Invincible Powers Chapter 966

   “Heaven Sealing Soul Transformation Formation” broke, the Demon Palace cultivator took a deep-sea monitor lizard to enter, so that all foreign powerhouses in the forbidden area, as well as those local cultivators like Xi Quan and Luo Yue, were suddenly shocked.

   They all didn’t expect, Profound Heaven Sect’s genius Cao Yi many years ago, could actually be so terrifying.

   Cao Yi didn’t know what strange and mysterious technique he used to turn his whole person into a big blood cocoon. He wrapped Yu Yuan, Soul Transformation Pond, Fiend Demon Cauldron, and the big formation was easily broken?

   “That’s it!”

  Everyone is desperate at this moment, and they don’t know how to respond.

   Demon Palace, Monster Palace, plus Scarlet Demon Sect, Heavenly Evil Sect, Voodoo Poison Cult, Foul Spirit Sect, and giant dragons, the previous situation that could still be fought no longer exists.

   Those who are trapped in the forbidden area, facing the combined forces of Tianyuan Continent and Nirvana Continent, there is no possibility of winning.

  嗷! Ouch!

   Headed by Long Jie, the Five Clawed Golden Dragon, Frost Ice Dragon, Jasper Dragon, Thunder Dragon, and the huge dragon body are winding and swinging, dragging out strips of light in the night sky.

  like a splendid meteor shower pierced the black sky.

   by the strength of oneself, the Ghost King Tian Cang who crushed Daoist Ling Xu and the phantom daoist suddenly stopped at the moment when the big formation burst, and his blue-faced fangs sat on the “Blood Spirit” Altar”, took “Turbid Demonic Embryo” back, water-blue eyes flickering, secretly trying to communicate Land of Fear.

   In the dark, he felt the Yin Sector Netherworld River that corresponds to him and was gifted by the source of Yin Vessels.

   “It didn’t abandon me!”

  Tian Cang’s mind is set, his eyes are shining with joy, and he moved towards Luo Yue to take a look.

   Luo Yue nodded responded.

  As long as the Yin Sector Netherworld River of Land of Fear can still echo with them, as Ghost Kings, the two who are recognized by the source of Yin Mai can return instantly with the help of the secrets that only Ghost King possesses.

  With this confidence, these two souls who were transformed into Ghost King in Land of Fear are no longer afraid.

  Tian Cang smiled, the altar like a mountain of aquamarine, suddenly reappearing astonishing glory.

   “Think of a way to see how to rescue Yu Yuan.”

   Luo Yue, who is also Ghost King, passes on a thought.

  Tian Cang, located in Blood Spirit Altar, suddenly looked miserable. When Luo Yue shook the head, he also replied with his heart and soul: “The guy who calls himself Cao Yi is very evil. There are many Profound Heaven Sect Dao Fa Spirit Art already includes thousands. He not only comprehended Profound Heaven Sect’s various Dao Jue, but also successfully cultivated the secret technique of Blood God Church through the real An Jieshan.”

  ”The law of decent and evil, he merges into one, and it is Full Mastery, I don’t know how to crack it.”

   Secretly, Tian Cang was ready, and he really didn’t see a glimmer of hope, so he decisively fled back to Land of Fear.

   Wait for Bai Gu to smoothly advance to Ghost God, and become the unique and supreme alien in this world,

  Bai Gu can’t appear in Land of Fear, Primordial Spirit has nothing to do with it.

   For example, as long as Desolate God does not set foot in the Great Lake, the five most powerful Primordial Spirit and Monster God will never take the initiative to go to the Great Lake to provoke him.

   “Yu Yuan!”

   哧, Sect Lord Anwen of Blood God Church, after the deep-sea monitor lizard, followed in.

   Wearing a red robe, An Wen, whose skin is fair to the extent that the blood vessels are clearly visible, has an extremely handsome face.

   There are blood snake earrings hanging from his earlobes, red robe jewels, and a chicken bloodstone Universe Ring in his hand, releasing blood light that is trembling in fear.

   An Wen, who has phoenix eyes, twists his slender eyebrows slightly, staring at the blood cocoon with a gloomy cold look.


   The blood light in Anwen’s eyes suddenly bloomed.

   The huge blood cocoon that wraps Yu Yuan, Soul Transformation Pond and Fiend Demon Cauldron seems to be cut and torn by an invisible blade, and suddenly slits open.

   Fiend Demon Cauldron and Soul Transformation Pond are also exposed under the crimson crimson gap.

  ”Profound Heaven Sect, Cao Yi.”

   Anwen grumbled, drops of red diamond-like blood essence, refined from his heart, woven into strings.

  Twelve drops of blood essence with the size of a thumb are placed quietly in An Wen’s hands.

   Suddenly, twelve drops of blood essence, which was red like a diamond, turned into twelve blood-colored little people who were alive and kicking, “zhi zhi yeah,” the monster screamed, and they all rushed towards the blood cocoon wrapped in Yu Yuan.

   The twelve scarlet villains are all Anwen’s handsome faces, but they are of different shapes.

   There are scarlet villains with silvery scales, some villains, rays of light ten thousand zhang, some have jet black wings on their backs, and some have third eyes on their brows. Dragging the tail of the lizard…

   Twelve scarlet men, all with human faces, alien and ominous beast bodies.

   “An Wen, you have completed it…”

   Cao Yi’s shocked sound came from the cocoon of blood, full of fear and panic.

   Twelve small people who seem to be transformed by Anwen, before entering the blood cocoon, condensed into red, dark, deep purple, azure blue, dark green, bright yellow, etc. blood light.

   Soon, twelve blood lights fell into the blood cocoon one after another.

  bang! bang bang!

   Yu Yuan’s bloody fleshy body, opened acupuncture points one by one, Sea of ​​Consciousness, Qi and blood, and spirit strength Small World, like many unexplorable New Worlds, there is a vibration like destroying heaven extinguishing earth .

   The Small World where the Soul Consciousness Sea is, the ink soul can wrap his Yin God, the main soul and the Heaven Soul.

   The blood shadow of the soul formed by Cao Yi and An Wen fought fiercely in this strange Sea of ​​Consciousness world.

   The same battle is also fought in Yu Yuan’s acupuncture points, in his blood and Golden Hall Small World.

   Qianqian absolutely Cao Yi, and twelve different forms of Anwen, with Yu Yuan’s body and soul as the battlefield, and his acupuncture holes as the foundation of the world, in exchange for Dao Jue and Blood Forbidden


  ”Cao Yi, the Taoist and secret technique of your cultivation, including the Profound Heaven Sect’s early magic and Blood God Church’s original blood technique. You wouldn’t think that after thousands of years, Profound Heaven Sect and Blood God Church His Fajue, the recognition of the power of heaven and earth and bloodline, has always stopped, right?”

   Anwen’s thoughts and soul sounds, from Yu Yuan’s body within the body, in the viscera, continue to rise from the depths of his mind.

  ”The techniques of Profound Heaven Sect and Blood God Church that you have also studied come from that era thousands of years ago. You don’t understand that after thousands of years of evolution, many Spirit Art have already changed. The Arcane you master From the current perspective, Dao Jue is actually behind a lot.”

   “Have you seen? I can create a Level 9 powerhouse with a drop of my blood essence. Their bloodline talents, and the power they are good at, I can reproduce it.”

   Anwen’s weird laughter, from inside Yu Yuan’s body, a hong long long burst.

  Yu Yuan seems to really see that An Wen in different body shapes uses Dark Spirit Race and Banshee’s evil spirits in his body and Sea of ​​Consciousness, respectively, to cast Asura Race and Black Scale skills to kill The blood shadows that Cao Yi differentiated.

  The coagulated blood cocoon shattered into pieces and began to fall off him.

   “Count me one.”

   A voice that made An Wen and Cao Yi feel unfamiliar, sounded from Yu Yuan Sea of ​​Consciousness.

   A bloody moon volleys, releasing breathtaking rays of light.

  咻! xiu xiu xiu!

   Many of the essences of Cao Yi’s blood, mixed with Yu Yuan’s “Altar of Life”, converged to that round of blood moon.

   gave the blood moon, created a body out of thin air, and turned into a man with a violent face.

  ——The second Fiend Demon Blood Moon!

   is the powerhouse that came from the Blood God Church, then rushed into the Outland Star River, was bewitched by the Blood Demon Race, and was insane.

   was imprisoned in Sword Prison for many years, and wanted to erode Yu Yuan. After his failure, he became the second Fiend Demon. He suddenly had a substantial body!

   Unreal Fiend Demon, once you have a physique, it is like a heavenly demon getting transformed, and battle strength makes a qualitative leap!

   “It’s you!”

  Sect Lord Anwen, in Yu Yuan’s Sea of ​​Consciousness Small World, seeing the blood moon like being reborn, also expressed shock.

   “I am called Blood Moon now and I am loyal to the master of Fiend Demon Cauldron.” His expression remained unchanged, glanced around, looking at the many scarlet shadows of Cao Yi, “Sir Sect Lord, just leave it to me here.” /p>

  As soon as these words fell, another barefoot girl in a white skirt appeared unexpectedly.

   “I am Yu Yiyi.”

   She moved towards An Wen, very educated, pulling her skirt corners and bowing her body.

Yu Yuan after    inky soul energy, Yin God grinned and said hello to An Wen.

  An Wen gently nodded, “I just want to wake you up.”


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