Invincible Powers Chapter 902


   “Lord Lu Liu!”

In    Fiend Demon Cauldron, Yu Yuan who saw him appear, whispered softly,

   howling, full of joy and relaxation.

   Lu Liu, a terrifying existence of level nine, used to refining the Yangtze River in the Outland Star River. After getting rid of the Sword Prison, he returned to Peak battle strength. Without the presence of the Primordial Spirit Realm powerhouse, he was almost invincible of.

   “Lu Liu!”

   “Monster Palace, Great Commander of Monster Race Legion in Outland!”

  天景daoist and Daoist Chong Xiao, after he appeared, they were deeply shocked.

   The battle between Tianjing and Han Fei was forced to stop. The Tianjing daoist, who was known for his gloomy temperament, shook his figure, sprinkled a ground of ice crystals, and rolled around like a glass ball.

   “Come back.”

   Yu Yuan grinned, letting Han Fei, five other Fiend Demon leaders of low Level 1, and many Fiend Demon in formation, all return to the great cauldron.

The five types of Fiend Demon array formed in    arrangement, disappeared suddenly.

  within the valley, the eighth-level green dragon suppressed by Formation and poisoned by the poisonous gangs and winds, spiritual wisdom finally sober up, about to swear, suddenly saw Lu Liu in the fountain.

   The green dragon named Long Qi, the moment he saw Lu Liu, the huge dragon body was shiver coldly.

   He doesn’t know the origin and identity of Lu Liu, but the breath that escapes from Lu Liu makes him feel as if he is facing a natural enemy, even without the courage to fight.

   “Blood, the natural check and balance on the bloodline!” Fear was in Ryuqi’s eyes.

   just looked at Lu Liu, and Lu Liu did not change anything. It gave him a feeling that was more terrifying than the five Fiend Demon arrays released by Yu Yuan.

   The flow of his blood is slow, and the bloodline innate talent who awakened when several were born, seemed to have suddenly failed.

   “Lu Liu, the green dragon, and the necklace in Wen Lu’s hand, after gathering the essence of plants and trees, it is green, and all the valleys are green.” Yu Yuan, calm, touched his jaw with a strange expression .

  ”Hidden Dragon Lake, hehe.”

  green clothes Lu Liu with vertical eyes smiled low, and immediately saw many fountains, which instantly turned into jade green streams and rivers, moving towards Longqi together.

  jade green In Hanoi, the starlight is shining, and all kinds of outland water beasts emerge, and there are many refined runes containing the mysterious rune of the avenue of water.

   Ryugasaki feels his soul a little bit, and the scared blood is about to solidify, “Oh, my lord, you?”

   “I’m going to eat you.”

  next moment, the Great Commander of the Monster Palace, he is real.

   A green giant snake across the sky, like a stretch of mountain range, is not something Yin Wind Valley can fill, so he chose to float in mid-air within the valley.

   Lu Liu, who reveals his real body, is many times larger than the dragon body in Gu Zhong.

   The suffocating demon energy, released from his demon body, made the people who Heavenly Medicine Sect hid deep underground, their souls trembled.

  Lu Liu’s vertical eyes, like two green suns, hanging in the air, staring at Long Qi.

   Ryugasaki looked like he had been petrified, his body was stiff, his dragon’s blood was solidified, and his brain couldn’t turn around.

   Immediately, there were jade green streams and rivers, like lightning crystal chains, tied to Longqi’s body, pulling this eighth-level green dragon alive from Yin Wind Valley.

   pulled to the sky, and then pulled the big mouth opened to Lu Liu

   Dragon body 100 meters long Longqi, when brought to Lu Liu’s mouth by the jade green stream, like an earthworm entering the mud hole.

   Ryugasaki’s body, when he disappeared a little bit, he didn’t cry or scream.

   Chong Xiao, who had left Longqi’s forehead a long time ago, looked at the green giant snake in midair, the complexion is gloomy like water.

   tick, tick.

  Lu Liu’s mouth, the mucus dripping from rows of sharp teeth fell on the bottom of the valley, digging deep pits as thick as buckets.

  ”This too, is it too easy?”

  Looking at Long Qi, there’s no resistance was swallowed by Lu Liu, Yu Yuan felt incredible.

   Dragon Clan Bloodlines of Longqi is level 8 and Lu Liu is level 9, which is only higher than Level 1.

   But when facing Lu Liu, Long Qi seemed to be stupid from beginning to end. He didn’t move, so he was swallowed by Lu Liu.

   “This big demon is the natural enemy of the Green Dragon clan. The water snake clan who gave birth to Lu Liu seems to have won in some kind of avenue battle, and thus naturally suppressed the green dragon clan where Long Qi is on the bloodline.” Cauldron Spirit Yu Yiyi gave a somewhat vague explanation, “Unless, the green dragon clan where Longqi is located, a tenth-level green dragon can appear. It is possible to eliminate the bloodline checks and balances caused by the failure of this kind of avenue battle.” /p>

  Yu Yuan was stunned.

   After the failure of    Dragon Race, different types of giant dragons, the mystery of the avenue dominated in the vast world back then, have been replaced by some Monster Races, making Dragon Race unstoppable?

  Dragon Race, has since lost its transcendent status?

Lu Liu, the leader of the   water snake clan, has been suppressed by bloodline and swallowed a green dragon, has it become so easy?

   It’s no wonder that the giant dragons of Hidden Dragon Lake now only dare to hide in the deep sea and rarely do activities in other areas of the vast world.

  The green dragon is suppressed by the bloodline of the water snake family, and other frost giant dragons, as well as the Golden Dragon, may also be controlled by the monster palace monster from the root.

  sou! sou!

  At this moment, Daoist Chong Xiao and Tianjing daoist turned into two escapes, and fled outside the valley at the same time.

   Lu Liu, the big demon, appeared, and the heartbroken daoist also reminded that these two Spirit Void Sect’s Yang God daoist, knowing that there was another impossible gain, decided to leave.

   While Lu Liu was devouring Long Qi.

  The word intents, which are as dense as the net, suddenly flood the Yin Wind Valley, almost everywhere.

   The escape light of Daoist Chong Xiao and Tianjing daoist flew away within the grid-like sword intent, the heads that touched each other broke the blood flow, and the two escape lights disappeared without leaving.

   Immediately, the two of them reappeared in blood.

  sword intent Suddenly that enveloped the valley, Yu Yuan felt instinctive, and the corners of his mouth filled with joy.

   He felt, who is the owner of those sword intents?

  hua! hua hua!

  in the sky heard the sound of running water, the big demon Lu Liu changed his body, and turned into a human race with vertical eyes in green clothes.

   He squinted lightly and looked into the rainbow aperture. His complexion was as ugly as his heart daoist, “I said, you can leave at any time. But if you make a move, I’m afraid that once, Don’t even think about leaving.”

   “Withering Sword!”

  心殇daoist lowered his head and stared at Yin Wind Valley, and saw a wisp of grey sword intent spreading across the valley, shrouding and confining the space.

   Yin Wind Valley immediately overflowed with the smell of death, flesh and blood, and even flowers, plants and trees, as if they were going to die and wither.

  This peculiar sword intent is unique in the world and is easy to distinguish.

   “It’s hard, it’s really hard, I’m so hard.” Xinshang Daoist wailed in his heart.

  With the realm and methods of Chong Xiao and Tianjing, without his help, it is impossible to leave the valley.

   However, even if he took the shot, the big Sword Immortal who didn’t know where to hide, and the subsequent sword light waved, Chong Xiao and Tian Jing still had difficulty getting out.

   Besides, there was also the big demon Lu Liu glare like a tiger watching his prey in the air and gave a serious warning.

  Help or not?

  心殇daoist is in a dilemma.

  ”Senior is good.”

   Yu Yuan helped Wen Lu and walked out of Fiend Demon Cauldron, moved towards the air cup one fist in the other hand, shouting and saluting.

   coldly snorted, it rang from somewhere underground, “Really didn’t expect, you are the next generation of the heartless man! If you are not entrusted by others, I will not care about your life or death!”

  ”heartless man?” Yu Yuan was in a daze.

   Then he suddenly remembered that in his previous life, he really failed Ji Ningshuang.

  Xi Quan and “Star Frost Sword” had a good relationship back then, because of this incident, I haven’t seen him much.

   “I’m giving Chairman Li, and giving face to Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce.”

  Xi Quan suddenly appeared, standing in a hole within the valley, with a look of harboring malicious intentions, coldly looking at the heart daoist, “Want to save the two of them? Xin daoist, you can try it .”

  oh la la!

  Under the rainbow aperture, a jade green lake with clear river water quietly formed.

   Seeing the lake, feeling the exquisite avenue in it, and the sadness on my face.


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