Invincible Powers Chapter 909

Under the jurisdiction of    and Fiend Demon Sect, there is a short peak next to each other, and a dozen cultivators stand.

   Looking at each other in the air, they can faintly see that among the mountains of Fiend Demon Sect, the crowd is surging.

  Many legendary aliens and cultivators of the vast world seem to be bargaining and arguing.

  Chairman Li, after reporting his name not long ago, they all heard a lot of talk.

   also learned that Chairman Li is the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce, the previous old president.

   is the one who created the Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce, making Chamber of Commerce surpass Refiner Sect, Divine Medicine Sect, and become the most powerful talent in the south of Nirvana Continent!

   “Hey, I also want to go and see, I don’t know if they accept it or not.”

   “Although we are not in the ranks of inviters, I just noticed that someone like us, trying to pass, not at all is blocked.”

   “What I worry about is that as soon as I entered, I would be targeted.”

   ten cultivators, discussing in a low voice, looked towards Midair from time to time.

   seems to be in the sky, with invisible eyes staring at them secretly.

   Zu An from Heaven Overlooking Peak, holding the “Heaven Gazing Treasure Mirror”, with his secret technique, he can gain insight into the subtleties of the Three Continents. As long as Zu An has the heart, he can definitely see this if he wants to. While moving, I can hear the content of their words.

  Zu An, since it works, the three upper sect Primordial Spirit Realm great cultivator, Demon Palace and Monster Palace’s Supreme, don’t you know?

   It is because of this that they hesitate.

   “Brother Pei, don’t you go and see?”

   A Loose Cultivator with Soul Wonder Realm cultivation base, watching the crowd, taciturn, standing upright on the cliff, facing Fiend Demon Sect, Pei Tianji, “The Rare Item of the Star Soul Vine is originally a cultivator of the vast world. , Obtained from the territories of the alien clan, and then transplanted to our world.”

  ”It’s just that the Star Soul Vine is very difficult to grow in the vast world. The same is true. A Star Soul Vine cane is worth 500,000 Spirit Stone.”

   The man sighed: “I heard that the three Star Soul Vine transplanted to the vast world, the Monster Palace withered, and the Profound Heaven Sect, were stolen and disappeared. Only Star Moon Sect, the last star soul vine is left, and a vine can be broken every several decades.”

  ”Star Moon Sect treats the cane of the Star Soul Vine as a treasure, and will not sell it at all.”

   “The last time you saw the vine on Heavenspan Island, it is very likely that it came from the stolen star soul vine from Profound Heaven Sect. Heavenspan Chamber of Commerce is really black, 500,000 Spirit Stone!”

   The man was full of emotion.

   The power of the Star River is not from Star Moon Sect, Pei Tianji, who has been immersed in Soul Wonder Realm for many years in the later stage of Soul Wonder Realm, has prepared many spirit material pills of his tempering Yang God through a hundred years of collection.

   is only one cane from the Star Soul Vine.

  The rattan is the key to his Heaven Soul transformed into Yang God, it must not


   He has been looking for it for many years, and he has only seen one on Heavenspan Island. The Chamber of Commerce is priced at 500,000 Spirit Stone. He was embarrassed and unable to buy it.

   That’s it, I missed it.

   It didn’t take long for him to hear that the people of Star Moon Sect had bought the cane of the Star Soul Vine in the past and brought it back to Star Moon Sect.

   Now he can neither find a new star soul vine, nor has he prepared a 500,000 Spirit Stone.

   In the late Soul Wonder Realm, he stayed long enough, long enough that he felt that he didn’t hurry up to embark on the impact of the Yang God realm, and he would have no courage, opportunity or ability in the future.

   “Hey.” Pei Tianji sighed, “In Fiend Demon Sect, even if there is the rattan of the Star Soul Vine, I don’t have enough Spirit Stone to buy it.”

   “How much do you have?”

  ”Only 150,000 left.”

   “That’s really not enough.”

   Pei Tianji frowned, and the conversation turned, and said: “Brother Liang, what about you? The black thorn wood you desire is extremely difficult to find in the vast world. I heard that the black scales of the Star River in the outer land are planted in large quantities. Blackthorn wood is your kind of Spirit Art, a long-term material, do you have a source?”

   Liang Mo shook his head, “easier said than done.”

On the    low mountain, a group of people are sighing, looking forward to the mountains where Fiend Demon Sect is located, there are all kinds of doubts and doubts, and they dare not take that step.

   There are hundreds of people like them, all wandering outside the mountains.


   Under the night, the old man Beiru, who wore a robe as bright as a galaxy, drifted from the direction of Fiend Demon Sect, and stopped in front of Pei Tianji.

  Everyone who gathered in this low mountain was startled by Beilu and looked towards him in surprise.

   “My name is Beilu, I come from the Star Clan, and I am a Nine Star Sage.” He spoke to Pei Tianji with a smile in his proficient Human Race language, “I just accidentally heard you talk about the Star Soul Vine. Is that so?”

   “Stars!” Pei Tianji was shocked, “You?”

   Beilu slightly smiled, like a trick, suddenly a pocket star soul vine appeared in the palm of his hand.

   This star soul vine, in the crystal clear and near-transparent vines, the starlight is dazzling, and when you look at it suddenly, it seems that every vine is filled with thousands of small stars, extremely gorgeous mysterious.

   “Star Soul Vine!” Pei Tianji could no longer control the agitation in his heart, his breathing was a little heavy.

   In the entire vast world, a total of three star soul vines were transplanted, one dead, one missing, and now only the Star Moon Sect is left, spending a lot of money and carefully caring for the last one.

   I heard that there are at least three Elders on the Star Moon Sect side, sitting quietly next to the Star Soul Vine, watching them.

   Pei Tianji, I have only seen a cane on Heavenspan Island in my life. Have you ever seen a complete star soul vine?

  ”This is the Star Soul Vine! Sure enough, it looks amazing out of the ordinary!”

   “Our vast world, but there is only one left!”

  ”Star Soul Vine, really name is not in vain.”

   These scrupulous foreign visitors who wanted to flood into the mountains of Fiend Demon Sect gathered around clicking one’s tongue in wonder, and were amazed.

   “How many Spirit Stones do you have?” Beiru asked with a smile.

   “There are only 150,000 left.” Pei Tianji blushed and looked very sorry, and said anxiously: “I have a few other artifacts in my hand, which are also worth 50,000 Spirit Stones, but they have not had time to sell them! Senior, if you If allowed, I can find a way to find some friends and borrow some more.”

After   , he quickly looked towards Liang Mo next to him, “Brother Liang?”

   “I can lend you fifty thousand.” Liang Mo said with a bitter smile.

   “Senior, can you leave me a cane?” Pei Tianji begged bitterly.

   Beilu expression looks a little weird.

   Pei Tianji was afraid of making him dissatisfied, afraid that he would be annoying, and seeing him become silent, he did not dare to disturb him loudly.

After a while, I saw the nine-star sage of the Star Clan, not caring, even rudely, breaking a cane from the star soul vine in front of Pei Tianji.

   “Small, be careful!” Pei Tianji screamed out loud.

  ”The star soul vine, not at all is so delicate, and the preservation of the vines is not too particular.” Beilu handed the starlight shining vine to Pei Tianji, “50 thousand Spirit Stone is enough.”

   “What? What did you say?” Pei Tianji was dumbfounded.

  The rest are also dumbstruck.

  Heavenspan Island, clearly marked the price, no one cent, a cane of a Star Soul Vine worth 500,000, the old man of the Star Clan actually only asked for 50,000!

   is ten times the price!

   Besides, it was a rattan that was broken face-to-face from the Star Soul Vine, and it looked like a longer rattan!

   “Just fifty thousand.” Beiru repeated.

   “Oh, oh oh, many thanks, give it right away, thank you so much, really”

   While speaking incoherently, Pei Tianji hurriedly pulled out a string of Spirit Stone “ties” like a river with a “crash” from the mustard bracelet.

   Beilu waved his cuffs, like a giant snake swallowing, he smiled at the Spirit Stone pieces.

   “Enough, only fifty thousand!”

   Looking at Pei Tianji, who is still continuing to “pour” the Spirit Stone out, Beilu stopped him and gave him a look of approval. .”

   dropped these words, he laughed contentedly, turned and flew back to Fiend Demon Sect.

   Just after leaving, Beilu suddenly remembered something, looked back towards Liang Mo, and said casually, “This time, clansman of the black scale tribe has brought a huge amount of black thorn wood. This kind of wood, in The territory of the Blackscale tribe is actually not uncommon.”

   Liang Mo’s figure shook, and rays of light of ecstasy suddenly appeared in his eyes.

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