Invincible Powers Chapter 974

   A pocket-sized frost giant dragon.


   The half-meter-long frost giant dragon seems to be carefully crafted from the Dragon Slashing Platform. Inside, bunches of chains seem to contain Extreme Cold crystal chains, and dragon tendons are flying like lightning.

  Inner World, there are also Extreme Cold monsters lurking deeper in the gap, trying to get out, suddenly stunned.

   Those Extreme Cold monsters smelled of the dead frost giant dragon, and they were confused.

   Frost giant dragon The breath of the dragon after death, in the perception of those Extreme Cold monsters, like a cold vortex, pulling their soul and consciousness.

  The water at the bottom of the well no longer gurgled, and the water surface seemed to freeze.

   There are snowflakes, falling from the body of the frosty giant dragon, and a snowflake falling on the surface of the water, there is a “creaking”, like the abnormal noise of people stepping on the surface of the ice lake.

   At this time, Yu Yuan’s left hand gently held the frost giant dragon’s neck.

   Its dragon head is like the handle of a sharp blade, the dragon body is like the body of a sharp blade, and the dragon tail is like the sharpest end.

  Twisting this frost-like giant dragon like a sharp blade, Yu Yuan thought for a while, and then stab at the wall of the “dark well”, and then saw countless Extreme Cold crystals, drilling into the cracks .

  crack crack

  This “dark well” was refining by Ruan Ke, and the cracks in the well wall suddenly burst.

   Thousands of ice rays seem to shatter in those crevices, destroying the dome and sky curtain of this square well Inner World.

   Holding the Dragon Slashing Platform in the form of a frost giant dragon, Yu Yuan just stabbed him casually, and Yin God suddenly became illusory and misty.

   He was surprised to find that a simple stab caused him to lose 1/4 of the Soul Power refined by Yin God


  His limbs and a hundred skeletons, his blood Small World, his veins and palm pores, all respond to the frost giant dragon formed by the Dragon Slashing Platform.

   He can even see that in this strange place of ice and snow in this dragon-slashing platform, the dragon corpse of the frosty giant dragon is winding like a mountain, releasing a cold luster, surging with the dragon’s breath and soul energy .

In the nearby mountain range of   , more dragon corpse of one size smaller, Level 9 and Level 8 dragon corpse, are also shining.

  The giant dragons that have been beheaded here, the mighty power that has never been dissipated, seems to be stimulated and reused.


   Cold Yin Sect Great Elder Ruan Cauldron, the body that had just been recondensed with well water, accompanied by a screaming scream, suddenly exploded, turning into a rain of crystal light and falling into the sky.


  The “fragments” that fell into the well water this trip, not at all, can be integrated immediately through the strange well water.

  The ice dregs in the place that Ruan Cauldron turned into fell on the frozen water surface, but failed to sink and failed to enter the well.



  The ice scum on the ground rolled on the frozen water, like a ball bounced, and then fell.

   is that the ice on the water surface cannot be cut, and the ice cannot be broken into the well.

   Yu Yuan, Can Li and Han Fei, hanging in the air, lowered their heads, looking at the ice scum on the ground with a mocking expression.

With a squeaky sound, Yu Yuan suddenly landed on the ground. Suddenly with force on both feet, he crushed two pieces of ice slag the size of fingernails.

  The ice slag burst, and a cluster of Ruan Cauldron’s souls wailed, turning into more ice debris.

   “I will not kill you, I will destroy the cold well in the dark field.” Yu Yuan said with a smile.

  As soon as this statement came out, “Dark Field Cold World” was like a mysterious Extreme Cold world, which began to be broken down, torn, and become riddled with holes and extremely unstable.

   Outside, forbidden ground and air.

Under    the sun’s rays of light, the dangling “dark field cold well” burst out with dazzling light in the cracks in the wall of the well.

  The peculiar well has also become like a hornet’s nest, with many cracks.


  The ice-free well, like a tower of building blocks destroyed by a child’s anger, suddenly turned into pieces.

   Yu Yuan and Canli walked out of it together. He grabbed a sharp blade in the form of a frost giant dragon, and moved towards the broken “Dark Field Cold Well”.

  The fragmented “Dark Field Cold Well” was dismembered more fragmented and turned into more and smaller pieces.

   was also shattered, as well as the Great Elder of Cold Yin Sect.


   Body, soul, like those broken pieces, are also piece by piece, frozen by Extreme-Cold Force.

   Han Fei, standing in the scorpion tail of the human body in the “Dark Field Cold Well” and the “fragments” of Ruan Ke, her icy blue eyes faintly lit up, and her figure suddenly grew stronger.

   I saw it immediately, and she gathered and collected many “fragments” belonging to “Dark Field Cold Well” and Ruan Ke.

   When the light and shadow flashed, she took the “fragments” and disappeared out of thin air.

   And Yu Yuan knew right away that she had entered Fiend Demon Cauldron, in the seat that belonged to her exclusively in the cauldron, and directly began to refining those “fragments”, trying to attack a higher seat.

  ”Hedao, a cold well in the dark realm, also suffered severe damage to death due to the explosion of a well.”

   Canli and Yu Yuan stood side by side, feeling the Essence, Qi, and Spirit of Ruan Fu, and gradually disappeared with Han Fei’s departure, and she couldn’t help but say, “This is the drawback of the Taoist artifact. But”

   She glanced at Yu Yuan, her gaze stayed at the sharp blade in the form of a pocket frost giant dragon.

   “It’s too easy to die, right”

   Although Ruan Fu entered the Free Spirit realm for the first time, he was in harmony with a “cold well in the dark realm”. In that well, Ruan Fu’s mighty canli was seen with his own eyes.

  Canli even feels that even if it is Blood God Church Sect Lord An Wen, or Tian Cang,

   It is difficult to get rid of Ruan Cao in the world in the “Dark Field Cold Well”.

  , let alone kill Ruan Ke in a short time.

   Only Soul Wonder Realm’s Human Race realm, Yu Yuan, who is at most comparable to an eighth-level alien warrior, easily attacked Ruan Fu through a piece of the Dragon Slashing Platform, which made her feel incredible.


   Seeing the change again, turning into ash-gray, sharp-edged stones, Yu Yuan’s mind was agitated.

   He didn’t expect, just such a small dragon-slashing platform, in his hands, actually exerted an unimaginable power, so that a great cultivator in the Free Spirit realm had no temper at all.

  ”This dragon corpse, because the main dragon corpse buried is the frost giant dragon, so the Spirit Art of the cultivation Cold Yin Sect, the Ruan Kee of the Hedao Dark Realm Cold Well, will be so miserable.”

   When he thinks about it like this, he turns his eyes.

   He saw that there were three creeping giant dragons on the ground, one Level 9 and two eighth-level frost giant dragons. Longan looked towards him blankly, not knowing what to do.

  looked towards him, and the dragon-cutting platform in his hand.

   “Go over there”

  Yu Yuan pointed the dragon-cutting platform in his hand to the nine palaces of Profound Heaven Sect, and ordered with his heart.

   His heartfelt voice, the world inside the Dragon Slashing Platform in his hand, hong long long thunders.


   The three-headed frost giant dragon immediately left the land. The dragon body swayed in the air, rushing towards Profound Heaven Sect, building the palace of “Nine Heavenly God”.

   The palace, which was refining from the outer moon of the sky, was swallowed by the evil Divine Idol, the crazy Cang Wolf King, and the tattered bang, making the “Nine Heavenly God Fault” no longer functioning properly.

   Now, with the addition of three frost giant dragons, in the central area of ​​the “Nine Heavenly God Que”, suddenly heavy snow flies and the ground freezes.

  ”The Dragon Slashing Stage is in my hand, and I can still control Dragon Race”

   Feeling Soul Power and losing part of it, Yu Yuan was surprised and delighted.

   What he thinks is that, because his Yin God wanders around three dragon-slashing platforms, he uses “Great Yin Soul Art” to refining the psionic energy left by the master of the dragon-slashing platform, so that his Yin God has all kinds of marks. Let him use the wonders of Dragon Slashing Platform to make incredible moves.


   He grabbed the dragon-cutting platform and suddenly reached the ground where Long Jie and other Dragon Race crawled.

At the foot of   , there are two other dragon-slashing platforms, one burying the dragon of time and space, and the other burying the Golden Giant Dragon.

  Long Jie, a descendant of Golden Giant Dragon, suddenly lifts the head, golden eyes, full of stubbornness and cruelty, seems to want to shatter Yu Yuan through his eyes.

   It’s just that his dragon’s blood, his dragon soul, and the dragon’s breath he emits are all trembling.