Invincible Powers Chapter 849

   Nether Envoy in “Silver Rainbow Shuttle”, covered in darkness, seems to stare at Yu Yuan quietly.

  Yu Yuan looked up and looked at each other in the air.

   Just one glance, his Yin God suddenly gave birth to a kind, which was peeped by an ancient dark Spiritual God.

   There is an evil force that wants to go deep into his Soul Consciousness Sea and learn of all his anxiety.

   “cough cough!”

   Heavenly Evil Sect’s song of hatred, coughing in an awkward tone.

   came from the peeping of the soul of Demon Palace Nether Envoy, and disappeared cleanly because of Qiu Muge’s cough.

Next to   , Yan Qiling faint smiled and looked at Qiu Muge.

  The look in those eyes seems to say that Qiu Muge has done nothing. With Yu Yuan’s power and soul characteristics, how can it be difficult to find the trifling soul of Nether Envoy?

   “See you again.”

  Yu Yuan frowns, holding his fist, bowed slightly to Nether Envoy, which was regarded as a greeting.

   This mysterious Nether Envoy from Demon Palace is Old Acquaintance. He left the Heaven Profound Continent for the first time and went to the Starash Sea Territory for training. He took this “Silver Rainbow Shuttle”.

   Later, in Rift Islands, he met this Nether Envoy again.

   Many times, he thinks he should recognize her when he was in his previous life.

   Because this Nether Envoy has never really revealed his true face, he has not seen each other, so he has not been able to determine who this Nether Envoy is.

   “Small sets are almost!” Nether Envoy’s voice was cold.

   “Yu Yuan!”

   While he was thinking, Yun Hao, the contemporary Sect Master of Heavenly Evil Sect, lightly shouted.

   Yu Yuan’s soul shock.

   If there is an ancient Evil God, from the depths of the mountains where Heavenly Evil Sect is located, one after another stepped out, standing on the Spiritual Qi sea of ​​clouds, and put pressure on him together.

   He immediately knew that Yun Hao, who was holding the Heavenly Evil Sect and controlling the Heavenly Evil Sect’s “Thousand Evil Array”, could get the blessing of Formation with every word and action, every thought and look.

   only because Yunhao a light shout, the one after another terrifying power in the depths of the mountains, acts on him.

  , he felt that his soul was as small as dust, not worth mentioning.

   It seems that Yun Hao can determine his life, death and destiny with just one sentence.

   This made him immediately understand a reality that he is too far away from Yunhao’s realm.

   Fiend Demon Cauldron, floating in his chest, spontaneously shines with a dark magic light shield, shielding his eyebrows, and helping him to resolve Yunhao’s verbal impact.

  The black lacquered surface of the tripod, the magic lines wriggle.

   Look carefully, as if thousands of Fiend Demon with spirituality have awakened from their long sleep, releasing evil and negative thoughts, resisting Yun Hao’s gaze.

  Yu Yuan’s expression quietly calmed down.

   His previously slow and stagnant thoughts flowed freely, and his thoughts were like electricity.

   Yunhao pretended not to know what Li Tihai did, and seemed to punish Li Tihai and let him retreat

   is a stopgap measure.

   Maybe a few years later, once things faded, I found an excuse to reuse this person again.

   In his mouth, he still respects the evil king as his teacher, under the name of the evil king, wants Qiu Muge to surrender the soul of his mother, and devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, to expel himself from the Yu Family.

   Then, Nether Envoy turned up and wanted to detain him back to Demon Palace. It’s really a panacea, and it’s exhaustive.

  Yu Yuan admired in his heart.

   “Mu Ge, give me the glazed lamp, I will take care of her.” Yun Hao, with strong features, has a sincere face and a faint pain in his eyes, “The evil king is my mentor, and I will never let his queen People, suffer any wrongs!”

   is a song of Qiu Mu that has been repaired to the late stage of Yang God, with deep furrowed brows, if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off.

   Yunhao played the banner of taking care of the Master’s descendants, and, in a fair way, asked him for the three glazed lamps.

   As long as he doesn’t want to immediately tear his face with Heavenly Evil Sect, he can only obediently hand over the three glazed lamps to Yun Hao again.

   Yun Hao, as half of the Yu Family, expelled Yu Yuan.

   Yu Yuan will be taken away by Nether Envoy and detained for questioning. If this is the result, they will be a complete failure.

   “Give it to me.”

   At this moment, the handsome Yan Qiling pursed his lips and chuckled softly.

  next moment, Qiu Muge pales in shock, shaking his cuffs abruptly.

   Inside the cuffs, he concealed a Small World in a mustard bracelet, and a hole in the sky appeared out of thin air. A hand stretched out to lightly grasp the three glass lamps of Small World.

   Then, I brought it out.

  Three glass lanterns, imprisoned by Yu Yuan’s birth mother, were just taken away.

   Qiu Muge didn’t even see how Yan Qiling started it. It seemed that after his words of “Give it to me” fell, three glazed lanterns were taken away by this person.

  ”Master Space Spirit Art!”

   Qiu Muge also understood in an instant, and realized that the handsome man in front of him is rare in the vast world, an extremely superb space power.

  ”Loose Cultivator Li Tihai, who you recruited, did not immediately tell you that I am Yan Qiling.”

   The man in black and white clothes had a subtle smile. After he looked all around, his gaze finally shifted from Demon Palace Nether Envoy to Yun Hao, “My name is Yan Qiling, I am proficient in Space Secret Technique, from Falling Moon Coming from Forbidden Land.”

   “Oh, yes, I am a member of Divine Soul Sect.”

   When the three words “Divine Soul Sect” were uttered, many realm humble people in Lingxie Town were at a loss not knowing what to do.

   Lu Geng, Nether Envoy, and some powerhouses that reached Soul Wonder Realm, suddenly changed color.

  ”Sect Master Yun, you are not qualified to expel Yu Yuan as half of Yu Family clansman.” Yan Qiling slightly smiled, “How do you match?”

   “Did you escape from that tragic battle in the Outland Star River?” His smile was very beating, “Secluded

  Magic? Do you comfort him on behalf of Demon Palace, or hold him accountable? If I guessed correctly, you are not from Zhu Zhenlin, then you are here to figure out what happened? “

  ”Divine Soul Sect remnant!”

   Yunhao was furious, and before Yan Qiling’s words were fully understood, he screamed.

  bang! hong long long!

   The mountains where Heavenly Evil Sect is located, the mountain is trembling, and there are thousands of divine rainbows, like ten thousand horses galloping, flying out from the peak of the mountain.

  In an instant, Heavenly Evil Sect’s “Major Evil Array” has been activated.

   thousands of divine rainbow The void evolves and turns into a shield and sword like substance, long spear, lightning, light rain, revealed in the depths of the vast sea of ​​clouds.

  hu! hu hu hu!

   Inside the Sky Evil Bead in the sea of ​​clouds, the imprisoned Fiend Demon and the refined evil spirits flew out one after another, merged into those shield swords and long spears, as if they suddenly had a body, transformed into strange celestial troops and generals.

   Thousands of artifacts, magical electricity, light rain, and a heterogeneous fusion of Fiend Demon evil spirits, releasing dazzling rays of light, just like the Divine Weapon returning from the Nine Heavens palace, standing in the clouds The depths of the sea of ​​clouds behind Hao.

  , this is Heaven and Earth Only I Am Supreme, the rules and morality of everything listen to me, turning into tiny order lightning, surrounding Yunhao.

   Free Spirit realm, the realm of the Hedao side, such as Spiritual God dominating the world, power and battle strength have been increased.

   Yunhao, as the Sect Master of Heavenly Evil Sect, the Heavenly Evil Sect, returning to these mountains is his place of harmony and the foundation of his continuous power.

   In this area, he can tamper with Heaven and Earth Law, and can draw strength from the underground spirit vein endlessly to restore battle strength.

  His soul, a strand of mind particles, can cover every plant and tree.

  He is in a big fight at this moment, even arousing the “Ten Thousand Evil Array”, looking at his posture is to prevent Yan Qiling from talking nonsense and endangering his image of wise and majesty.

   In addition, since Yan Qiling is proficient in Space Secret Technique, he will suppress the heavens with the “Great Array of Evil”!

   makes you Yan Qiling, unable to use the space escape technique to escape from Lingxie Town and under his eyelids.

   “I didn’t want to escape.” Yan Qiling’s smile suddenly changed from implicit to incomparably brilliant, “Yun Hao, and you Nether Envoy, 10,000 years ago Divine Soul Sect, the domineering era, you just heard Just a few words, I definitely don’t believe it. Now that they are back, I dare to declare my name in Heavenly Evil Sect, and I have no plans to escape.”

   Yu Yuan, with “Fiend Demon Cauldron” on top of his head, feels the terrifying pressure of the “Great Array of All Evil” at this moment, and feels nervous.

When    came, Yan Qiling said that there is him for everything, saying that we are very strong, so that he does not have to worry about it, but did not say anything about it.

   Now, he is nervous and expectant again.

   He wants to know if Yan Qiling really has such a strong power to be able to act recklessly in Heavenly Evil Sect.

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