Invincible Powers Chapter 848


   Yan Qiling inadvertently stood beside Yu Yuan and secretly sent a message to him to ensure that “Fiend Demon Cauldron” was released outside, “Yun Hao, a great cultivator in the late Free Spirit stage, his soul thought, If it is a sneak attack on your Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World, it is difficult for you to resist.”

  Fiend Demon Cauldron is a magical soul artifact. With this cauldron under the care, Yu Yuan will not be under Yunhao’s thoughts, so he will be the soul flew away and scattered.

   As long as Fiend Demon Cauldron can block it, so that Yan Qiling can remedy it in time, he will not worry that Yu Yuan will die in seconds.


   Suddenly, there was a middle-aged man with strong features, short and stout, majestic appearance, appeared in front of Li Tihai.

   “Sect Master!”

  ”See you Sect Master!”

  ”Sect Master, when did you come back?”

  All the people in Lingxie Town, when they saw him appear, they bowed and saluted.

   Qiu Muge and Lu Geng also bent over to express humility to him.

   As long as you don’t get out of Heavenly Evil Sect, no matter who you are, when facing Yun Hao, you must salute according to the sect rules, otherwise Yun Hao will find an excuse.


  Yu Yuan expression unchanged, keeping calm, watching this Heavenly Evil Sect Sect Master.

   In his previous life, when he was the god of medicine Hong Qi, he and Yun Hao had met.

   However, the two parties are not familiar with each other. Yun Hao is only representing Heavenly Evil Sect, and signed an agreement with Divine Medicine Sect. It does not pass the Chamber of Commerce and purchases several special piles from Divine Medicine Sect for a long time for Heavenly Evil Sect’s cultivation .

   If they are dating, the two of them are not at all.

   In addition, his Hong Qi’s life is quite short. At the glorious moment of Divine Medicine Sect, it was only trifling for decades.

At that stage,    Yunhao was busy looking for the advanced stage of Free Spirit, either in Haodong retreat or activities in the outer starry sky.

   Therefore, he is not familiar with Yun Hao, nor does he know much.

  In this life, he was born in the Yu Family in Dark Moon City, knowing that Yu Family is the descendant of the Evil King, understood some hidden inside stories, when he saw Yun Hao again, his mood was completely different.

The majestic appearance of Yun Hao looked upright. If he didn’t know the inside story, he would suspect Li Tihai’s master, maybe someone else.

   “What’s the matter?”

As soon as    Yunhao opened his mouth, the vast Spiritual Qi rushing toward Lingxie Town, suddenly stopped.

   The Heavenly Evil Pearl is faintly discernible deep in the vast Spiritual Qi.

  Yu Yuan couldn’t help but looked towards the mighty Spiritual Qi ocean, staring at the Heavenly Evil Orb that sometimes glimpsed.

   He keenly perceives that in the depths of the sea of ​​clouds, in the Sky Evil Orb, there are at least thousands of Fiend Demon who are connected with “Fiend Demon Cauldron”, be eager to have a try.

   Those Fiend Demon want to escape from the Sky Evil Orb, get rid of the shackles of the sea of ​​clouds, and escape to Fiend Demon Cauldron.

  , Fiend Demon, who could be enslaved for too long, had an instinctive fear of Yunhao, and was firmly restrained by the Heavenly Evil Pearl, but if he moved a little bit, he would disappear.

   Therefore, many Fiend Demon can only send out secret cry for help and cry.

   I hope that Yu Yuan, the master of Fiend Demon Cauldron of this generation, can help them get liberated in Heaven and Earth.

   “Sir Sect Master, it’s like this.” Li Tihai bowed, with a disgustingly flattering smile, “Dark Moon City’s Yu Family, didn’t you turn your back on the vast world, and associate with the heavenly demon and aliens of the outer world? I also heard that he broke the planning of Demon Palace and Monster Palace in Land of Fear, which made Master Zhu extremely angry.”

   “As for me, I accidentally imprisoned a woman’s soul a few years ago, and it was his mother.”

  ”I used the soul-burning technique to find relatives, and with his mother, induced him to come to Lingxie Town, and wanted to detain him and get him to be interrogated in Demon Palace.”


   Li Tihai will continue to speak.

   Qiu Muge interrupted suddenly, “Dark Moon City Yu Family, descendants of the evil king!”

   Yunhao was shocked, as if he had just learned about it, “What? Dark Moon City Yu Family, the descendants of my teacher?!”

   Lu Geng heavily nodded, “That’s it!”

   Yunhao took a deep breath, glaring at Li Tihai, “Do you know?!”

   Li Tihai understands him, hearing this is busy bowing his head, and clearing things up, “Report to Sect Master, how can I have such a guts, knowing that Yu Family is the queen of evil, still doing this evil?! I didn’t know it beforehand, but I found it in Yu Yuan and told that Yu Family is the descendant of the evil king. I finally understood it.”

   “Knowing the relationship between Yu Family and the evil king, when Boss Qiu asked for the three glazed lanterns, I obediently handed them in.”

   He spread his hand out, very aggrieved, and complained to Yunhao, “However, Yu Family is Yu Family, Yu Yuan is Yu Yuan. Yu Yuan has been qualitatively identified by the three upper sects, Demon Palace, and Monster Palace. As a traitor, we can’t just assume that nothing happened just because he came from Yu Family, right?”

  ”Tell Demon Palace, Monster Palace, and the three upper sects. We can’t explain it!”

   Every Loose Cultivator that can be repaired to Yang God is not to be trifled with. He has been in the market for many years and used cunning and vicious means to finally enter the Yang God realm. Winning Yun Hao’s favor naturally has his uniqueness.

   “Please Sect Master to punish! I don’t know that Yu Family is the descendant of Sect Master’s teacher. I should die for this kind of thing!”

   Lu Geng, Qiu Muge, and all the Heavenly Evil Sect doormen present, all looked at Li Tihai with weird eyes.

   Anyone who has a bit of a brain knows that Yu Yuan’s biological mother is imprisoned, and it is no accident.

   But now, Li Tihai shirks cleanly.

   “Even if you didn’t know it before, your unintentional actions still humiliate the descendants of my mentor family!” Yun Hao was full of anger, pointed at Li Tihai, scolded angrily, and then said: “Punish For 30 years, you have repented in repentance and retreat!”

   Li Tihai is nodded like a chicken pecking rice, “It should be, I know it was wrong.”

   Yunhao took a deep breath, calmed the inner agitation, suddenly moved towards Qiu Muge and stretched out his hand, “Muge, the three glazed lanterns are the daughter-in-law of my teacher’s descendant, you leave it to me for safekeeping. I will find a way , Help her soul recover completely, so that she can return to Yu Family safely.”

   Qiu Muge expression gloomy and uncertain, did not answer immediately.

   Yunhao was not in a hurry to persecute, he turned his gaze, and looked towards Yu Yuan, and said: “Although you are from Yu Family, you have done too many wrong things that are not conducive to the vast world. I represent my teacher and representative Half of the clansman of Yu Family, chase you out! From now on, you are no longer the clansman of Yu Family, not the descendants of my teacher!”

  ”From now on, your Yu Family will be Yu Yuan, and you will have nothing to do with the evil king!”

   The words fell.

   A “Silver Rainbow Shuttle” crossed the sea of ​​clouds and came quietly, shrouded in darkness in the Nether Envoy, and emerged from it, “Since I have nothing to do with the Evil King anymore, I will be detained in the Demon Palace and be interrogated. Up.”

   She and Yun Hao sang and got together, and the connection was seamless.

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