong is not only a “wind chanter” who sells news, but also the controller behind Rift Islands, Heavenspan Island, Yang God Realm Peak great cultivator, and he is No. 1 in the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce.

  He is also the most powerful person in the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce that Yu Yuan has come into contact with.

   This area was carefully selected by Luo Yue, and there was no one nearby.

   Yu Yuan couldn’t think of it. When he and Luo Yue came out, they ran into Feng Zhong immediately.

   Feng Zhong smiled all over his face when he shouted out his name. There was no surprise or surprise between the expressions, as if he was certain that he would appear.

   And, it’s from here to show up.

   “As a wind chanter, what you want is to be well informed.” Feng Zhong grinned, with a mouthful of yellow teeth. He glanced at Luo Yue and said with a flattering smile: “It’s hard for me to hide it.”

  ”What did I hide from you?” Luo Yue said coldly.

   “I thought you were dead.” Feng Zhong was crying.

   “I will not die, what does it have to do with you?” Luo Yue looked impatient, “You are you, I am me, there is not much overlap.”

   “You know what I’m thinking.” Feng Zhong’s mouth is bitter.

   Yu Yuan was surprised, pointed at Feng Zhong, and then at Luo Yue, “Do you two know?”

  ”It’s more than acquaintance.” Feng Zhong sighed, “I persuaded her to stop cultivating voodoo secrets, which deposit all kinds of toxins in her body. She just didn’t listen. She bought a lot of poisonous plants, poison. Insect is also by my hand. Hey, I have been persuaded for that many years, but it is useless”

  Feng Zhong, with thief eyebrows, suddenly complained and pityed himself, complaining in his mouth, with love in his eyes.

  Yu Yuan immediately understood what was going on.

   Luo Yue, who was regarded as a discipline by him in his previous life, has been admired by Feng Zhong for many years, but it seems that his discipline does not seem to have a cold with Feng Zhong.

  Feng Zhong, it should be just wishful thinking.

  ”Senior Sister, did you summon him?” After a moment of stunned, Yu Yuan meant to come over, “You know I’m going out, so you called Feng Zhong to come over?”

   “Nonsense, otherwise why am I here?” Feng Zhong was not so humble when he treated him, “You brat’s name is not in vain. It really is the name is not in vain. Take a trip to Land of Fear, two Ghost Kings died, countless ghosts disappeared because of this.”

   “I asked you to come here, not for you to accuse me of Junior Brother.” Luo Yue frowned.

  Feng Zhong immediately licked his face again and laughed, “I praise him out of the ordinary! Don’t you know, when I cruised on the sea, I saw him unusual! At that time, I didn’t know that he was your Junior Brother. He got the inheritance of the medicine god Hong Qi. I intuitively thought that he would be the top one.”

   “I don’t have any other abilities, knowing people, that’s a must.”

  ”Also, I took care of him when he was in the Rift Islands. When he was in the wasteland, I also asked Gao Qin to give him and Yu Family a lot of convenience. If you don’t believe me, you can ask he?”

   “Yu Yuan, if you still have a conscience, just tell the truth, I Feng Zhong is not thin to you, right?”

   He winked at Yu Yuan.

   “This is true.” Yu Yuan clicked nodded.

  Feng Zhong smiled, gave a child’s instructable look, and hurriedly asked Luo Yue for his credit, “Look, I didn’t lie to you? Yu Yuan, it’s also the fate between you and me! I don’t know you. Become Luohu Ghost King, I don’t know he has a pedigree with you, but I looked at Yu Yuan in the first place!”

   “Don’t talk about these imaginary people, I call you over, you know what you want to know.” Luo Yue said sternly.

  As soon as he said this, the smile on Feng Zhong’s face suddenly faded.

  His expression was serious, he groaned, and said: “I suggest you not go to Lingxie Town.”

   Yu Yuan and Luo Yue didn’t say a word, they just looked towards him.

  ”Heavenly Evil Sect, a Yang God great cultivator named Li Tihai, is the realm cultivation base of Middle-Stage, who practices in Lingxie Town.” Feng Zhong continued, “I read the Chamber of Commerce spirit material classics, After finding several batches of records, Li Tihai purchased several auxiliary medicinal herb to perform the soul-burning technique.”

  ”Li Tihai, he is loyal to Heavenly Evil Sect Sect Master Yun Hao. He must have got Yun Hao’s tacit approval for what he did.”

   “Although Yunhao is not in Lingxie Town, he is still fighting outside the sky, but our Chamber of Commerce has the news that he has actually returned half a month ago and is now in Heavenly Evil Sect.”

  ”As a Sect’s Master, Yun Hao is also a great cultivator in the late stage of Free Spirit, and the three souls are in Heavenly Evil Sect.”

  ”Such Yunhao, unless Primordial Spirit Realm great cultivator comes in person, otherwise Zu An has no chance of winning in his nest.”

  ”In addition to Yunhao, Heavenly Evil Sect also has many powerhouses in sect. As long as you show up in Lingxie Town, as long as you expose it, you will never leave alive.”

  Feng Zhong said something more, the layout of Lingxie Town, the current battle strength of Heavenly Evil Sect.

   Luo Yue didn’t say a word after listening, just looked at Yu Yuan.

   She called Feng Zhong to come here in secret, hoping that through Feng Zhong’s message, Yu Yuan would know what she would face, and she hoped that Yu Yuan could change her mind.

  Don’t have to go to Lingxie Town to beg death.

   “I am a little Yu Yuan, who can make Heavenly Evil Sect so targeted, so deliberately, I feel a little proud.” Yu Yuan touched his nose and laughed to himself.

  ”Heavenly Evil Sect, I am also surprised to use your biological mother as the chapter.” Feng Zhong frowned.

   just then.

   Space is full of amazing waves, a splendid channel is formed out of thin air, and Yan Qiling emerges from it.

   Yan Qiling of the superb Space Secret Technique, stands two meters in front of Yu Yuan through the channel, said with a faint smile: “I thought you would communicate with me in Land of Fear and help you kill Ming Dou. “

  He made a lot of preparations in the strange space of Falling Moon Forbidden Land.

   didn’t expect, Yu Yuan never communicated with Soul Transformation Pond again, and didn’t contact him.

   All the things that happened in Land of Fear, he knows now. When Yu Yuan left Land of Fear to communicate with Soul Transformation Pond, he sensed Yu Yuan’s message and rushed over.

   straddles two continents, for him now, with no difficulty.

  ”Heavenly Evil Sect, a Yang God great cultivator named Li Tihai, detained my mother’s soul, and forced me out by burning soul-seeking techniques.” When facing Yan Qiling, Yu Yuan was naturally close and did not hide anything. , “You are proficient in Space Spirit Art, I want you to help me and see if you can save her.”

   “Okay.” Yan Qiling agreed with a smile.

   did not ask any more, did not understand what else to face except Li Tihai.

   just made it clear, and agreed first.

  Feng Zhong and Luo Yue were both stunned when Yan Qiling appeared.

  Anyone who is proficient in Space Secret Technique can be respected, not to mention the one in front of him, according to the news from Chamber of Commerce, the understanding of space power is close to Zhou You.

   And Zhou You, used to be the builder of all Space Transmission Arrays of Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce.

   “Heavenly Evil Sect’s Sect Master Yunhao is also there.” Yu Yuan said.

   “The guy who has escaped from the outside world to recuperate, is not to be afraid.” Yan Qiling still smiled, “In the land of Heavenly Evil Sect, it may be a little troublesome to fight, but don’t worry too much. Yun Hao, and It seems that Li Tihai is not clear, who they provoke.”

  ’s words are extremely arrogant.

   Luo Yue and Feng Zhong both stayed.

  Even Yu Yuan himself was confused.

   Listening to Yan Qiling’s tone, going to the territory of Heavenly Evil Sect, saving people under Yun Hao’s nose, it’s just a little troublesome, it doesn’t seem too difficult.

   What is going on?

   Yan Qiling chuckled softly, “We are very strong, really strong.”

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