Invincible Powers Chapter 904


   A jade green stream, full of water, winds around Fiend Demon Cauldron, flying away with the great cauldron.

  溪河, is the friendly escort of the big demon Lu Liu

   woke up from the fainting and buried the warm mixed-race girl. Seeing that the great cauldron is getting further and further away from Yin Wind Valley, she finally felt a little relieved, and wiped the cold sweat on her smooth forehead with a handkerchief.

   After Wenlu woke up, she stood beside “Withering Sword” Xi Quan, shaking and restless.

   Xi Quan is full of deadly and withered sword intent. Even if it has been quite convergent, the bloodline is so special that it can be clearly sensed.

   The sword intent sweeping over the comprehend, and the dark Spirit Race bloodline attribute of Wenlu within the body, check and balance each other.

   She and Xi Quan are in Yin Wind Valley, and there is no Free Spirit everywhere, and she can’t help but sweat.

   swept instinctively and disgusted, this girl with the unique bloodline of the dark Spirit Race.

   Every time I look towards her, my subconscious mind wants to swing a sword and send Wen Lu to see her third grandmother who has gone to Yellow Springs.

   Wen Lu sensed her malice and shivered. Under the comfort of Yu Yuan, Wen Xin buried Wen Xin within the valley, and she retracted into Fiend Demon Cauldron.

  very terrifying, Big Brother Yu, who is that person? “

   She clutched her chest, desperately adjusting her breathing and heart rate to calm herself down, and don’t lose self-control too much.

  ’s fear of Xi Quan even exceeded the pain caused by Wen Xin’s death.

  ”Sword Sect, a cultivator in the Free Spirit realm, once killed the alien heavenly demon in the Outland Star River.” Yu Yuan casually explained, “Your injury, wait until Fiend Demon Sect to talk about it.”

   “Oh, okay, okay.” Wenlu’s little chicken pecks at the rice and is nodded.

   She was overdrawn from the bloodline, but she didn’t have any serious injuries. In fact, she stayed in the Jade Peak Mountain Range and passed through the lush woods to recover from the mysterious bloodline in a short time.

  Because she was afraid of Xi Quan, she didn’t dare to stay in Jade Peak Mountain Range, so she chose to join Yu Yuan at Falling Moon Forbidden Land, and then turned to Fiend Demon Sect.

   “Young Master, don’t they go to Fiend Demon Sect with us?” Qin Yun strangely said.

  Lu Liu urged for a while. Before Xi Quan could kill Tianjing and Chong Xiao completely, he released a jade green stream and escorted them to Falling Moon Forbidden Land.

   “Xi Quan wants to cut weeds and eliminate the roots, and Lu Liu also takes some time to digest the dragon.” Yu Yuan said.

  ”Mr. Yan is not here. Is there anyone familiar with Young Master at Falling Moon Forbidden Land?” Qin Yun was not so relieved. He was familiar with the forbidden area in his early years. He knew the danger in it, and was afraid that something would happen.

   He said that, Shi Yuxuan, who has to follow along with him, is complexion stiffened.

   “Yu Yuan, I heard that you can control the big formation of Falling Moon Forbidden Land?” Shi Yuxuan forced a smile, “We It shouldn’t be in it, what danger should we encounter?”

  Jade Peak Mountain Range is adjacent to Falling Moon Forbidden Land. The cultivator headed by Primal Yang Sect was scattered around the Falling Moon Forbidden Land a while ago. He also knows the inside story about slaying the evil demons and alien races from outside.

   He also knew that the Tianyuan Continent cultivator represented by Primal Yang Sect did not take up any responsibility

   How cheap.

  Sometimes, he can still see terrifying ghosts volley in the Jade Peak Mountain Range, and see aliens flying high in the sky.

   Those are all from Falling Moon Forbidden Land, they all have a battle strength comparable to Longqi or higher.

  He is worried, and it is such is human nature.

  ”You are true, too. Are you good at staying in Jade Peak Mountain Range?” Yu Yuan gave him a white look. “Before the situation is clear, what did you go to Fiend Demon Sect to do early? Are you going to stand in advance? Do you know what consequences will be brought to Heavenly Medicine Sect if you stand on the wrong team?”

   Just now, he already knew that Shi Yuxuan was his junior follower in his previous life, the discipline of the discipline.

   Shi Yuxuan’s master, the Heavenly Medicine Sect Sect Master of the previous two terms, was really his confidant in his early years and was loyal to him.

   Because of this, Yu Zhu was taken in the Jade Peak Mountain Range, and the “secret fire wave poison array” of Yin Wind Valley was formed.

   is no wonder, after he “destroy both body and soul”, Zhong Chichen does not wait to see Heavenly Medicine Sect.

  In his mind, Shi Yuxuan is the little disciple of the discipline of grand disciples, and of course he is Junior.

   but, he in this life is really counted by seniority, because his mother is Jin Rourou, he is Junior.

   Every time I see Shi Yuxuan, look at the good-quality youth in the clan as his elders, and stare at himself, Yu Yuan feels awkward.

  Shi Yuxuan is already transparent, he doesn’t look down on father Yu Jue, but he recognizes himself.

  All kinds of words and deeds also show that Shi Yuxuan recognizes him more and more. When he smiles, he seems to be proud.

  ”You are the personal biography of the God of Medicine Hong Qi! We, Heavenly Medicine Sect, from me, my master, and the master of my master, are all people from the God of Medicine Hong Qi!” Shi Yuxuan said with a blushing face. : “Zhong Chichen, must have used some vicious means to trick him!”

  Qi Yunhong and Qin Yun, looking at Shi Yuxuan’s expressions, they are also slightly weird.

   “You old fellow, you are really determined to stand in line.” Qi Yunhong clicking one’s tongue in wonder, “I can’t see it, I really can’t see it. You are the Sect Master of this little Heavenly Medicine Sect. Qu Cai.”

   “Yu Yuan is a soft child, his own family, I am firmly with him, what’s the problem?” Shi Yuxuan said old-fashioned.

  大妖Lu Liu, “Withering Sword” Xi Quan, Yan Qiling, now Qi Yunhong, Qin Yun

  , this powerhouse with high realm, showed goodwill and attitude towards Yu Yuan, which gave Shi Yuxuan courage and made him feel angry and made the current decision.

   Get rid of the checks and balances of Divine Medicine Sect and wait for an opportunity to take revenge!

   “No problem, no problem.” Qi Yunhong shrank his head.

  At this time, he also realized that Shi Yuxuan is Yu Yuan’s elder no matter what.

   I went to Fiend Demon Sect and Yu Yuan met with Jin Rourou. His mother, for Heavenly Medicine Sect and Shi Yuxuan, could change his attitude towards Shi Yuxuan by saying something nice.

   to offend Shi Yuxuan, of course it’s not a good choice.

   “Okay, don’t be noisy, it will be here soon.” Yu Yuan drank lightly.


The jade green stream that    escorted all the way, when approaching the Falling Moon Forbidden Land, rolled back, Lu Liu’s voice erraticly sounded, “Don’t delay, go to Fiend Demon Sect as soon as possible!”


   lukewarmly replied, Fiend Demon Cauldron also officially set foot on the forbidden area, Yu Yuan released his soul thought, and after a little sense, he found that there are not many powerful soul alien races in the forbidden area today.

   It seems that the powerful have left.

   “Yu Yuan!”

   In the center of the forbidden area, a beautiful shadow stood on Liu Ying, who was in the “eye of the fallen star”, waving his hand vigorously.

   Next to “Falling Star Eyes”, Tong Laoqian’s “Jade Tower” was still parked. He was also suddenly surprised and shouted: “Brother Yu, I know you will be fine. Hey, Spirit Void Sect Qu Jing, I was killed by you. You are more shocked now.”

   Liu Ying and Tong Laoqian are where the Space Transmission Array is located. In addition to these two people, there is another acquaintance, Zhou You’s Direct Disciple.

The    congratulation exhibition is at Desolate Great Lake. I joined Chairman Li early and worked with Yan Qiling to stabilize the space of the old man.

   noticed Yu Yuan’s gaze, He Zhan smiled and nodded, “Mr. Yan asked me to be here, for the time being to host this spatial array.”

   “Thank you.” Yu Yuan said hello.

  Fiend Demon Cauldron accelerates, and it doesn’t take long before he arrives in front of the “Falling Star Eyes” and “Jade Tower”.

   “Liu Ying, you are such a fool! You are not staying in the Jade Peak Mountain Range, why are you here at Falling Moon Forbidden Land?” Yu Yuan said with a calm face.

   As the key cultivation of Star Moon Sect, the next Star Moon Sect Sect Master, Liu Ying can say anything in Jade Peak Mountain Range.

   came to Falling Moon Forbidden Land, and gave the three upper sects an excuse and reason for accountability.

   Everyone knows that Falling Moon Forbidden Land represents Divine Soul Sect. You Liu Ying go to the hinterland of Divine Soul Sect. This represents Star Moon Sect and choose to form an alliance with Divine Soul Sect?

   “I, I was imprisoned by it.” Liu Ying pitifully pointed to the evil Divine Idol in the distant sky, “I was asleep, hearing its whispers, and entered the Falling Moon unconsciously. Forbidden Land. After I came in, I couldn’t get out. Well, if someone knew it, I would say I was caught alive.”

   “Why did you come here?” Yu Yuan strangely said.

   Liu Ying pursed her lips, looked at Shi Yuxuan, Qi Yunhong, Wen Lu and the others, without speaking.

   “Mister He, does anyone know about her coming?” Yu Yuan asked.

   He Zhan thought for a while, and nodded said: “She should be concealed from entering the forbidden area. However, no one can see what she says and does in the forbidden area.”

   “I hope there is still room to make up.” Yu Yuan muttered to himself.

   “I have something to say to you alone!” Liu Ying stood on “Falling Star Eyes”, moved towards his beckons with the hand, motioning him to come up.


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