Invincible Powers Chapter 853

   is like a sharp sword, piercing straight to the peak of the sky, the whole body is gray and white, without vegetation.

  This peak is unique among the mountains and is significantly higher than other peaks.

   The top of the mountain is flat and smooth, and no palace buildings have been built. From a closer look, there are a lot of rusty iron essence scattered, and there are broken stones after careful polishing.

   took a look, Yu Yuan knew that this mountain was supposed to be a magnificent palace.

   It should be, because of the destruction of Fiend Demon Sect, it collapsed and shattered and ceased to exist.

   “Fiend Demon Peak.”

  Cauldron Spirit Yu Yiyi cheered, uttering the name of this peak, and then, without waiting for Yu Yuan’s order, sent him Fiend Demon Cauldron, who arrived here, to float out.

  great cauldron, sinking slowly.

   Then, magically, it seemed to blend into the Fiend Demon peak.


   The dark magic energy is released from the peak of Fiend Demon Peak, and the ash-gray mountain wall appears out of thin air with many creeping magic lines, which seem to represent the mystery of the soul.

  ”Yi! ”

  Yu Yuan cried out in surprise, suddenly a mysterious and incomparable feeling came into my heart, feeling that the Fiend Demon peak under my feet seemed to have become Fiend Demon Cauldron.

   In other words, Fiend Demon Cauldron is the soul of this peak.

The return of   Fiend Demon Cauldron, like a soul that has traveled for many years, escapes into the body again

  hu! hu hu!

   Then, he saw Fiend Demon flooding from the direction of Lingxie Town, full of tyranny, resentment, terror and fear.

   These Fiend Demons were originally confined in the Sky Evil Orb, controlled by Yun Hao, and are part of the “Great Array of Ten Thousand Evils”.

   At this moment, Yun Hao was forced to give those Fiend Demon freedom due to the command of Demon Lord Tan Xiaotian, allowing them to each and everyone return instinctively.

   is back again, Fiend Demon Peak.

   “It is higher than the existing Fiend Demon in Ding, I don’t know how much higher it is!”

   Yu Yuan was suddenly excited. He found that the Fiend Demon who came flying away at this moment was far higher than his refining in Land of Fear, at least it was the fourth and fifth rank.

   Yu Yiyi’s cheers also sounded in his mind.

   So many high-level Fiend Demon instantly became part of the great cauldron. The level of Fiend Demon Cauldron will be greatly improved, and the Cauldron Spirit will also be rapidly improved!

  Yu Yuan immediately realized that his decision to leave Land of Fear and come to Lingxie Town was an overturn.

   The soul of the mother in this life was taken by Yan Qiling, safe and secure.

   And he, with the help of Divine Soul Sect, directly settled on the Fiend Demon Peak, allowing Fiend Demon Cauldron to obtain many powerful Fiend Demon from Yunhao’s hands.

   He can already foresee that his strength will skyrocket due to the improvement of Fiend Demon Cauldron!

   “Very powerful soul.”

   Luo Yue beautiful eyes shining with surprising rays of light, looking at Fiend Demon heads, like a trickle into the sea, flying into the Fiend Demon Peak where they are located, I think there are several

  Fiend Demon, worthy of the title Nether Ghost of Land of Fear.

  As a Ghost King, she is extremely sensitive to non-physical spirits.

   Fiend Demon is also a kind of soul. She has seen a lot with her own eyes in Land of Fear and Yu Yuan. She quickly judged that the Fiend Demon harvested by Yu Yuan this time is not only in quantity, but also in various strengths. Not weak.

   Fiend Demon Cauldron belongs to Yu Yuan, so many powerful Fiend Demon enter the great cauldron one by one, does Yu Yuan have the Ghost King team?

  ”The Sky Evil Orb should be a copy of Fiend Demon Cauldron and was later created by Heavenly Evil Sect.” Chubby Zhou You slightly smiled, “But it seems that the Sky Evil Orb is still inferior to Fiend Demon Cauldron. Sky Evil Orb Only the role of accommodating the soul Fiend Demon does not seem to have the ability to refining.”

  Yu Yuan showed doubts.

   Zhou You said with a smile: “The Fiend Demon Cauldron you hold, the role of Heaven and Earth in the past here is equivalent to the Sky Evil Orb, and it is obviously much stronger.”

   When he said so, Yu Yuan understood it all at once.

  at the peak period Fiend Demon Sect, there must be a Sect Protection Great Array similar to the “Great Array of Evil”, and Fiend Demon Cauldron is the eye of this large array and the key to control.

  This sect is destroyed, and the nearby Heavenly Evil Sect, with the acquiescence of Demon Palace and Monster Palace, settles in these mountains.

  Here, there is still a lot of Fiend Demon left, as well as the context and foundation of the big formation.

  Heavenly Evil Sect, imitating Fiend Demon Cauldron according to the current situation, refining a Heavenly Evil Orb, confined Fiend Demon, and found some evil spirits from the outside world, tampering with the trajectory of the large formation, and evolved into the present The “Wanxie Great Array”.

   However, those Fiend Demon that once belonged to Fiend Demon Sect did not fit the Sky Evil Orb.

   They are just imprisoned and forced to convey energy for the “Major Array of Ten Thousand Evils” under the power of the Evil Orb to maintain the operation of Formation.

   But when facing Fiend Demon Cauldron, they are instinctive obedience and acceptance.

   Because they have been branded since their birth, just to match Fiend Demon Cauldron.

  Even, many of them are generated from Fiend Demon Cauldron’s First Rank ladder, and then step by step to become Fiend Demon of higher order.

  ”Your mother’s soul, leave it to me for safekeeping. When I take it out again, she will be intact.” Yan Qiling solemnly promised Yu Yuan and said: “The influx of heavenly demon aliens, I need Tell them more rules and I will arrange them.”

   As soon as the words fell, Yan Qiling took the lead to leave.

At the top of   , Zhou You of Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce, moved towards Yu Yuan grinned and said with a smile: “Congratulations! Getting you to Land of Fear is indeed a good decision.”

   Yu Yuan’s gaze retracted from Yan Qiling’s body, thinking that the three glazed lamps should be safe in his hands, so he felt relieved a little.

   “Zhou Senior, what’s going on now?” he said strangely.

  ”speaking of which is also simple, the mountains you see will be

   transformation. “Zhou You didn’t conceal anything, and proudly said: “It is transformed into another Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce!” The difference is that this Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce has stepped out of the sky and traded items with heavenly demon and any wise creature! “

  His statement is the same as Yan Qiling’s statement.

  Reminiscent of his previous identity

   A flash of light flashed in his mind, and Yu Yuan suddenly became clear and understood: “The idea, is Chairman Li’s?”

  Chairman Li, the previous old president of the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce, when he was in office, it was the fastest and most glorious period of Chamber of Commerce!

   also because of Chairman Li’s intervention, Sword Prison fell from the sky to Desolate Great Lake. Under the circumstances, after he arrived, the imprisoned people were freed.

  Chairman Li, it is said that mysterious disappeared in the Chamber of Commerce in the early years.

   “Chairman Li’s ambition is to open the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce in the vast world to the Star River in the outer domain, in the territory of the heavenly demon, in the territories of various alien races.” Zhou You spoke of this, sincerely admired. And admiration, “His magnificent vision is contrary to the three upper sects, and the guidelines of Demon Palace and Monster Palace. Inside the Chamber of Commerce, those old-fashioned guys can’t accept it, and they dare not engage in evil with the five supreme powers.”

  Zhou You just a few words to help Yu Yuan understand.

  Chairman Li was born, and his lofty ambition to open the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce to the dazzling Star River went against the five supreme forces and was not supported by insiders, so he became the old chairman.

   But his philosophy and Divine Soul Sect coincide, and the two sides naturally come together.

   And these mountains will become the vast world, the most unique Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce!

  ”Senior Zhou, I’m bothering you, let me spread a message.” Yu Yuan thought about it, and suddenly said: “I want to come, with your energy, you can quickly let Nirvana Continent’s sect forces know that I’m Yu Yuan. The descendant of the god of medicine Hong Qi.”

   Luo Yue was surprised, “You, what do you want to do?”

  Zhong Chichen is the current Sect Master of Divine Medicine Sect. He has a great influence in Nirvana Continent. His only discipline, Chu Yao, can leverage many forces. Yu Yuan chose at this time to reveal the discipline of Hong Qi’s successor. What’s the point?

Isn’t    just causing trouble?

   “Small things are a pile.” Zhou You gently nodded.

   He and Zu An have communicated many times. From Zu An’s care for Yu Yuan, he guessed a little bit, so I don’t feel surprised, “It’s just that Zhong Chichen is much better than Yunhao. In addition, I am faintly. I heard that Hong Qi, the god of medicine, did a lot of wrong things at the end of his life, which led to his bad reputation.”

   “I know what you mean.” Yu Yuan smiled bitterly, “Aren’t you here to create a large-scale trading field for all intelligent life? I want to inherit the inheritance of the god of medicine to refine medicine , And then sell pill depending on the situation.”

  ”It can be considered as responding to your ideas.”

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