Invincible Powers Chapter 900

  Dingzhong Yu Yuan, and Yazhong’s Long Qi, suffered a similar encounter.

   The 100-meter-long green dragon, the huge dragon body is rolling, and the dragon scales are full of blood and smelly.

   constantly wielding the scabbard, with the “Fallen Moon Slash” sword art, releasing bunches of crimson sword light Yu Yuan, covered in blood, with fine wounds, splitting his clothes, appearing on the flesh.

   If there is an invisible enemy, use a sharp blade to slow down his flesh and blood.

   After being beaten for a long time, this strong body has no blood rushing out, but the part that oozes out of the cortex looks terrifying.

   Yu Yuan is miserable.

  The golden mountains and rivers hanging upside down gave an unspeakable divine might. The peaks and swords of the mountains impacted, and the sword dao collided fiercely with other roads, and his soul was shocked.

   The sword intent and sword light collected by his sufferer untold hardships, in this brief moment, were squandered.

   every type of sword art swung with “Fallen Moon Slash” actually drove a kind of sword intent in the scabbard, and then immediately disappeared with some kind of golden avenue when it touched the golden mountain tip.

   Every time a sword intent disappears, Yu Yuan realizes that one of the sword intents is missing.

  This kind of little, can’t be restored…

  He used to fight with people, using the sword intent and sword light in the sword sheathe to fight, but only the sword energy is consumed, and the subtle sword intent inside will not disappear.

   But now, not only the sword can, but even the sword intent is gone after a sword.

   What does this mean, he actually knows faintly…

  The avenue meets!

   The upside-down golden mountains and the pyramids at the top of the mountain also contain the true meaning of Jinjue. It should be the Yang God powerhouse, which is the secret technique of Comprehend Magical Powers for hundreds of years.

  Only in this way, the sword intent left over by the Sword Sect powerhouse, gathered by the moonslash great cultivator in the Outland Star River, can match each other.

   Each type of sword art has the most logical implied word dao, and its power can be increased several times, lasing at the tip of the golden mountain, and attacking another kind of golden rule, and dissipating in pairs.

   During this period, the extra power sputtered by the crimson sword light fell into the golden mountain.

In the    mountain peak, the golden glow invisible to naked eye falls like a drizzle.

   Those extremely tiny “golden drizzle” are the culprit and culprit that made him bruised, bloody, and miserable.

   The tempering physique of “Fiend Demon Body Refinement Art” faced a great cultivator in the Yang God realm, which contained the fragments of the divide might of Jinjue Avenue, and he couldn’t bear it.

   In Yu Yuan’s touch, little “golden drizzle”, like a tiny sword, scrapes the flesh.

   Not long after, except for the two arm bones, all his flesh and blood, bones and veins elsewhere were severely damaged by the tiny golden glow.

  ”This is the Yang God powerhouse.”

   Until this moment, Yu Yuan didn’t understand the Yang God great cultivator of the vast world, how terrifying the real battle strength is.

   With his Yin God realm Early-Stage’s cultivation base, if it weren’t for the cultivation “Fiend Demon Body Refinement Art”, the sputtered Jin Rui’s power would have already turned him into a corpse.

   was replaced by another Yin God, but I don’t know how many times he died.

   “No, it’s hard to hold it!”

  , under the severe pain, his face was savage, and he had to calmly continue to use “Fallen Moon Slash” to squander the remaining sword power in the sheath.

  Because he understands that once the endless crimson sword light disappears, he will face the upside-down golden mountain, and he will burst and die instantly.

   Even with the current situation, his bloody fleshy body is too much to bear. After a long time, his fleshy body will die.

   “You must think of a way!”

   His mind turned sharply, and he was thinking hard while swinging his sword mechanically.

   A bright silver curtain appeared beside him.

   I saw Wen Lu, who had the blood of Dark Spirit Race, dropped the dragon head stick, held the leaf-shaped silver necklace in both hands, bowed his head, and chanted religiously.

  silver radiance, release from the necklace and envelop her.


   a little bit of “golden drizzle”, as soon as it touches the silver radiance, it disappears cleanly.

   At this moment, Yu Yuan realized in an instant that Wen Lu, who should have been to bring disaster to innocent people, actually took advantage of that silver necklace to survive in the cauldron.

   Wenlu’s chanting voice and intonation, he could not understand at all.

   The vigorous Boss Gu tree of Jade Peak Mountain Range, with the spiritual grass of the years, seems to be able to understand and respond!

  The lush green forest, the color of the trees changed from green to yellow.

The season of    is like from spring to autumn in an instant.

  The trees, flowers and plants, all of a sudden, ushered in the withering and withering.

  Grass Vitality of Wood, because of Wenlu’s chanting, it seems to be called by the leaf in her hand. The silver leaves are quietly changing, green, glowing with endless Life Aura.

   Inside the leaves, there are delicate and wonderful tree patterns that squirm like living creatures.

   a little bit of green glow, like a Fire Insect flying out of a leaf, moth flies into the flame, it goes to Yu Yuan’s cracked wound and melts into Yu Yuan’s flesh and blood.

   Yu Yuan, who felt that he was about to be unable to hold it, was suddenly infused with greenery and vitality, a little refreshed.

   Immediately, in his Qi and Blood Small World, the crimson “Altar of Life” also worked at full capacity, and bunches of Qi and blood essence containing life rebuilding ability emerged.

   There are plants and trees on the outside and life abilities inside, both of which help him stabilize his injury.

   This made Yu Yuan, who should have been unable to hold on to the death of his fleshy body soon, insisted on stubbornly standing firm and continuing to wield the scabbard.

   “Chong Xiao, want to force me to abandon my fleshy body, and Yin God out of the body!”

   An aura of light came to Yu Yuan’s mind. He keenly captured Daoist Chong Xiao’s intentions.

  His Heaven Soul intuition tells him that facing the death of his fleshy body, he would have chosen to escape Yin God with a high probability and try to escape from Yin Wind Valley.

   Chong Xiao is waiting, it seems that it is his Yin God, out of the body.

  ”He wants my Yin God instead of letting me the soul flew away and scattered! My Yin God, in the Land of Fear, was created by the help of the source of the Yin Vessel! The Yin was born in the Land of Fear God, there must be some kind of strangeness! Besides, I have a connection with Divine Soul Sect, Spirit Void Sect wants to know why.”

   One pass Belden!

  Yu Yuan suddenly understood that Daoist Chong Xiao and Tianjing Daoist cooperated and moved the eighth-level green dragon, not to kill him immediately.

  Spirit Void Sect, another picture!

   “Hey, the abacus is very loud!”

   Yu Yuan sneered in his heart. He probably guessed what the other person was thinking. He became more and more convinced. No matter what, he will continue to survive. Death will not escape Yin God and let Spirit Void Sect succeed.

   one after another, the pill that replenishes blood and condenses soul, was swallowed by him like lightning.

   He grinned, swinging his sword to the sky while facing Daoist Chong Xiao, “Old Miscellaneous Mao, you Spirit Void Sect can become the first of the seven lower sects. I believe you know what stigmatizing and vicious methods have been used. Hey, forces like your Spirit Void Sect, in this sweeping battle, I think it will come to an end.”

   “I think this is the opportunity of my Spirit Void Sect to make Spirit Void Sect a real upper sect.” Daoist Chong Xiao said indifferently, stepping on Long Qi’s head, and said calmly.

   He grabbed it with a big hand.

   A piece of dragon scales of Ryugasaki suddenly broke away from flesh and blood and fell into his hands.

   Infused with psychic energy, the dragon scales suddenly shine like stars, revealing a sense of freshness and refinement, not like mundane things.

  ”go! ”

  Daoist Chong Xiao waved and threw.

  dragon scales shone with brilliant green brilliance, like a green star, flying towards Fiend Demon Cauldron.

   swung his sword hard to resist Yu Yuan, who was hanging upside down in the golden mountains and rivers. Suddenly, he felt a huge star, moved towards him and roared.

  His Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World also revealed green stars, and went straight to his soul.

   “It really amazes me. Only you in the Yin God realm can support you for so long.” Daoist Chong Xiao said this, quite sincere, “No matter whether you live or die, you will be proud of yourself after this battle. New The first generation of Cao Jiaze, when it was favored by Profound Heaven Sect, was also only this.”

  He even has a kind of, if Yu Yuan is his own discipline, what a good feeling.


   Out of the world

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