Invincible Powers Chapter 844

  Lingxie Town.

  Palace of limestone piled with three glazed lamps, Li Tihai with a look of withered, frowns, muttered: “Strange.”

In the    glazed lamp, the light goes out, and three thin and slender soul shadows sway gently.

  The gloomy and dim hall is full of weirdness, and the stone wall is engraved with patterns of demons and evil spirits.

   Li Tihai from the Middle-Stage cultivation base of Yang God is born in Loose Cultivator. Before reaching Yang God, he wanders around the Rift Islands all the year round, burning, killing, looting, and untold evil.

  His fierce methods were chosen by Heavenly Evil Sect Yun Hao to help him condense Yang God.

   After entering the Yang God realm, the Loose Cultivator was recruited by Heavenly Evil Sect and became the guest official of Heavenly Evil Sect.

   Yunhao has the kindness to know him, and Li Tihai knows well that Yunhao is his greatest support and the backer for his future realm breakthrough.

   is the same. After he was introduced to Heavenly Evil Sect, he became the most loyal dog beside Yunhao.

   is still a mad dog.

  He is very smart. He can understand Yunhao’s intentions and do it himself without Yunhao’s instructions.

   For example, many years ago, after he was a descendant of the Evil King, Yu Family in the clearly understood Dark Moon City, he would spare no effort to hunt down any Yu Family who had a cultivator.

  Yu Ying is one, Yu Jue is the other.

  , Yu Family was not quietly extinguished sect, because he later discovered that the Ann of Blood God Church was watching Yu Family in secret.

   Blood God Church’s bloody cobwebs were laid in Dark Moon City for a long time. He tried it once and suffered a bitter lesson, so he was much more honest.

   But, leaving Dark Moon City, leaving the Yu Family clansman of Silvermoon Empire, if there are extraordinary, he will pay attention.

  ”hundred or so years, Yu Family suddenly appeared in large numbers, suppressing a Yu Ying, and a Yu Jue. Finally, suppressing the momentum of Yu Jue, his stupid son turned out to be born again.” “.”

   Li Tihai’s eyes were gloomy, staring at the faint ghost shadow inside the glass lampshade.

   The rise of Yu Yuan came too suddenly and too quickly.

   Before he had time to prepare, he discovered that Yu Yuan had broken through, hit the Yin God realm, and was sheltered by Land of Fear Bai Gu, which was also related to Heaven Overlooking Peak Zu An.

   Not long ago, he accidentally learned that in Land of Fear, Yu Yuan nearly killed Mo Yan and even alarmed Zhu Zhenlin.

   With an idea, he suddenly felt bad thoughts and tried to pass Yu Yuan’s birth mother, who had been confined for many years, to force him out of the Land of Fear and induce him to be killed by Heavenly Evil Sect.

   He believes that the current Yu Yuan has also become Yun Hao’s scourge.

   eradicating Yu Yuan for the master, not only can please Yunhao, but also by the way, please Zhu Zhenlin, the number two figure of Demon Palace.

   The reason why he feels strange now is that Yu Yuan’s position changed too much when he used the “soul burning technique” again.

   Sometimes in Nirvana Continent

   North, sometimes south of Nirvana Continent, elusive and difficult to determine.

   He began to wonder, is there something wrong with the “burning soul search technique”?

   Otherwise, why can Yu Yuan’s position be pulled as far as 10,000,000 li in one or two hours?

  , a little upset, he walked out of the graystone palace, floated on the eaves, and glanced at the mountains where Heavenly Evil Sect was located, feeling the Spiritual Qi of Lingxie Town, and the connection with the mountains.

  ”dīng líng líng!”

The copper bells hanging from the eaves of the pavilions in    Lingxie Town suddenly heard a rapid sound.

   Li Tihai complexion slightly changed.

   One after another silhouette, stepping out of the buildings next to each other, hundreds of the doormen of Heavenly Evil Sect, as well as their families, looked around blankly.

All houses in    Lingxie Town are arranged in a specific way, with a spirit vein connected in series underneath.

   The sound of bells at this moment is a warning.

   There was Outsider, and he broke in quietly, causing those bells.


   Li Tihai’s soul thought penetrated all around like sea water, trying to find out who had entered Lingxie Town and triggered the bell to warn him.

  ”Who is this kidding me Heavenly Evil Sect?”

   A rough and bold voice, from the opposite side of Li Tihai, another building roared up.

   I saw a majestic middle-aged man out of the ordinary, with five beautiful and flowery women, standing on the high platform of that building, eyes divine light like electricity, scolded loudly: “Lingxie town, although not I am inside Heavenly Evil Sect, but everyone knows that Lingxie Town is also part of my Heavenly Evil Sect!”

  ”Where did you come from? If you have something to discuss with Heavenly Evil Sect, please show up, don’t hide your head and tail, and cause unnecessary misunderstanding.”

   Li Tihai let out a sigh of relief when he appeared.

   Qiu Muge, Peak great cultivator in the late stage of Yang God, only one step away from Free Spirit.

   This person likes to collect beautiful women, has a romantic nature, and his personal battle strength is superb. He is two steps higher than Li Tihai.

  Chou Muge’s mentor, killed Star River in Outland, he has always been at odds with the current Sect Master Yun Hao.

   This one, I don’t go to the gate of Heavenly Evil Sect all the year round, and I haven’t spent a long time in Lingxie Town. Li Tihai hasn’t seen him for a long time, and I don’t know when he will come back.

   The five women around Qiu Muge are all young and old, but the realm is all thin, and the innate talent is ordinary.

   Li Tihai, who seeks the truth, feels that Qiu Muge is not doing his job properly, is obsessed with female sex, and picks only useless vases, and the two are not right.

   Li Tihai, who has a ghost in his heart, felt a little relieved when he heard the warning sound and saw Qiu Muge there.

   If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. Qiu Muge has a higher realm and stronger strength. He is also a Heavenly Evil Sect.

   “Don’t speak? Do I have to force you to show up?”

   Qiu Muge is coldly snorted, and I didn’t even look at Li Tihai on the other side, releasing a green Spirit Sword, and then another

   drip blood essence into it, pinch Spirit Art secretly, and say: “go!”

   The green Spirit Sword instantly turned into a charming girl in a green dress, giggling, and heading towards Li Tihai’s pavilion like a charm.

   Li Tihai suddenly changed color, “Qiu Mu Ge!”

   “What are you shouting, are you blind? The intruder is in your house!” Qiu Muge looked disgusted, “Don’t think I don’t know what you are hiding inside. You use the soul-seeking technique. The movement is not small at all. I don’t care whose soul you act in secret, but you provoke people.”

   Just as Li Tihai did not like him, he did not like Li Tihai either.

  咻! call out!

   The silhouettes of Li Tihai and Qiu Muge flashed, and appeared in the greystone palace in no particular order.

  Three extinguished colored glass lamps, imprisoning three fuzzy shadows, the colored glass lampshade contains Li Tihai’s soul mark, he only needs to move his mind slightly, and the soul of Yu Yuan’s mother in the lampshade will dissipate .

   I want to save, but I can’t save it.

   The girl in the green skirt turned into a green Spirit Sword, like a ball of green Nether Fire, floats above a man’s head.

  The man wears a black and white robe, looks handsome, with a smile on the corners of his mouth, facing Li Tihai and Qiu Muge, and introduces himself calmly, “My name is Yan Qiling.”

  He glanced at the top of his head, a girl in a green dress made of sword intents, and said to Qiu Muge: “I’m coming to Li Tihai and want to make a sale.”

   points to the three lights, “This woman’s Heaven, Earth and Human three souls, I want them to be intact, and the price is easy to say.”

  ”Yan Qiling?” Qiu Muge thought carefully, shook the head, “I have never heard of this name, what kind of person are you?”

   Li Tihai also expressed confusion.

  ”Divine Soul Sect.” Yan Qiling said with a slight smile.

   Qiu Muge and Li Tihai froze instantly if they were hit hard.

  like thunder piercing the ear!

   With the return of Divine Soul Sect, Heaven and Earth can no longer conceal this side. Once dominating the vastness, the three upper sects and the Demon Palace and the Monster Palace all have to lean over and admire the superb Hegemon.

   Recently, the name of Divine Soul Sect is even more resounding and painful to your ears.

  Heavenly Evil Sect’s current Sect Master Yunhao, the reason why he returned from the Outland Star River ahead of time was because he encountered a powerhouse of Divine Soul Sect and was hit hard by the opponent.

   Yunhao sneaks back to sect, it is the peaks of harmony, recuperating and restoring strength to heal injuries.

   For the great cultivator in the Yang God realm and the Free Spirit realm, every sound of Divine Soul Sect recently has been heard like a nightmare.

  ”God, Divine Soul Sect?”

   Li Tihai stammered a bit, glanced at the three lights, and suddenly caught a thread, “Then Yu Yuan, is it related to Divine Soul Sect? Impossible! He is too young to leave the vast world, he People who can’t reach Divine Soul Sect!”

   “Stop talking gossip, make a price, let go.” Yan Qiling said.

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