Invincible Powers Chapter 845

   In the next second, outside Lingxie Town, there was a loud shout: “Silvermoon Empire, Dark Moon City, Yu Yuan, please see you!”

   “Yu Yuan!”

   is also in Lingxie Town. Among the crowd watching the excitement of Heavenly Evil Sect, some people screamed.

  ”Nantou, Yu Yuan who asked to meet outside the town, is that the one you said?”

  A tall man looking at the simple and honest, and at Qi Nandou who is as soft as a woman, suddenly became interested, “Is it? I listened to you after returning from Starash Sea Territory, and praised him! Is it him? ?”

   “Listen to the sound, it should be.” Qi Nandou looked strange.

   In the seabed of Starash Sea Territory that year, Mysterious Gate shattered and Crystal Bottle shattered. He was severely injured and returned to Heavenly Evil Sect with a sullen head and face.

   thought he would be laughed at by everyone inside the door.

   but didn’t expect, he who returned alive is already a proof of strength.

   Demon Palace guards the rebellion of Hei Xun, Chaos Kun is born, Blood Spirit Altar ascends to heaven, under this series of shocks, Tang Can is dead, and the trialist of Tianyuan Continent and Nirvana Continent almost died.

  His Qi Nandou was just injured, but not dead, and he still played a big role. What does it mean?

   shows that he is capable enough!

   Soon after, his Master took the shot himself, and went to the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce to purchase a pill for repairing the Mysterious Gate acupuncture at a high price to help him recover completely.

   He was a blessing in disguise, realm advanced by leaps and bounds, and in just a few years, he also condensed Yin God.

   Now he is slightly higher than Yu Yuan realm, and he is a Yin God realm Middle-Stage.

  ”People are outside, can’t you let them in?”

In the    Greystone Hall, Yan Qiling did not look at Li Tihai, but smiled and asked Qiu Muge’s opinion.

  Because of the Lingxie Town at this moment, Qiumuge has the highest realm, and it is also the orthodox identity of Heavenly Evil Sect, not a guest official like Li Tihai’s supernumerary.

  ”He dared to come, does Heavenly Evil Sect have any reason to refuse?” Abandoning this sentence, the voice of Qiu Muge suddenly rang from the hall, “Let that kid enter the evil town!”


   Someone answered, let go of the prohibition, and go to welcome Yu Yuan.

   Soon, Yu Yuan, dressed in black cloth, came alone from the entrance of the town under the attention of many eyes of Lingxie Town.

   “It really is you.”

  Qi Nandou came out more and more, standing in front of many Heavenly Evil Sect doormen and family members, took a deep look at him, and sighed: “long time no see.”

   “Qi Nandou?”

   Yu Yuan was also surprised. He didn’t expect to meet his comrades who used to fight side by side in the Starash Sea Territory in Lingxie Town.

   He has always been impressed with Qi Nandou, but he doesn’t feel any ill feelings. It was also because Qi Nandou was severely injured and the utensils were damaged, and he regretted it for a while.

  ”Congratulations, not only did you recover completely from your injury, your realm is also amazingly high.”

   With Yu Yuan’s current keen perception, and Qi Nandou glanced at each other, he judged his battle strength and realm, and knew what he knew.

   “It seems that the realm is higher than you, but if the cultivation speed is faster, it’s you.” Qi Nandou didn’t feel arrogant at all. “Back in the Starash Sea Territory, I was in the Nuance realm, and you were just Dark Burst. Hey, count. Now, let’s not mention the things over there, what did you suddenly come to Lingxie Town to do?”

   Yu Yuan was in Azure Phoenix City, leaving the city alone, with Zu An, and being taken care of by the big demon Lu Liu, everyone knows.

   Not long ago, in Land of Fear and Bai Gu, he challenged the major Ghost Kings, leading to the disappearance of Ming Dou. The failure of the three upper sects, Demon Palace and Monster Palace, was also spread all over the world.

   Yu Yuan’s name, now like thunder piercing the ear.

   Looking at his former comrades-in-arms, Qi Nandou’s feelings are quite complicated. Especially after knowing that even Cao Jiaze of Profound Heaven Sect lost his hand in Land of Fear, he felt more and more that Yu Yuan was really terrifying to the extreme.

  Just, shouldn’t you just stay in Land of Fear?

   is so sensitive to the timing, stepping out and wandering around outside, isn’t it just looking for death?

   Qi Nandou is full of doubts.

  ”You Li Tihai Senior of Heavenly Evil Sect, detained my biological mother’s soul, and forced me to come over with my soul-finding technique.” Yu Yuan’s sullen gaze swept over everyone present, and finally stayed in the greystone palace.” It’s not that I want to come to Heavenly Evil Sect to make trouble. Someone wants me to come.”

   Qi Nandou suddenly changed color, “How is this possible?”

   “Do you think I will deceive you?” Yu Yuan retorted.

   Qi Nandou suddenly fell silent.

   The other doormen of Heavenly Evil Sect listened to Yu Yuan’s confession of the truth, and they started talking like a pan.

   How weird and evil the “burning soul search technique” is. Everyone at the scene knew that the soul of Yu Yuan’s birth mother was imprisoned. With this sorcery coercion, what hatred did Li Tihai and Yu Yuan have?

   Everyone subconsciously looked towards the grey stone palace, with question marks in their eyes.

   “I will take you over.”

   Qi Nandou hesitated for a moment, and went over there first, and signaled Yu Yuan to follow.

  Yu Yuan walked without fear.

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