Invincible Powers Chapter 852

   The Primordial Spirit Realm great cultivator of Demon Palace and Monster Palace, the tenth-level Monster God, the reason for not showing up is bound to be restricted.

  What kind of constraint?

   is naturally the same level of existence, staring at them from a certain place with strength and life height comparable to them.

   or in the vast world, or in the Star River not far away.

The    boundary wall blockade is meaningless for that powerhouse of the same level.

   Thinking of this, Yu Yuan subconsciously looked towards the blue sky above his head, his gaze seemed to penetrate the boundless space, betting on the brilliant Star River.

   I seem to see the Divine Soul Sect Primordial Spirit powerhouse like a true god, the Great Demonic God of Heavenly Demon Clan, the patriarch of foreign races, watching Haoshan in some kind of quietness.

  Looking at this Small World.

   such as Zu An from Heaven Overlooking Peak, with the help of “Heaven Gazing Treasure Mirror”, he has insight into the fireworks on the earth. Those towering and ancient existences like gods also stare at the vastness.

  Monster Palace, Demon Palace, and even the Peak powerhouse of the three upper sects, it’s time for them all to have a feeling.

   does not come here, it is because of fear. I don’t want to start an unpredictable battle in the vast world.

   Because, involving Primordial Spirit and Monster God, there are still multiple divine battles, which may cause irreversible damage to the entire vast world.

   The Great World is the foundation of Human Race and the homeland of Monster Palace.

   Whether it is the current five most powerful forces of Ruler, or the Divine Soul Sect who is on the way home, or the promised heavenly demon and the alien powerhouse, they do not want the vast world to be destroyed.

   So there is a relative tacit understanding.

   A series of thoughts, like lightning flashing in Yu Yuan’s mind, he felt that he had faintly captured the truth.

   What happened next confirmed his guess

   First, the Nether Envoy from Demon Palace seemed to hear the ancient magic words. The Nether Envoy, who was shrouded in the depths of darkness, slightly nodded to Zhou You who had escaped from the Sword Prison.

   Immediately, without a word, he drove the “Silver Rainbow Shuttle” and left first.

   She represents Demon Palace, and her departure is a silent signal.

   Suddenly, the mountains of Heavenly Evil Sect, the sky of Lingxie Town, and the clear sky of ten thousand li days, in a moment, seemed to turn into an eternal night.

   There seems to be a darkness independent of Heaven and Earth, covering the sky and covering this area.

  ten thousand li The day of the territory suddenly turned into night.

  Heavenly Evil Sect’s

   Yunhao, suddenly surprised, opened his mouth to call out a certain forbidden name, suddenly woke up, and suddenly closed his mouth.

   He looked forwardly, looked towards the dark sky.

   In the depths of the mountains, the heavenly demon that descended here, the alien powerhouse in the outer domain, was silent in this brief moment, with a gloomy expression, looking at the sky that turned into night.

   A kind of breath that is suppressed to the point of suffocation, coming from the dark sky.

   Deep in the mountains of    Heavenly Evil Sect, birds and beasts crawl on the ground, trembling.

   Zhou You, Yan Qiling, including Luo Yue holding a flower basket, in this brief moment, the one with a more serious expression than the other, who seems to be aware of standing on the top of the Demon Palace, pays attention here.

   One thought, ten thousand li day was swallowed by darkness, this kind of power is only possessed by Demon Palace Number One characters.

  Demon Lord Tan Xiaotian, the ancient Primordial Spirit Realm great cultivator.

   This is the vast world, the most pinnacle of existence, and the monster palace that can sit on the same level as the monster phoenix, so that the Sect Master of the three upper sects will all be respected by the powerhouse.

   All the cultivators of Heavenly Evil Sect bowed their heads, reciting the name of that person in a voice of incomparable respect.

  Under this suffocating pressure, the audience was silent, not to mention the intelligent creatures, even the insects stopped calling, and there was a ten thousand li radius of deathly silence.

   It seems that a long time has passed for several centuries, and it seems that the darkness fades in just a moment.

  The daylight reappears instantly.

   Heavenly Evil Sect’s Yun Hao, if he receives instructions from the Demon Lord, he endures the reluctance and pain, and says to Zhou You above the sea of ​​clouds: “Heavenly Evil Sect, will return to his original territory.”

   Zhou You is still immersed in the previous darkness and shock, the usual smile on his face is missing, expressionlessly nodded: “The things that belong to Fiend Demon Cauldron must all be left.”

   He lowered his head, looked towards the evil sky orb, and added: “Including Fiend Demon inside.”

   Yunhao looked about to collapse, gritted his teeth, and said: “understood.”

   Zhou You is satisfied, nodded, and said to Yu Yuan: “Go, go to the mountains of Fiend Demon Sect. You are the new owner of Fiend Demon Cauldron. Logically speaking, the mountains should belong to you. .”

  Yan Qiling smiled and said, “As it should be.”

   Yu Yuan was shocked.

   His soul has a dizzy, unreal feeling, muddleheaded, as if the three souls have not been completed yet.

   He knew what it meant to swallow the darkness of daylight.

   Demon Lord Tan Xiaotian came, but it didn’t turn the situation around

  , instead of letting Yunhao give up the mountains?

  Heavenly Evil Sect, all artifacts belonging to Fiend Demon Sect and Fiend Demon should be returned?

   And myself, because I got Fiend Demon Cauldron, as the only remaining Fiend Demon Sect clan, naturally inherited the ownership of the mountains?

   And there, according to Yan Qiling, will Divine Soul Sect set up, the first large-scale trading floor facing Xiangtianwai and Haodong?

   I am Master, this huge trading floor, the profits I get, should I share part of it?

   Yu Yuan faintly, like a dream, followed Zhou You and Yan Qiling, accompanied by Luo Yue, below Qi Nandou, Lu Geng and Qiu Muge’s weird eyes, driving Fiend Demon Cauldron, Flew to the mountains.

   In the air, he saw Spiritual Qi retreating in the sea of ​​clouds, and saw fairy birds and Spirit Beast leisurely activities like a stream.

   looked at the Elder and the discipline of Heavenly Evil Sect who got the order, packed their bags in despair, and left each and everyone.

   suddenly there was a single thought, which came to Yu Yuan’s mind.

   Yunhao, Free Spirit is bounded by the mountains and the heavenly evil beads. He was forced to abandon this place and move to the original forest of Heavenly Evil Sect. Isn’t it a battle strength plummeting?

   “Divine Soul Sect is strong enough to make the Demon Lord regress?” Luo Yue floated into Fiend Demon Cauldron, the soul body and Yu Yuan side by side, “Junior Brother, what dogshit luck have you gone? ? You have Fiend Demon Cauldron and you have everything?”

   Yu Yuan said with a smile like a stick: “I should have been blessed by God.”

   He knew in his heart that the source of the Yin veins of Land of Fear, the guessing thing, must be true.

  He has three lives. In his first life, the one in the giant bronze coffin is recognized.

   Therefore, he can get help from Yan Qiling, Zhou You and the others.

  Chen Liangquan, Zu An, a person and power who only has a relationship with Divine Soul Sect, also because of that person’s order, he was taken care of by him overtly and secretly.

   “Mr. Yan.”

   gently took a deep breath, he looked towards Yan Qiling and said: “My mother’s”

   “Don’t worry, the soul is just abnormally weak, very complete, nothing is missing.” Yan Qiling relieved him, “In Fiend Demon Sect, there is something to help her soul recover. Don’t worry, leave everything to me.”

   Immediately, he landed on a main peak, “This is the former base camp of Fiend Demon Sect.”

  Cauldron Spirit Yu Yiyi, already cheering.

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