Invincible Powers Chapter 970

   The sky was faintly bright, and when Zhou You silhouette disappeared, a little light suddenly began to flicker.

In the shimmering light, it is faintly visible that the Space Transmission Array has shrunk ten million times.

  The quiet light swells suddenly, time and space are turbulent with it, and then a bald old man jumps out of it.

  old man has a short stature and a lateral development of his body, which makes him extremely powerful.

   He has a pair of arms, like Old Ape hanging down on his knees, standing in the sky, moved towards the distant sky and turned into a giant elephant of Golden Armor Deity grinning.

   Peiran’s boxing power filled the entire space, like a waterfall, spreading around him.

   His sturdy and sturdy body suddenly changed, showing his appearance.

   There are so many huge fist prints, the rays of light are eye-catching, and the pictures surrounding him. In each fist print, there seems to be time and Profound Mystery of Space.

   “Zhongli Dapan!”

   Seeing the new Sect Master of Ancient Desolate Sect, rushed out of the rice-sized array, Yu Yuan looked excited.

   The arrival of Zhongli Dapan is a good sign!

  He can set foot, which means that the array that Zhou You brought into a different space can be used at any time, and can deliver other people who can give help to the forbidden area in time.

  ”In the vast world, those who are friends with Divine Soul Sect have a lot of power, among which is included Desolate God!”

  Yu Yuan couldn’t help but come to mind, a scene where a large monster of Desolate Great Lake also used the Space Transmission Array to step into the forbidden area.

   There are many big monsters loyal to Desolate God. If Desolate God is ordered to come from Formation, their chances of winning will be greatly increased!

   Various signs indicate that Desolate God and Divine Soul Sect have forged a deep friendship in a long time ago. Seeing the return of a powerhouse from Divine Soul Sect, will Desolate God lend a hand?

  Yu Yuan couldn’t help thinking like this.

   Then, after hearing a long laugh from Zhongli Dapan, he reached the head of the Ancient Golden Elephant God with a majestic appearance.

   The eye-catching fist prints of many rays of light, like a group of meteorites outside the sky, carry the terrifying power that shatters space and delays time, hitting the body of Ancient Golden Elephant God.

  Ancient Golden Elephant God, in an instant, once again in the form of a giant elephant, the golden light flowed throughout.

   fist marks fell one by one, and even the former Monster God couldn’t bear it. The time and Space Power in the fist marks fell violently.

   The bald old man laughed again, riding on the elephant’s body, making a fist and hitting the elephant’s head.

   With every punch he fell, he burst out with a roar like the explosion of a domain.

   “Zhongli Dapan!”

  Mo Baichuan, Feng Pu and Fan Heqing are great cultivators of Free Spirit environment, glaring at each other.

   Qi and blood dominate the world, with a fist like Zhongli Dapan, who can distort time and space. When he hit the Ancient Golden Elephant God, he did not forget to raise his head and respond: ”

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   how? I have been imprisoned by Sword Prison for many years. Isn’t it the ghost of your three upper sects? Nie Qingtian, isn’t it your sharpest sword? “

  ”The so-called right and wrong, the so-called good and evil, can it always be determined by you?”

  ”Lao Tzu should have been an Ancient Desolate Sect contemporary Sect Master! Just because I am rude and unruly, I refuse to obey you obediently, because Lao Tzu has edges and corners and Han Yue has no temper, so you will support him to help the spiritually weak old man divide us , Let my Ancient Desolate Sect become the last seat of the lower sect!”

  Zhongli Dapan gets more and more angry as he speaks.


   The Ancient Golden Elephant God, who was riding on his body and falling from a high altitude, roared and summoned out of the golden mountain.

   When Jinshan touched the monster body of his giant elephant, a golden sharp blade pierced through the void wall shot from the neck where he was riding Zhongli Dapan.

  pu! pu pu!

  Zhongli Dapan’s method, suddenly more than a dozen holes, flowing golden lava juice.

   “Haha, Golden Elephant, don’t be so angry. You know my temper. I’m targeting Monster Palace, and I won’t target you.” Zhongli Dapan’s giant phase mentioned in the air, “Ancient Desolate Void World True Art “As soon as it turned around, the cut open wounds immediately healed as before.

  ”Yu Yuan, this old golden elephant, I will play with him.” Zhongli Dapan expressed his attitude and immediately glared at Ghost King Tian Cang, “If you are willing to do your best, you can limit him.”

   Tian Cang turned a deaf ear, driving Blood Spirit Altar and “Turbid Demonic Embryo”, continuing to deal with the two daoists, Lingxu and Huan Miao.

   “Tian Cang, if you can help me kill the old man Lingxu, I will give you a great surprise.” Zhongli Dapan said.

  Ghost King Tian Cang, still indifferent.

  ”Tian Cang ……”

  Yu Yuan hummed softly.

   The point in Zhongli Dapan’s words, he understood that Ghost King Tian Cang, which was transformed from the heavenly demon of Outland, seemed to be unable to work hard, and never showed true ability.

   Tian Cang told Yu Yuan that as long as Yu Yuan can handle the Ancient Golden Elephant God, he will not return to Land of Fear halfway.

   It is clear that Tian Cang is the strongest opponent to deal with Ancient Golden Elephant God…

  ”Young Master!”

   At the edge of a heavenly cave, the Azure Yang Arrows of Qin Yun burst and exploded one after another.

   Two from Heavenly Evil Sect, also the powerhouse of Soul Wonder Realm, a man and a woman, flanking this old servant who has been loyal to Yu Yuan for many years, with a fan and a black writing brush, made Qin Yun bruised all over his body.

  Men and women, all of them are Soul Wonder Realm mid-term cultivation base, holding a sharp blade, which is obviously higher than Qin Yun.

   Another Yang God cultivator dressed up as Ghost Talisman Sect, with an azure brave squatting on his shoulders, with a playful look, using rune inscriptions and spells to spill on Qi Yunhong.

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   Qi Yunhong’s crazy eye pupils gradually appeared pathologically disordered, like a bloodthirsty wild beast.

  Ghost Talisman Sect cultivator shoulders, azure Pai Yao’s pupils, there are two light spots shining.

   Within the light spot, there are two clusters of ghost shadows of Qi Yunhong.

   This strange beast seems to use the secret technique spell of Ghost Talisman Sect to take advantage of Qi Yunhong’s loss, peeling off its Sea of ​​Consciousness soul in two ways, and then slowly crushing it with its monster soul, poisoning it spiritual wisdom.

   the other end.

   Sect Master Shi Yuxuan of Heavenly Medicine Sect, surrounded by stripes of dark green smoke, his breathing became heavier and heavier, and the rays of light in his eyes gradually dimmed.

   Wenlu with dark Spirit Race bloodline, between Shi Yuxuan, Qi Yunhong and Qin Yun, constantly inspires the bloodline secret technique.

   soft green bloodline energy, escape into the three people within the body, help them sort out their injuries, and help them alleviate the toxins in their bodies.

  ”Heavenly Evil Sect, Voodoo Poison Cult, Ghost Talisman Sect…”

   Yu Yuan glanced at him, coldly snorted, and let the black woman, armor piercing, silver lock, and yellow lantern all act, and issued an order to the blood moon: “I allow you to swallow the blood refining yourself!”


   Even the dark great cauldron that had been floating above his head left him and headed towards the area where Shi Yuxuan and the others were.

   Suddenly, numerous fiend Demon, grandiose, emerged from the mouth of the tripod.

  ”Thunder Sect kid! Go and deal with those Fiend Demon!”

   An old man with a cold scent of cold shining all over his body replaced Wei Zhuo with a yell, and his silhouette flickered. After Peacock King and Wei Zhuo, he stood in front of Yu Yuan.

  ”My name is Ruan Fu, the Great Elder of Cold Yin Sect. I am surprised that you can live to this day.”

  His face was gloomy, he was talking to Yu Yuan, he had a pair of greedy eyes, but he glanced at Han Fei from time to time.

  ”Cold Yin Sect, Great Elder Ruan Ke! Long Yang Long Yang!”

   Yu Yuan couldn’t help but laughed, “Your name, really like thunder piercing the ear! Earlier, you were like a nightmare, and r made me feel bad when I heard it.”

   The Great Elder of Cold Yin Sect is the one who will bring him into the sect.

   is also this person. After learning that Lin Zhuyun has a fiance like his own, Tang Can would mind this when he was worried that he would cheat Tang Can in the future, so he instructed Lin Hanyu and Yin Jue to let him die naturally as soon as possible.

  He died, and the marriage contract was terminated naturally.

   was the same person. After Yin Jue died, he arranged for another powerhouse of Cold Yin Sect, insisting on killing him and eliminating the entire Yu Family in order to eliminate future troubles.

   Looking at his self-reported name, Yu Yuan’s new hatred and old hatred rise in the mind together, and the murderous intention is unprecedentedly rich!


   (end of this chapter)