Invincible Powers Chapter 905

   Under the night, “Falling Stars” glittered.

   Yu Yuan flew in and saw the hazy starlight wrapped this silver-white meteorite. Liu Ying, like a Fairy in the moon palace, stood cheerfully in front of a transparent moonstone, moved towards him and raised his hand.

   was getting closer, Yu Yuan only saw Liu Ying’s face pale, and the divine light in her eyes was dim, as if her energy was haggard, and she hadn’t slept well for a long time.

   “What’s wrong?” Yu Yuan asked with concern.

   “Come and see.”

   Liu Ying waited for him to approach, pointing to the crystal moon stone platform in front of him, “Walking through it with your soul and thought, you can see my recent nightmare. I really hope that it is just a nightmare, not in the future Happened.”

   When she said this, she couldn’t hide her fear, and her shoulders trembled slightly.

   Yu Yuan, who was full of doubts, fluttered out of his soul, and escaped into the moonstone table in front of Liu Ying.

   At that moment, he is like the Heaven and Earth of Soul Wonder in the future!

   The first sight I saw was the devastated, corpse Heaven Profound Continent!

   This mortal land, Azure Phoenix, Silver Moon and Skyshaker Empire, are still engaged in cruel wars with divine might, Huiyao and Chiyang. Many towns are affected, and buildings and palaces may collapse, or It was burning with heavy smoke and fire.

In    city, the corpses of mortals and sergeants, some are charred, some are rotten, and no one cares.

   Deep in the mountains, rivers, and lakes, the cultivator from Six Great Empires is also fighting. There are mountain breaks, rivers dry up, and countless forest trees are broken.

   The picture changed. He saw the Ancient Desolate Sect already in charge by Zhongli Dapan, the sect array was shattered, and a tenacious Ancient Desolate Sect cultivator exploded in midair, and the residual limbs were raining blood.

  Looking at the scene, Ancient Desolate Sect seems to be extinguished sect.

   A new picture is formed. Blood God Church is besieged by Demon Palace and Scarlet Demon Sect. Yuan Lianyao and Hou Tianzhao enter the territory of Blood God Church. An Ziqing releases one after another blood shadow and rushes into the two of them. The body of Yuan Lianyao and Hou Tianzhao killed.

   On the other side, Foul Spirit Sect was crushed by many monsters in Monster Palace.

  Ancient Golden Elephant God shows its true body, carrying thousands zhang Jinshan, and bombarding many cultivators of Foul Spirit Sect with countless golden light balls.

   A circle of golden waves swayed around him, and the weak Foul Spirit Sect disciple died one after another.

   The picture changed again, and many powerhouses of Sword Sect arrived at the gate of Star Moon Sect, and “Star Frost Sword” Ji Ningshuang was one of the leaders to encircle and suppress the powerhouse of Star Moon Sect.

   However, Ji Ningshuang was in Star Moon Sect, bursting into pieces and disappearing under the sky starlight.

   Chen Qingyan, who has a close relationship with him, uses the sword made by the Frost Flood Dragon to fight in the void with Liu Ying, who is in charge of the Falling Star Eye

   Both sides are vanished fragrance and crumbled jade.


   A pain in his mind, Yu Yuan’s soul and mind consciousness roaming in it suddenly returned.

  ”Did you see it? I’m dead. After the battle with Chen Qingyan, I will be perish together.” Liu Ying cried and said, “I have no grievances with her, why should we fight you to death?”

  Yu Yuan didn’t say a word, thinking back in his mind, the scenes were still digesting.

   Yuan Lianyao is dead, killed by An Ziqing, Chen Qingyan and Liu Ying are also dead, Ji Ningshuang’s law is broken, and it’s not good to see the end

   is just a nightmare?

   After a long time, he was still amazed, and asked in a difficult tone: “These strange pictures are your dreams? How did they come?”

   Liu Ying pointed to the evil stone statue in the distant sky.

   The stone statues on both sides, moved towards their benevolent and friendly side, but at the moment they look very vague. Yu Yuan looked at the stone statue and tried to communicate, feeling the chaos inside, not the same as before.

  ”It manifested in my dreams.” Liu Ying explained softly, “It told me that in order to manifest these images in my dreams, it took a lot of energy. It takes a while to be able to Restore to before. Well, it will be so muddled.”

  Yu Yuan changes color, “It communicates with you?”

   “Well, it said that those scenes may happen in the future.” Liu Ying repeatedly nodded, “I also saw Yu Family town being razed to the ground, and all of you Yu Family clansman are dead. I see Even more, seeing Yu Zhu being hunted down and forced to escape from the wasteland.”


  Yu Yuan was shocked, and could no longer contain the horror in his heart.

  ”It said that there will be many trajectories in the future, which may change.” Liu Ying squinted slightly, remembering secretly, and said: “This is an early warning. Tell me, Fiend Demon Sect’s grand trade After the fair is over, those scenes and pictures may happen.”

   “I am waiting for you at Falling Moon Forbidden Land, just to show you those, and I want you to know that this kind of thing may happen in the future.”

  ”I saw more. I saw the three upper sects, Demon Palace, Monster Palace, and many unknown powerhouses. Most of them are people like us, and a few are aliens and heavenly demons. .”

   “The picture you finally see is my death.”

  ”And I, even seeing the entire vast world, burst open and turned into dozens of pieces of land.”

   Thinking of what I saw last time, Liu Ying’s lovable body shuddered, “I hope it’s not true. What it makes me see, too terrifying, it’s incredible.”

  Yu Yuan took a deep breath, seeming to want to calm himself down through this kind of action.

   after a while.

   “You stay in Falling Moon Forbidden Land for the time being, don’t go anywhere!” Yu Yuan expression grimly, “If you have a way, you can try to be in the forbidden area and tell you the master of the pictures you see! And I , I must go to Fiend Demon Peak immediately, I need someone to consult!”

   The evil Divine Idol is said to be a war weapon built by Divine Soul Sect, with an unpredictable magic.

   It manifested those images in Liu Ying’s dreams through “fallen star eyes”, letting Liu Ying and herself know that it should be a warning.

  It’s just that the future of the vast world is really possible to evolve into that?


  Flying down from the “Falling Star”, he landed directly on the Space Transmission Array and signaled Qin Yun, Wen Lu, Qi Yunhong, and Tong Laoqian to come in.

   “Mister He, please take us to Fiend Demon Sect.” he demanded.

   “At any time.” He Zhan said with a slight smile.

   “A few, please hurry up!” Yu Yuan drank lightly.

   Wenlu, Tong Laoqian and Qi Yunhong, walking around, still surveying the forbidden area, wondering how many secrets are buried in this prestigious area.

   Hearing Yu Yuan’s impatient urging, they came together.

   “Your complexion is not right.” Tong Laoqian looked at Falling Stars eyes, and was puzzled. “Liu Ying that girl, the past few days is also a godsend, always having nightmares when she says anything. Yesterday, Her face is a little unhealthy white, why did you come down, so it is?”

   “Young Master, what happened?” Qin Yun asked.

   “Yu Yuan, what’s wrong with you?” Shi Yuxuan also asked.

   “It’s hard to say, it’s important, so I won’t explain it yet.” Seeing everyone entering one after another, Yu Yuan once again nodded and said: “Please hurry up.”

   “Well, everyone, don’t move spirit strength and soul mind, I will start Formation now!” He Zhan urged.

  xiu xiu xiu!

   Bunches of bright rays of light surround the Space Transmission Array. Under everyone’s feet, a violent space shock suddenly emerged.

   The dazzling light curtain gradually engulfed everyone and shrank suddenly.

   After a short while, the entire group disappeared.


  Fiend Demon Sect, in another similar Space Transmission Array, Yu Yuan and the others appeared, and then heard the tidal noises, saw all kinds of weird alien races, saw in midair, stirred up speeches Chairman Li.

   “Yu Yuan, you brat finally arrived in time!”

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