Invincible Powers Chapter 851

   In the depths of the mountains, a piercing and sad howling came out of the sky.

  one after another, a powerful cultivator from Heavenly Evil Sect, stepped out of the closed Cave Mansion, rushed away from the magnificent palace, and looked at the sky in disbelief.

   looked at, refining various bodies and heavenly demons of various shapes.

   Looking at the alien race like a rock, falling into a mountain, the mountain shook violently, and seemed to be a part of him.

   Looking at the Earth Demon, who should have been refining as an artifact soul by the Human Race great cultivator, popped out grandiosely and smiled at them.

   “My God!”

   A Heavenly Evil Sect Elder who has been to the Star River battlefield and reached the Yang God realm, his heart came out with a trembling scream, “I, what did I see?”

   “Oh my god! Outland heavenly demon, refining out of the physical Outland heavenly demon!”

   “Rock Clan! Rock Clan’s powerhouse!”

   There is another Yang God powerhouse who has been in retreat for decades, seeking realm breakthrough, rubbing his eyes, “Am I being corroded by Heart Demon? Then, there is hallucination?”

   He rubbed his eyes desperately, trying to make sure that what he saw in front of him was not a vain nightmare.

  He has been in retreat for too long, and he has no idea that Divine Soul Sect, which has disappeared for nearly ten thousand years, has officially embarked on his way home.

   is even more impossible to think that there will be a heavenly demon and an alien powerhouse in the Outland, joining the vast world.

  Only in the deepest nightmare, there will be scenes of aliens outside of Haotian, appearing in groups.

   After all, Heaven and Earth has always been guarded by the three upper sects, Demon Palace and Monster Palace!

   For thousands of years, they have been the cultivator of Human Race, combined with the Legion of Monster Race, and have been in the depths of the Star River in Outland, taking pride in killing heavenly demon and slaughtering powerhouse of foreign races.

  Heavenly demon and alien, never dared to approach the void wall of the vast world on a large scale.

   There are only scattered, heavenly demons and aliens in small groups, through the hidden and extremely unstable Space Crack, risking the dangers of nine deaths and still alive, breaking into the vast world.

   Soon, he was found to be killed by the five most powerful forces, or detained in secret.

  Outsider, has never been impossible in the vast world, so much waves and storms have been set off.

   Not to mention, the coalition formed by heavenly demon and alien races has invaded the sect of the vast world. How is this possible?


   A huge and extremely large Winged Dragon from Outer Realm suddenly swelled, and its blade-like sharp wings cut a low mountain away. When the hong long long collapsed, everyone woke up.

   This nightmare scene is not a nightmare.

   This is the real world!

  ”Yan Qiling, Yu Yuan, you, you are the sins of the vast world!” Yun Hao shivered in terror, seeing a big hole in the sky, a heavenly demon and an outland powerhouse, like through Abyss Like Hole, rushing into the mountains of Heavenly Evil Sect madly, his mentality was completely broken.

   is not just him.

  All the people in Lingxie Town can still stand upright

   body, no one who vomited blood and fell to the ground because of his fight with Yan Qiling, they were all wailing.

   A tragic event that has never happened in thousands of years is being staged in Heavenly Evil Sect!

   Because Li Tihai confined the soul of Yu Yuan’s biological mother, and forced Yu Yuan to come over by “burning the soul to find relatives”!

  Loose Cultivator Li Tihai, as well as Sect Master Yun Hao who sheltered him, are the culprits. It is the root cause of Heavenly Evil Sect’s disaster!

   the thoughts got to this point, countless gazes of dissatisfaction and resentment were fixed on Li Tihai.

   Li Tihai is cold throughout, and he is also frightened by the natural phenomenon above the mountains. He is just a Loose Cultivator, he has not been invited by Heavenly Evil Sect to go to the outer domain Star Sea as Yang God.

   He had never come into contact with heavenly demon before, and had never seen such a fierce alien powerhouse.

   Isn’t that, the soul of Yu Yuan’s mother was detained?

   He couldn’t understand why a small trial, a courtesy of Zhu Zhenlin and Sect Master Yun Hao, caused Heavenly Evil Sect to destroy it?

   “Mr. Yan?”

   Yu Yuan fell into the Fiend Demon Cauldron. As the great cauldron volleyed up into the sky, he stared deeply at the grand mountain in the distance, his face was deep, “Want to make such a big movement?”

  Heavenly Evil Sect’s last Sect Master is Yu Xi, the ancestor of this life.

   With a brand new space channel, it was jointly opened by Zhou You and Yan Qiling, many from Falling Moon Forbidden Land, from the evil monsters of the Red Fire Desert, flooded the mountains like a tide.

   He can see that Heavenly Evil Sect is absolutely impossible to defend.

  Although he is indifferent by nature, he has no affection for Yun Hao and Li Tihai, but there are also Lu Geng and Qiu Muge, and there are many people who fear the evil king Yu Xi.

  He is worried

   “I know what you think.” Yan Qiling slightly smiled, “When you were in Land of Fear, I communicated with you. I told you that they have brand-new ideas. What you see is rushing Those who enter the mountains, whether it is a heavenly demon or an alien powerhouse, will not kill innocent people indiscriminately.”

   “We have our rules.”

  ”The mountains will become a large trading field rooted in Nirvana Continent, similar to the headquarters of the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce! The difference is that there are no taboos for trading objects. Some people, there are heavenly demons, and there are Alien powerhouse, all wise creatures can haunt here.”

  ”However, we must get permission from Divine Soul Sect, and we also provide protection.”

   Yan Qiling expresses a deeper intention.

  He, or Divine Soul Sect, is planning to implement their peculiar idea with Heavenly Evil Sect.

   chose Heavenly Evil Sect because it is in Nirvana Continent, the evil cultivator of Nirvana Continent. There are a lot of surprises in thinking, and maybe they can accept their ideas.

   instead of Tianyuan Continent, they stick to traditions, stick to the rules, and are thoroughly brainwashed by the three upper sects.


  Yu Yuan was about to speak, he noticed the alien sky pouring into the mountains

   Demon, the powerhouse of the alien race, did not even immediately, and slaughtered the people of Heavenly Evil Sect.

   Unless, the people of Heavenly Evil Sect find themselves dead.

   He also noticed that many powerful heavenly demons, who refining out of the body, speak human’s words, are persuading the fearful Heavenly Evil Sect clerks.

  ”This place belongs to Fiend Demon Sect, and it is not your territory! You Heavenly Evil Sect, not in this mountain, but in the forest opposite Lingxie Town.”

   “You guys, let go of the territories you are not familiar with, and go find your Sect Master.”

  ”As long as you don’t fight and court death yourself, you can leave by yourself.”

  ”Please, don’t force us to kill you all.”

  each and everyone arrived at the heavenly demon, the alien powerhouse, unexpectedly calm, all suppressed the inner violence and bloodthirsty.

  ”Did you see it?” Yan Qiling asked for credit, pointing to the mountains, and said to Yu Yuan, “They are all contractors who signed the contract earlier and swear by the glory of their ancestors. Yu Yuan, maybe you don’t I know, they are actually more contractual than the three upper sects.”

   “Yun Hao, you retreat to the original territory of Heavenly Evil Sect, take your people, and leave as soon as possible.” Zhou You, holding a whisk, in the depths of the sea of ​​clouds in the sky, revealing his chubby face, frivolously, said : “You know where the old site of Heavenly Evil Sect is, you should know. Oh, yes, we don’t do a lot of killing this time. We didn’t slaughter those loyal to you, just to give them the chance to choose.”

  The words are here, Zhou You paused and looked into the distance.

  ”It is also an opportunity for Nirvana Continent, except for Demon Palace and Monster Palace, all sect forces a choice!”

   Those few sentences after    speak loudly.

   “It seems that I don’t need to guard it in secret.”

   Luo Yue, who is holding a flower basket, appeared in the form of a soul, side by side with Yu Yuan’s Fiend Demon Cauldron, shrank under the town of Lingxie, ready to wait for Yu Yuan to reappear in danger. Living.

   She hovered high in the sky, looking at the mountains deep, where heavenly demon and alien races were getting denser.

   Luo Yue’s face is weird, she never dreamed that she could see the vast world in this life, and such a weird scene appeared.

  Divine Soul Sect, is this a great integration of life races?

   took a deep breath, Yu Yuan was in the “Fiend Demon Cauldron”, suddenly looked towards the “Silver Rainbow Shuttle” and looked at the Nether Envoy covered in darkness.

   Demon Palace, why is there no movement?

   is also in Nirvana Continent, where the abnormalities of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and Demon Palace and Monster Palace are impossible.

   For Primordial Spirit Realm powerhouse, there was a movement of mind, 10,000,000 li in a flash.

   Demon Palace and Monster Palace, knowing what happened to Heavenly Evil Sect, how can you bear it?

   Suddenly, he realized a fact that had taken shape.

  Heaven and Earth, the glorious era dominated by the three upper sects, Demon Palace and Monster Palace, should be broken.

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