Invincible Powers Chapter 901


   The dragon scales that flew towards Yu Yuan were extremely fast at first, but at a certain moment, suddenly became extremely slow.

   The green stars that appeared in his Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World are growing wildly and like thunder.

  Inside and outside, between the two, there seems to be a kind of rebellious wonder.

  , the external “green star” rushing towards Fiend Demon Cauldron, as it gets slower and slower, the one from Yu Yuan Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World speeds up.

   The external slowness seems to help the inner fastness.

   What is even more surprising is that the green dragon scales not only become abnormally slow outside, they are also shrinking sharply.

   Just for a while, a piece of dragon scales as big as a door became only a fingernail.

  In contrast, Yu Yuan Sea of ​​Consciousness, a little green star is like a lofty mountain!

  The mountains-like stars, flying by in the sky, made Yu Yuan’s brain aching, and his temples seemed to explode.

  He has a feeling that if this green star continues to skyrocket, his head will burst.

  thoughts move, his Yin God in Sea of ​​Consciousness, separated from the main soul and Heaven Soul, flies away in his own Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World.

   “It turned out to be coming to my Yin God!”

   The huge green star moved with it, chasing after its Yin God.

   In his perception, the inexplicable green star contains the hidden power of imprisonment. This star is like an active prison to catch selected prey.

  ”How come there is a feeling of imitating Sword Prison?”

   My soul is in my Sea of ​​Consciousness Heaven and Earth, I can see the green star from multiple angles and intuitively, and find that this thing is completely different from the dragon scales in the outside world.

   That piece of dragon scales is just a disguise, it is a magic decision to match this thing.

   The green stars that miraculously entered his mind, seem to be Daoist Chong Xiao’s Supreme Treasure, and his carefully refined Rare Item.

   The main soul and Heaven Soul are in charge of the physique, and they continue to swing their swords. In his mind, Yin God is dealing with the green star that appears out of thin air.

   after a moment.

   His consciousness suddenly came into a trance at a certain moment, and the Yin God, who had been flying by and fast, seemed stupid, and didn’t seem to know how to escape.

   The green star is constantly changing, with many holes on the surface, which is more and more similar to Sword Prison.

   When his Yin God was still, the green star released by Daoist Chong Xiao finally rushed over.

  Green Xingchen suddenly produced a suction force, pulling his Yin God, as if to drag him over, imprisoned in it and taken away.


   A petite silhouette quietly appeared in Yu Yuan Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World, and fell gently on the green star.

   The moment she landed, the green star was like a blanket

   A giant beast stepped on the starry sky and began to shake in terror.

   With the shaking, the “rock and soil” on the surface of this star, and the green algae in the river water that is not known to be true or false, burst out one after another.

   “Go to death.”

   She pursed her mouth, her eyes are extremely cold.

   Infinite magic light, from her within the body, penetrates to the green star, like a billion-dollar sword, along the surface of the star, piercing to the innermost.

In the   green star, there are clusters of ghost shadows, which were instantly beheaded.

   The green stars in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, after a while twisted, turned into a jade token, shining twice, and then disappeared silently.


   The outside world, about to touch Fiend Demon Cauldron, the dragon scales that became only the size of rice grains suddenly burst.

   When the broken light splashed, the emerald jade token in Yu Yuan Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World just appeared suddenly.

   Daoist Chong Xiao, with his feet on Long Qi’s forehead, groaned, complexion is gloomy, hurriedly put away the green jade token, for fear that Yu Yuan would smash it with one sword.

   is also at this time.

  Yin God of Yu Yuan Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World, consciousness, return to normal again, “Yu Yiyi?”

  cheerful Cauldron Spirit floating in his Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World, smiled softly, and said: “Master, because the number of Fiend Demons in Juyong is enough, I have also recovered part of the battle strength. Now I can enter yours. Sea of ​​Consciousness, to help you resist the invasion of evil.”

   “The green star that just manifested is a soul artifact of Daoist Chong Xiao.”

  ” What shocked me is that the method of refining this soul artifact should be Nirvana Continent Demon Palace. Demon Palace has its own Refiner Master. The Divine Weapon blade they refined is purely for the cultivation of Demon Art. In that soul artifact, there are also several soul shadows of Earth Demon, which should have been imprisoned for many years.”

  ”This Daoist Chong Xiao of Spirit Void Sect, in the dark, at least cultivated a kind of Demon Art before he can use this artifact.”

  Yu Yiyi tells the weirdness she saw.

  sou sou!

  The sword awn hidden at the bottom of the scabbard, inspired by bunches of “Fallen Moon Slash”, a sword is stronger than a sword, dripping water through the stone, successfully smashing the upside down golden mountain.

   Suddenly, the upside down golden mountains split into lumps of gold and rocks, and the mountain collapsed.

  The many golden dragon scales formed by “Youjin” are thus shattered.

   Yu Yuan was battered all over his head. After seeing that the weight on his head was relieved, and after earning a breath, he planned to inquire carefully. Then Yu Yiyi returned to the world in the tripod from his Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World.

   Next to him, Wen Lu is holding a leaf-shaped necklace in both hands, still using the blood innate talent to gather the essence of the plants and infuse his flesh and blood.

  Without the destruction of golden mountains and rivers, this strong fitness body is nourished by two types of life essence and sews quickly

   Close the wound.

   “soul artifact, Demon Palace technique”

  He frowns, deeply looked towards Daoist Chong Xiao who is stepping on Longqi, thinking that Qu Jing first, and then Daoist Chong Xiao in front of him, more or less have a story with Demon Palace.

  Qu Jing claims to be trial comrades with Mo Yan, and wants to take Fiend Demon Cauldron for Mo Yan, and then plot him in Scarlet Sun Empire.

  Daoist Chong Xiao, he hides the soul artifact refined by Demon Palace in his hands, and secretly cultivation Demon Art.

  ”Spirit Void Sect, is the first of the seven lower sects of Tianyuan Continent. It claims to be the Upright Sect, and actually allows Qu Jing and Mo Yan to interact closely. Chong Xiao, one of the seven daoist, quietly cultivation Demon Art

  , there is a hidden Demon Palace soul artifact, I don’t know their Sect Master, do I know the secret? “

   thinking like this, his thought slipped into the bottom of the scabbard.

   The sword intent in the scabbard was almost completely consumed because of this battle, and even the sword light was not much left. Daoist Chong Xiao and Tianjing Daoist, any of them would be very difficult to fight.


   Wen Lu suddenly fell to the ground, within the body’s qi and blood disorder, it seemed that Spirit Race’s blood was overdrawn, and her face was bloodless and pale.

   Once she fell, she no longer had the vegetation essence from Jade Peak Mountain Range, gathered from all directions and merged into Yu Yuan within the body.


  Yu Yuan opened his mouth and wanted to ask about her physical condition, but found that she had fainted.

   “Do you have any hidden means, you might as well take them out.”

  Daoist Chong Xiao squinted his eyes, killing thoughts lingering in his heart, that green jade token, the hidden secret was seen by Yu Yuan, so he prepared for another way, no longer eager to capture Yu Yuan’s Yin God.


   Just when Daoist Chong Xiao was about to do it, holes in the valley floor, like fountains, gushing out of streams.

   is like a grand fountain feast.

   The fountains rushing out of the ground are like galaxies in the depths of the Outland Star River, magnificent and wonderful.

   In the mid-air rainbow aperture, the heartbroken Daoist who has been watching coldly, sees the fountain in the valley, the writhing face, and folds clustered together.


  心殇daoist secretly senses, from the underground fountain, smells the atmosphere of the famous river, Heaven and Earth, where the alien race is located.

   He confirmed again, his expression suddenly became heavy, shouted: “Chong Xiao, Tian Jing! Let’s go!”

   “Go? Where to go?”

   Lu Liu’s sweet voice sounded from a path of fountain, “Heartshou, you didn’t make a move, you just leave. As for the two daoist, since they have used their weapons, don’t even think about leaving. .”

   The words fall, the great demon commander with vertical eyes in green clothes suddenly appears.

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