Invincible Powers Chapter 850

   “The Great Array of Evil!”

   Those cultivators in Lingxie Town, Qiu Muge, Lu Geng and the like, as well as Nether Envoy in Demon Palace, the expression changes suddenly.

  Heavenly Evil Sect’s Sect Protection Great Array is judged to be level 6, which is the same level as the “Heaven Sealing Soul Transformation Formation” before the advancement.

   The six-level formation can detain and suppress the cultivator below the Free Spirit level, or the big monster below the Level 9, making it difficult for those who break into the Formation to break free.

   forcibly breaking the formation, Yang God Realm, Soul Wonder Realm, death or injury.

   This is the case when the Formation controller is not present.

   and Yunhao, as the master of Heavenly Evil Sect, the actual owner of the Heavenly Evil Orb, is itself a great cultivator in the late stage of Free Spirit, and he is in harmony with Heaven and Earth.

  Others are here, the “Million Evil Array” is used by it, and the formidable power that can be exerted is not limited to Yang God.

  He is here, Formation is the auxiliary, and he is the master!

   The spirit veins under the mountains, the towering green hills, the rivers and springs deep pools within the valley, the birds and the insects, seem to be responding to Yun Hao at this moment, cheering for them.

   Divine Weapon, a god general transformed from various artifacts, divide rainbow, thunder and lightning, combined with Fiend Demon, evil spirits, and Spiritual Qi, are arranged in an array in the void, majestic and majestic.

  Yu Yuan looked up, as if seeing an illusory palace of ancient gods on top of the vast sea of ​​clouds.

   From it, one digit of Divine Weapon, who is dressed in golden and silver heavenly clothes, descends from the sky.

  one after another The majestic atmosphere, the terrifying imposing manner that shatters the mountains and rivers, comes immediately under pressure.


  Yu Yuan suddenly felt that the entire space of Lingxie Town was filled with gold juice and silver water, and it solidified in an instant, thus solidifying the space and becoming a golden wall and silver wall.

   Such a space, no matter how powerful the Yan Qiling secret technique is, it will be difficult to break through.

   “Yu Yuan, with this person, the identity of Divine Soul Sect is unmistakable.”

   Yunhao made a decision on the relationship between Yu Yuan and Divine Soul Sect, reached out and pointed his finger towards Yan Qiling, uttering divine words, “Power of God and Evil!”

   one after another, contains endless mysterious light and shadow, coming from the depths of the sea of ​​clouds.

   These lights and shadows, either detached from the world’s evil giants, or the great sages who conduct Qianxuan, or the emperor of the empire, were resurrected by Heavenly Evil Sect one by one, forming the Divine Weapon.

  Wan Daoguang The power carried by the shadows evolves different powers and mysteries, and the road roars.

   “wu! “

   The “Fiend Demon Cauldron” on top of Yu Yuan’s head immediately released a purer and richer mana light shield to defend his position.

   In his eyes, Yun Hao of Heavenly Evil Sect seems to be the only god of this a side world at this moment, and his words and the law will instantly determine Yan Qiling’s death world.

   Avenue is one, like Divine Punishment.

   Yunhao’s short and stout silhouette, as if slowly growing, his imposing manner seems to cover every place, turning into a part of the mountains, wisps of thoughts Soul Power, and the verdant old trees all over the mountains Oneness, kneading with Spiritual Qi of the spirit vein underneath.

  ”Free Spirit, Hedao this world, I am very scared.”

   Yan Qiling chuckled. Suddenly, there seemed to be a novel Small World in the square above his head, slowly spreading out.

   It is a strange foreign world filled with black and white, empty, desolate, and as cold as the Star River in the outer world.

   In the deepest part of this world, there is a huge and unimaginable simple black character pole hanging high.

   is like a huge sun of pitch-black as ink!

   This is a “polar” character, which occupies one third Heaven and Earth and reveals the power that makes Mortal Soul tremble.


  Yu Yuan was shocked.

   The word “极” is impressively Falling Moon Forbidden Land, one of the four simple black characters hanging high in the strange space below Soul Transformation Pond.

  ”wisdom will certainly hurt” is “extremely”!

   The word “polar” seems to have been refining by Yan Qiling, integrated into his own Small World, and become a part of that Small World. It fits perfectly with his soul, and his Dao, Profound Mystery of Space.

   “Come out.”

   With Yan Qiling’s sneer, the word “polar” of the incomparable gigantic suddenly escaped from the Small World above his head into the sky above Lingxie Town.

   enter the real, external world.

The strokes of    “极” are split up strangely, turning into the simplest horizontal and vertical strokes, and then you can see the split strokes, showing the most extreme side.

  哧! Chih!

  The heavens that Yun Hao used to suppress with the “Great Array of Ten Thousand Evils”, the space created by the golden molten iron looks like being cut by a tailor, holding sharp scissors.

   An extremely awkward feeling flooded everyone’s hearts.

   I saw many Dark Burst Realm in Lingxie Town, Nuance cultivator, each and everyone fell to the ground in pain, clutching their chest and bleeding eyes, and wailing softly.

   Qi Nandou was also vomiting blood, with his head buried on the ground, afraid to see the different scenes in the sky, and afraid to perceive it with Yin God.

   Yu Yuan, who was watching the mutation in the air, felt very uncomfortable in his chest and soul. It was only after he drank “Open Divine Vision” in his heart that the supernatural force affecting his body and soul was cleared out.

  ”Divine Immortal fights, Mortals Suffers.”

   He had an insight, and immediately understood that a powerhouse of Yunhao’s level was broken by Yan Qiling’s strange secret technique, which broke the space ban, causing everyone here to be affected by the twisting power of the rules of giant collision.

  Lingxie Town, many of them are family members of Heavenly Evil Sect powerhouse, with low realm.

   They, faced with such a violent energy shock, how can they stand it?

  ”Yan Qiling, is it so strong?”

  next moment, he couldn’t help but looked towards the handsome man, suddenly feeling a little strange.

   Yan Qiling originated from the Soul Separation Rod. It was originally in the form of a soul. The previous owner was the one with the bronze giant coffin. When he was free, Yan Qiling cultivation in the form of a soul and made rapid progress.

  Especially, Chuanru has a different space with “wisdom will certainly hurt” four simple black characters, and the knowledge of the space secret technique is increasing day by day.

   But even so, it is impossible to have the power to compete with Yun Hao in such a short time!

   Yunhao in the late stage of the Free Spirit realm is in Lingxie Town again, and is considered to be in his own land of harmony. Why can Yan Qiling break through the heavens sealed by Yunhao?

   Just as he was surprised, a whisk suddenly appeared from the seemingly broken space.

   The moment he saw Fuchen, Yu Yuan immediately understood.

   is also proficient in Space Secret Technique, and is more exquisite than Yan Qiling. Zhou You, who got rid of Sword Prison because of him, and Yan Qiling are combined inside and outside, breaking the confinement of Heaven and Earth!


   The laughter of Zhou You harboring malicious intentions suddenly sounded, and a natural phenomenon appeared in the depths of the mountains where Heavenly Evil Sect was located.

  The sky is like a hole suddenly opened!

   the mouth of the cave, pouring out like a waterfall, brilliant lights and vibrant colors, there are violent and brutal heavenly demon, the stern and weird Earth Demon, and the alien warriors of Yu Yuan who were in the Red Fire Desert before, all descended one after another.

  Look at the number, I’m afraid there are hundreds of thousands!

   So many heavenly demon, fierce Earth Demon, alien warriors, flooding into the mountains of Heavenly Evil Sect, what will happen?

   “Zhou You!”

   Yunhao opened his eyes, watched the sky open, and watched an astonishing number of heavenly demons from the Outland, the foreign warriors poured in, his face instantly pale.

  ”You call out the power of the Great Evil Array, and it acts on Lingxie Town, and your own sect has a weak spot.” Zhou You’s silhouette, hung above the Sky Evil Orb above the sea of ​​clouds, he He grinned, smiled at Yu Yuan, and said hello, “Lingxie Town is not a whole with the mountains.”

   “Since we are back, we can’t hide forever. The Falling Moon Forbidden Land has been taken. Should we return this piece of land that should belong to us?” Yan Qiling squinted, smiling brightly.” Fiend Demon Sect, because of the connection with us, because the previous Sect Master, had contact with Divine Soul Sect in Tianwai.”

  ”Then Fiend Demon Sect died of civil strife and suffered heavy losses in Tianyuan Continent, which directly led to its destruction.”

   Yan Qiling said these words casually.

   As the current owner of “Fiend Demon Cauldron”, Yu Yuan suddenly understood that the demise of Fiend Demon Sect was definitely not an accident, but should be jointly promoted by the three upper sects, Demon Palace and Monster Palace!

  Fiend Demon Sect, on the surface, it is the dispute between Tianyuan Continent and Nirvana Continent between good and evil, in fact, it is because Fiend Demon Sect is related to Divine Soul Sect.

   “He was right.”

  Cauldron Spirit Yu Yiyi, make a sound in the cauldron at the right time.

  ”so that’s how it is.”

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