Invincible Powers Chapter 846

   The gloomy graystone hall, three glazed lamps, and three thin shadows in the lampshade.

   and the scene that forced him into the Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World, repeatedly torturing him, are completely the same, with no errors.

   Yu Yuan instantly concluded that this is the place where the other party performed the “soul burning soul-seeking technique”, knowing that the soul of his mother in the three glazed lamps.

   The extremely rich murderous intention suddenly radiated from his whole body, and he stared at Li Tihai abruptly. Li Tihai’s silhouette is like a monster in the depths of the night, covering three glazed lamps with shadows, “As long as you dare to make any changes, she will the soul flew away and scattered. Boy, I know you have Fiend Demon Cauldron I also know that if the great cauldron can cover the glazed lamp, you might be able to isolate the spiritual connection between me and the soul seal.”

  ”So, you better not try.”

   “As long as I see something is wrong and feel wrong, I will let your mother’s soul burst.”

   People are in Lingxie Town, Li Tihai has confidence.

   At this time, he also vaguely sensed that from the deep mountains of Heavenly Evil Sect, a gaze slowly lifted into the sky, looking down at Lingxie Town, paying attention to the movement of the place.

   For an instant, he was more confident.

   “I, Dark Moon City Yu Family, is a descendant of the evil king Yu Xi.” Yu Yuan took the lead.

  ”What?!” Yingwei out of the ordinary’s song of hatred, because of Yu Yuan this remark, his heart was shocked, “Is this true? Yu Family, the descendant of the evil king? Boy, don’t talk about it!”

   Evil King, there is only one, Yu Xi!

   In the history of Heavenly Evil Sect, there are generations of Sect Masters who dare to call themselves the Evil King. There is only one.

   Because, it only took him 300 years to condense the Primordial Spirit!

  He is the most glorious evil king in the history of Heavenly Evil Sect!

   Qiu Muge’s teacher, and the current Sect Master Yun Hao, are his disciplines.

  When the Evil King was alive, Qiu Muge’s mentor was even more popular with the Evil King. 700 years ago, the Evil King was regarded as the first choice of the next generation of Sect Masters.

   However, after the evil king had an accident in the Outland Star River, Yun Hao became the current Sect Master with the support of Demon Palace Zhu Zhenlin.

  His mentor also stepped into the footsteps of the evil king, and died because of a battle outside the sky, the soul flew away and scattered.

   is the same. Qiu Muge has always been wrong with Yunhao. Although he is the gatekeeper of Heavenly Evil Sect, he has been wandering outside all year round.

  in the bones, he thinks that his Master should be the contemporary Sect Master.

   Qiu Muge admires the evil king Yu Xi and admires his Master, so he doesn’t catch a cold with Yunhao. He is obviously a sect person, but like idle cloud wild crane.

   was shocked that the Yu Family of Dark Moon City was actually a descendant of the evil king Yu Xi, and his mood suddenly became agitated.

  ”Li Tihai!”

   Qiu Muge’s expression is gloomy, her eyes are bright and bright, “Yu Family, since you are a descendant of the evil king, why do you imprison Yu Yuan’s mother’s soul? Also, you dare to use the soul-burning technique on her?!”

  ”The descendants of the evil king, who turned their backs on the vast world, and Divine Soul Sect, and the evil spirits of the outer world, are naturally our enemies.” Li Tihai has said, “Qiu Muge, everything I do is for vast world! Don’t be afraid to tell you the truth, Sect Master also knows about this, and he has to endure the pain!”

  ”Dayi destroys relatives?” Qiu Muge suddenly became irritable.

   Regardless of what Li Tihai said, when he learned from Yu Yuan that Yu Family is the queen of evil, he probably guessed what was going on.

  The evil king he admired and admired. Once he condensed the Primordial Spirit, he encountered the powers of the Outland Star River and was annihilated. There were many strange things.

   Over the years, he has inferred many things from many clues.

   He also knew that Yu Yuan’s soul was imprisoned, not a day or two.

   Li Tihai, who was recruited to Heavenly Evil Sect, might have asked Li Tihai to do some things that he was inconvenient to show up and were dishonorable.

   “Evil, the descendants of the Evil King!”

   Outside the hall, Qi Nandou who brought Yu Yuan over, left in no hurry and heard the conversation inside.

  ”Who are the descendants of the evil king?”

  A follower, seeing Qi Nandou muttering to himself, couldn’t help asking.

   involves the evil king, any cultivator of Heavenly Evil Sect, will pay attention to it.

   “Yu Yuan, and the Yu Family of Dark Moon City, are the pride of our Heavenly Evil Sect! The previous generation of Sect Master, descendants of the evil king Yu Xi!” Qi Nandou shouted.

   There is only so much he can help.

  ”Yu Family, descendants of Yu Xi, the evil king!”

   One stone stirred up waves.

  All the sect children in Lingxie Town, Elder, were boiled by Qi Nandou’s this remark. Those who wanted to stay out of the matter flocked to the greystone hall where Li Tihai was.

  Evil King, Heavenly Evil Sect is the god of many people in mind!

   When the evil king was alive, Heavenly Evil Sect was better than the current Scarlet Demon Sect and Blood God Church. When he advanced to Primordial Spirit, he let it out, and when he returned from the sky, he immediately challenged Zhu Zhenlin.

  Evil King is in charge of Heavenly Evil Sect, which is the most flourishing period of sect. Every cultivator of Heavenly Evil Sect is arrogant outside!

  In an instant, the greystone hall where Li Tihai was located was blocked by the surrounding water.


   The stone gate of the Greystone Palace was smashed to pieces by a beard, burly old man. He ignored Li Tihai’s glaring stare and rushed in, “Li Tihai, you are confined Soul, but the daughter-in-law of Yu Family? You are so brave, do you dare to use the soul-burning technique for his descendants?”

  ”Li Tihai, you crazy dog, don’t you know where you are?”

   “Crazy! You are crazy! Since you know that she is a member of Yu Family and that Yu Family is a descendant of the Evil King, how dare you do this?”

   Group sentiment is exciting!

   There are more than a dozen silhouettes in a row, with Yin God realm and Soul Wonder Realm.

The burly old man headed by    is an Early-Stage cultivator in the Yang God realm. He was originally a sect protecting descendant of the evil spirits, and didn’t want to take care of Li Tihai’s incident. He heard that the Yu Family is the descendant of the evil king and finally bears it. Can’t help it.

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