Invincible Powers Chapter 847

  Greystone Palace, the silhouette is melancholy.

   More than a dozen Heavenly Evil Sect cultivators with different realm levels surrounded Li Tihai and cursed loudly at him.

The burly old man named Lu Geng headed by   , Tumu Xingzi sprayed Li Tihai’s face.

   Li Tihai had to pick up the three glazed lamps and put them in the cuffs.

   “Yu Yuan, are you the queen of evil?”

   Qi Nandou also rushed in, expressing excitement, “Since you are the Evil Queen, you are also part of the Heavenly Evil Sect! Yu Yuan, ah Yu Yuan, when I was in the Starash Sea Territory, I felt like seeing you right away. Then At that time, I didn’t know the reason, but now I understand.”

   His feminine, handsome face is full of joy.

  , the people who poured into the hall, each and everyone who was outside each and everyone looked at Yu Yuan who was not pleasing to the eye. When they learned that he was a descendant of the evil king Yu Xi, I saw the look in his eyes and the attitude towards him. Heaven and Earth turning upside down change.

  each and everyone, suddenly became kind-eyed.

  Yu Yuan was also stunned.

   tells the origin of Yu Family and the evil king. He followed Yan Qiling’s advice. He dared to say it. He also knew that the one who is now in Land of Fear has officially embarked on the path of transforming into Ghost God.

   With the shelter of the source of the Yin Vessel, it is the present moment that no one can stop the Ghost God.

   Because he didn’t need to worry about anything, after he came to Lingxie Town, he dared to just and honorable tell the connection between Yu Family and that person.

   I never thought that 700 years later, that person in Heavenly Evil Sect would still have such a terrifying influence!

  I had contact with the person in Land of Fear. Yu Yuan always felt that Bai Gu was not good at words, and he was a calm and stern stranger. I never thought that the people of Heavenly Evil Sect admired him so much.

   It was just to tell the relationship between Yu Family and the evil king. What had originally caused him a headache, seemed to suddenly become a lot easier.

  ”Li Tihai!”

   Lu Geng from the Early-Stage of Yang God, the late Peak’s Qiu Mu song, blocked him from left to right.

   Outer circle, a dozen powerhouses of Yin God Realm and Soul Wonder Realm, even the utensils have been taken out.

  ”Three glazed lamps, hand them over immediately!”

   Qiu Muge didn’t give any room for maneuver, and just extended the hand. During the speech, a pocket Spirit Sword shining with cyan, white, and red divide light, arranged behind him like a peacock on the screen.

   Qiu Muge, the sword technique of repairing evil, nine carefully refining evil swords, shining brightly in the dark room.

   Looking closely, I can see nine evil swords, there are five outstanding female soul shadows inside, the other two magic shadows transformed by Earth Demon, and a seven-tailed Bai Hu, plus a lightning snake .

   Nine-handled evil sword, with nine souls hidden inside.

   Li Tihai’s eyebrows and acupuncture points suddenly burst into blood. He was shocked, and his consciousness was a little confused, “Qiu Mu Ge! You must use the evil sword technique to control my soul!”

   “You are a Loose Cultivator, can join me Heavenly Evil Sect, I don’t know how much dogshit luck I have left!” Qiu Muge coldly said, “You are a mad dog, just be a dog! But you are too courageous, even old The descendants of Sect Master have been coerced and used the Soul Burning Technique to find relatives. You are seeking death by yourself.”

   “Hand over the three glazed lamps immediately!” Lu Geng said angrily.

   Li Tihai just wanted to speak, and his chest suddenly hurt.

   A Bai Hu with seven tails, unconsciously, escaped into its Small World.

   “Yu Yuan, a traitor to the vast world, he” Li Tihai yelled.

  ”He is him, his mother is his mother!” Qiu Muge interrupted him, “If Yu Yuan abandons Haodong, he should be kicked out by Yu Family! But the Yu Family in Dark Moon City is still the old Sect Master. Future generations should not be implicated by this! Don’t talk nonsense, you don’t hand over things again, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

   “Chou Mu Ge you dare!” Li Tihai suddenly panicked.

The soul of the    glazed lantern is Yu Yuan’s mother, not from Qiu Muge.

   He understands Qiu Muge, once he becomes impulsive, he does not care about the consequences.

   He is confident that he can destroy Yu Yuan’s soul before Qiu Muge’s killer, but this is not the result he really wants.

   The result he wanted was that Yu Yuan died in Lingxie Town!

   But now, with the relationship between Yu Family and the evil king, Yu Yuan bluntly confessed, he was horrified to find that nearly half of the cultivator in the entire Lingxie town actually tilted towards each other.

  Until this moment, Li Tihai, as a Loose Cultivator, did not realize how terrifying the evil king Yu Xi was 700 years ago in Heavenly Evil Sect.

   died that many years, there are so many supporters, for his descendants, dared to challenge the current Sect Master Yunhao.

   He is Yunhao’s dog, everyone knows.

   Qiu Muge, people like Lu Geng are more aware of it.

   Even so, still surrounding him and persecuting him, wouldn’t it mean that he didn’t even give Yun Hao’s face?

   Yan Qiling, with a smile of harmless to humans and animals on his face, did not expect that after Yu Yuan revealed the origin of Yu Family and the evil king, such a big storm could be triggered.

   He changed his mind and got a new idea.

  He communicates with his heart and soul

  The connection between him and Yu Yuan is special. His heart and soul have been in his mind for a lifetime. Yu Yuan suddenly felt in touch. He glanced at him and immediately understood his intention.

   Yu Yuan clicked nodded, and then under Li Tihai’s surprised gaze, he suddenly withdrew from the stone hall and left.


  He flew down and fell towards it, as high as this gray stone palace, and the roof of another building, frowns, looked towards the mountains of Heavenly Evil Sect.

  Yan Qiling asked him to leave, saying that others were in the palace, but Li Tihai felt confident.

  He is gone, and many things are done more smoothly.

  ”Yu Yuan?”

   Qi Nandou drifted away and followed him out, “In the stone temple, you don’t care?”

  ”Believe, there will be results soon.” Yu Yuan pretended to be calm, staring at the mountains all the time, “The current Sect Master, will it appear soon?”

   “Sect Master Yun, I haven’t come back yet.” Qi Nandou said.

  Yu Yuan coldly snorted, Xindao Yun Hao even sect the person in his heart.

   was also at this moment, Fiend Demon Cauldron, who fell into his purple palace, quietly emerged and hung above his head.

  ”Yi! ”

As soon as    Fiend Demon Cauldron appeared, Yu Yuan keenly sensed that among the mountains, many souls’ magnetic fields were disturbed.

  wu wu!

   In the depths of the mountains, there was a whining sound.

   “What’s going on?” Qi Nandou startled, looking towards Fiend Demon Cauldron with a ghostly expression in the day, and said in shock: “Why does this tripod arouse my sect’s great formation? I also sensed the evil Zhu’s move!”

  Yu Yuan did not respond immediately, feeling the abnormality of Fiend Demon Cauldron while communicating with Yu Yiyi.

   soon, he understood what was going on.

  ”The mountains”

  He extends the hand, pointing to the sect of Heavenly Evil Sect, “There, it once belonged to Fiend Demon Sect! After Fiend Demon Sect was destroyed, Heavenly Evil Sect migrated over.”

  In the mountains, there are many Fiend Demon Sect great cultivator, refining out of the early Fiend Demon.

After the fall of   sect, Heavenly Evil Sect fell into it, and took advantage of the fact that Fiend Demon, which belonged to Fiend Demon Sect, was confined and turned into a source of power for the Heavenly Evil Sect.

   Sky Evil Orb is to control those Fiend Demon’s open eyes.

   When Fiend Demon Sect’s Sect Protecting Treasure appeared again in Heaven and Earth after many years, those Fiend Demon who were supposed to be moved by Fiend Demon Cauldron and obeyed Fiend Demon Cauldron’s Fiend Demon suddenly felt sense.

   They are cheering, roaring, and looking forward to it.

  hong long!

   Li Tihai’s gray stone palace was decomposed by thousands of black and white light, collapsed and shattered.

  All those who stayed in the palace were ashamed.

   Yan Qiling is spotless, floating in the air, with the same smile on his face.

   Among the singer Qiu Mu, there are three more glazed lamps. He carefully put the glazed lamps into his sleeve, and said to Li Tihai with a cold face, “It’s not over yet.”

   Li Tihai looked grim, raised his head, and looked at the mountains, “Sect Master is here, let me see how you explain it!”

  ”Sect Master? Sect Master is back?”

  ”Sect Master Yun, shouldn’t it be in the Outland Star River?”

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