Invincible Powers Chapter 906


   Bai Pao volleyed.

  , the former president of the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce, golden eyes and pupils are very eye-catching. His bare arms are waving in the void, and the flesh and blood under his skin, such as numerous fine golden lightning.

   One after another brand-new towering palaces, rising from the ground, scattered in various valleys and peaks.

   Many people wearing Chamber of Commerce clothes with the Golden Eyes pattern on the back, smiling, standing in front of the palaces to welcome guests.

   Those people, dressed up are the new members of the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce. And there are aliens among them!

   Alien, was also accepted and included by Chairman Li and became a member of the new Chamber of Commerce.

  Heavenly Demon, Star Race, Dark Spirit Race, Asura Race, Bright Light Race, Rock Clan, Banshee, Silver Scale Race, and many other clansman that Yu Yuan has never seen before, more than a thousand are distributed in Fiend Demon In the valley, one by one raised their heads, staring at Chairman Li who was making a frustrating speech.

  Chen Langzhi of Azure Phoenix Empire, with many Chen Family clansman, half-blood, in a valley.

   Yan Yu of the Silvermoon Empire, and the current emperor Yan Gui, led the empire’s dignitaries at the foot of another mountain.

   On the Radiant Empire side, there is also a tall man wearing a yellow robe, who looks like the Emperor Skyshaker has several points of, and leads a dozen people.

   Zhongli Dapan of Ancient Desolate Sect, grinned, hehe laughed.

   gathered on his side, it was Shen Feiqing, Tan Yuan and Du Huang and the others.

  Xie Bin from the small Thunder Firmament Sect, brought Li Yu, and followed the current Sect Master. They were next to Zhongli Dapan and seemed to have accepted Zhongli Dapan’s request.

   An Ziqing from Blood God Church, An Jieshan, and a few Yu Yuan who are not familiar with Elder, and Ghost King Chu Ling from Land of Fear are whispering something.

   With colorful clothes, the strangely dressed Foul Spirit Sect visitors, glanced around curiously.

  The cultivator of Ghost Talisman Sect, between the Blood God Church and Foul Spirit Sect, there are magic spells of varying sizes on the neck and cheeks. They are quite restrained and express cautiously.

  Refiner Sect A large Refiner Master who can refine Heaven Grade Grade 9 artifacts, leading his disciples and grandchildren, riding a treasure ship with brilliant lights and vibrant colors, like a wild outing, eating on the huge table of the treasure ship Delicacy and wine.

   There are many other sectarians who have once been brilliant, but are now reduced to second-rate and third-rate. The powerful Loose Cultivator who strayed across the three continents was either invited or unsolicited.

  This grand event held in Fiend Demon Sect, Chairman Li is the host, and has invited many aliens from Outland Star River.

  , naturally, his focal point of ten thousands.


   one left and one right, flying slightly lower, Yan Qiling, who was originally next to Chairman Li, shouted lightly in surprise, and fell.

   Chairman Li high in the sky, still beating Fang Qiudi, depicting the great changes that will take place in this world in the near future. After Yu Yuan and the others appeared, Chairman Li just bowed his head and pointed at Yu Yuan slightly smiled and continued.

  Zhou You moved towards Yu Yuan beckons with the hand.

   “Yu Yuan!”

   flooded into Fiend Demon Sect, many Yu Yuan’s Old Acquaintance, as long as they saw him, they all nodded to pay their respects.

  Zhongli Dapan, Xie Bin, An Ziqing, An Jieshan, Yan Yu, Li Yu

   Their compliments and whispers have made more people who don’t know Yu Yuan and have only heard of the famous names are also looking at him.

  comer of Radiant Empire, many Refiner Masters of Refiner Sect in that treasure ship, people of Foul Spirit Sect and Ghost Talisman Sect, many Loose Cultivator, cultivator of the second-tier sect.

   Not long ago, he exploded and killed Qu Jing of Lingxu Zong, because he is the nominal master of this place, which is very eye-catching

   Chairman Li high in the sky, seeing people from the vast world, his attention was temporarily attracted by Yu Yuan, and stopped temporarily.

   is handsome, looks at Chairman Li, who is only in his early 40s, shows white teeth, smiles brightly, and points to Yu Yuan in the Space Transmission Array, “Our influential figure, after killing Qu Jing, let Daoist Chong Xiao and Tianjing daoist died in Jade Peak Mountain Range.”

  ”What? Chong Xiao and Tianjing daoist, are also dead?”

   “Die in Jade Peak Mountain Range?”

  ”Hey, isn’t that Shi Yuxuan from Heavenly Medicine Sect? Why is he with Yu Yuan?”


   The huge hustle and bustle sounded from all sides of Fiend Demon Sect.

   Formation, Qin Yun, Tong Laoqian, including Qi Yunhong and Shi Yuxuan entire group, faced the gaze of countless lights, none of them were Free Spirit.

   Wen Lu, a girl with a dark Spirit Race bloodline, lowered her head, clearly afraid.

   “You brat, you will be popular everywhere.” Yan Qiling chuckled softly, “Well, don’t stand in the center of this Formation. You go to the highest Fiend Demon peak and stay.”

   “Well, I have something to tell you, I’m very anxious.” Yu Yuan fell into Fiend Demon Cauldron, and when those people entered one after another, his expression was serious.

   “Wait for Chairman Li to finish, after the trade fair officially begins.” Yan Qiling winked, and pointed to Fiend Demon Peak, “You go first.”

   Yu Yuan took Fiend Demon Cauldron, brought Wenlu and the others, and floated to the sky from the Space Transmission Array within the valley.

   In the air, he can more intuitively see the people who come to the event.

  He secretly smacked his tongue.

   Blood God Church, Foul Spirit Sect, Ghost Talisman Sect, and small Thunder Firmament Sect, Ancient Desolate Sect, Refiner Sect, this is the great influence of the vast world!

  Before he came here, he could not believe that these sects would actually participate in this feast!

  , are you not afraid of facing revenge from the three upper sects, Demon Palace and Monster Palace?

   Whether or not they are allied with Divine Soul Sect and Chairman Li, since these sectarian forces set foot in Fiend Demon Sect, they must have offended the five most powerful forces.

  The situation in this world is enough to make those sectarian forces not afraid of the five supreme sect?

   “Yu Yuan! You finally came back!”

   The top of Fiend Demon Peak, Ghost King Luo Yue, and Qian Jie, plus a Nether Ghost that emerged, stand together grandiosely.

  Yu Yuan, Qian Jie Ghost King, who was originally the queen bee of Monster Palace, and the Nether Ghost, all greeted slightly.

   Qian Jie, with a bee waist and fat buttocks, would pose to him when he was in Land of Fear. Goodbye now, Qian Jie’s natural obsession has converged, and his expression is serious, saying: “Lu Liu killed a thousand knives, why didn’t Coming?”

   “Master Lu Liu just swallowed a green dragon in the Jade Peak Mountain Range. It should be a bit bracing and digesting.” Yu Yuan explained with a smile, and looked at the spirits and ghosts of Land of Fear, “You too Participating in the trade fair?”

  ”Divine Soul Sect gave the invitation, Bai Gu-sama lowered the simile, and we are here.” A Nether Ghost whom Yu Yuan had never seen, replied respectfully.

   Today, Bai Gu is now the Ghost King Tomb of the past. The matter of the evil king in the world is no longer a secret.

   The Evil King in the world, is the ancestor of Yu Family, Yu Yuan Old Ancestor.

  Bai Gu is about to leave the customs and will be honored as the Ghost God seat, so that the entire Land of Fear will be in transcendent position and will no longer be afraid of any sect in the vast world.

  Yu Yuan, since he is that descendant and has a reputation on the earth, he is favored by Divine Soul Sect. How dare these ghosts not admire?

   “Do it yourself.” Yu Yuan nodded, thinking about it, said: “Senior Sister, where is my mother?”

   “Yes, how about Xiaorou?” Shi Yuxuan said eagerly.

  ”In the belly of the mountain.” Luo Yue smiled softly and looked at the soles of her feet, “Junior Brother, don’t worry, she needs some time. Mr. Yan found some rare medicinal herb to help her sort out the meridians and benefit the Blood Soul spirit. . In a few more days, she will be able to stand in front of you radiantly.”

   Hearing what she said, Shi Yuxuan relaxed, “When Xiaorou just woke up, she really looked weak. After all, her body and soul were separated for too long.”

   “Wait then.” Yu Yuan nodded.

   At this moment, Chairman Li is still talking, sometimes in the language of the vast world, and sometimes in the language of the Star River that Yu Yuan can’t understand. It is very contagious and contagious. He talks about the vast Star River after the racial integration. The far-reaching influence says that this is the general trend and no one can stop it.

In the words of   , the three upper sects, Demon Palace and Monster Palace, are pedantic and antiquated, clinging to the rules and unwilling to change.

   Chairman Li’s head has been pointing to the five highest, insinuatingly, telling the five Great Sects.


   An alien woman wearing a gray-green robe appeared out of nowhere on the top of Fiend Demon Peak. Her robe had a pointed cloak to hide her face.

   In the cloak, a pair of green eyes, like emeralds shining rays of light.

   Wenlu’s dark Spirit Race bloodline and the silver leaf necklace on her neck reacted together.

   “Dark Spirit Race.”

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